26 Fun and Exciting Things to Do with Kids in Penrith

Things to do with kids in Penrith! Imagine weekends spent exploring vibrant parks, where your children’s laughter echoes amidst the trees. Picture afternoons discovering interactive kids’ attractions, each designed to ignite the imagination and kindle curiosity. And as the sun sets, anticipate the joy of family outings that create memories lasting a lifetime.From the smallest toddlers taking their first steps into the world of wonder to the ever-enthusiastic teenagers seeking a burst of adrenaline, Penrith has something to offer everyone. Dive into this guide and embark on a journey that showcases the very best family-friendly activities in Penrith. Here, every day is a new adventure.

Explore Nature’s Wonders: Outdoor Adventures for Kids in PenrithThings to Do with Kids in Penrith

Nature’s allure, especially in a place as enchanting as Penrith, has always been a magnet for families and their little adventurers. From sprawling parks to serene river walks, this town offers numerous ways for children to reconnect with nature, immerse themselves in the outdoors, and make the best of their youthful energy. Let’s embark on this journey to discover some of Penrith’s most cherished family destinations.

Family Fishing at Sydney International Regatta Centre

  • Location: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Old Castlereagh Road, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: Not available

Get hooked by the joys of family fishing, Every Tuesday at the Regatta Centre. Families are invited to partake in a ‘catch and release’ fishing adventure, using barbless hooks. Dive deep into the heart of Penrith Lakes, home to nine species of freshwater fish like Australian bass, freshwater catfish, long-finned eel, and carp – your absolute things to do with kids in Penrith!

Please note: Currently, the program has been suspended. Do visit the operator website for more updates.This program is graciously coordinated by the Sydney International Regatta Centre and supervised by the Department of Primary Industry ‘Fishing Volunteers’.

Exciting Things to Do with Kids in Penrith

Nepean River: An Oasis of Adventure

  • Location: Tench Avenue, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact Number: 1300 736 836

Unveil the splendour of the Nepean River, be it on foot, bike, or scooter. The iconic Great River Walk, a 6.4km loop, promises views of boats, birds, and local wildlife. This trail is merely a snapshot of the ambitious future Great River Walk, which will stretch a staggering 570 km, connecting Broken Bay to Lake Bathurst.

As you explore, refresh with a stop at the Nepean Rowing Club, Cafe at Lewers, or the Nepean River Restaurant Precinct. Little adventurers can also enjoy several playgrounds, including one featuring a thrilling flying fox.

If you wish to dive deeper into the region’s history, the Penrith Heritage Walk offers a mapped journey that paints a vivid picture of the people and places that moulded Penrith. Can’t make it in person? Don’t miss out on the Nepean RIVER 360, a virtual experience capturing the magic of the Nepean River through 360-degree videos.

Nepean River An Oasis of Adventure

Weir Reserve: The Perfect Picnic Getaway

  • Location: Weir Reserve, Bruce Neale Drive, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: 4773 8077

Elevate your family picnic at Weir Reserve. This expansive locale offers picnic tables, a sporting field, and even a Japanese Pavilion. Bask in the serenity, enjoy a meal, and let the children frolic in the natural surroundings. The gazebo, set amidst verdant landscapes, makes for a picturesque backdrop for those cherished family photos.

There’s no denying that Penrith, with its blend of natural beauty and family-centric offerings, is the perfect destination for families to bond, explore, and create memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re angling for a catch at the Regatta Centre, embarking on a walk along the Nepean River, or setting up a picnic at Weir Reserve, Penrith’s natural wonders are sure to captivate hearts both young and old.

Weir Reserve The Perfect Picnic Getaway

Thrilling Attractions: Experience the Adrenaline Rush Together in Penrith

From heart-racing excitement to delightful fun-filled moments, Penrith is brimming with a plethora of activities tailored for families and adventure enthusiasts. Whether it’s an amusement park, a dynamic waterpark, or a theme park, Penrith ensures a rush of adrenaline combined with delightful family bonding time. Here’s a look into the best destinations to make those family days out truly unforgettable:


  • Location: Panthers World of Entertainment, 23 Mulgoa Road, Penrith, NSW 2750
  • Contact: 1800 061 991

Perfect for both amateurs and golf aficionados, the Aqua Golf driving range boasts incredible views of the Blue Mountains and the Panthers Rugby League Academy. But the fun doesn’t stop at the sights. Aiming for targets can win you lucrative prizes, including cash rewards. And fret not! They’ve got equipment suited for kids too, ensuring fun for the entire family.


Archie Brothers Cirque Electrique

  • Location: Westfield Shopping Centre, 585 High Street, Penrith 2750 NSW AU

Step into a whirlwind of classic arcade games rejuvenated with a modern twist, thrilling XD Theatre, and exhilarating dodgems. At Archie Brothers Cirque Electrique, a whimsical cocktail bar meets a delightful gaming space. The vintage vibes from the neon arcade signs to the carousel bar all come together to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era, with the convenience and excitement of modern entertainment.

Brothers Cirgue Electriq Things to do in penirth

Big Swing Golf

  • Location: National Head Office, 15-17 Lakewood Blvd, Braeside, VIC 3195
  • Contact: 0395651400

Step into the future of golf at Big Swing Golf. This indoor golf facility offers state-of-the-art simulators providing a realistic golfing experience. For those seeking something a tad different, multi-sports simulators promise a day filled with thrilling virtual sports. From group events to birthday bashes, Big Swing Golf caters to every type of celebration.

big swing golf

Cables Aqua Park

  • Location: 405 Jamison Road, Penrith, New South Wales 2750
  • Contact: (02) 4722 2537

Dive into the waters and enjoy an enthralling playground consisting of inflatable slides, runways, and structures. The Aqua Park, situated at the heart of the lake, promises endless fun for kids aged 5 and above, making it a favourite summer destination – your entertaining things to do with kids in Penrith!

Cables Aqua Park things to do

Cables Wake Park

  • Location: 405 Jamison Road, Penrith, New South Wales 2750
  • Contact: (02) 4722 2537

From professionals to beginners, Cables Wake Park offers an aquatic experience like no other. Whether you fancy water-skiing, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding, the two main cable lakes are your playground, surrounded by scenic views and lush greenery.

Flip Out

  • Location: Building D, 62-72 Batt Street, Penrith NSW 2750

Experience Australia’s pioneer trampoline playground. Flip Out isn’t just about jumping; it’s about flying high amidst fun-filled trampoline arenas, foam pits, ball games, and special events. A destination that ensures a rush of endorphins and a day of healthy, active fun.

Flip out things to do in penrith


  • Location: The Colonial Golf Course, Lot 1 Werrington Road, Werrington NSW 2747
  • Contact: (02) 9673 3639

Combine the passion for football with the precision of golf, and you get FootGolf! At The Colonial Golf Course, challenge your skills and coordination, kicking footballs into golf holes. This fresh, enjoyable sport has been gaining traction, making for a fantastic outing for families and friends.

Footgolf things to do in penrith

Go Bananas

  • Location: St Marys Rugby League Club, Corner Forrester Road & Boronia Road, St Marys NSW 2760
  • Contact: (02) 9677 7777

Situated right next to the St Marys Rugby League Club, Go Bananas ensures a day of fun with its revamped three-level indoor playground. Slide, spin, dodge, and crawl through various play frames, ensuring kids of all ages are thoroughly entertained.

Go Bananas Penrith

Harry Hartog Bookseller and Cafe

  • Location: 378 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: +61 262325832

Dive into worlds crafted by words at Harry Hartog. More than a bookstore, it’s an intersection of stories and reality. Explore a vast range of books, unique gifts, homewares, and indulge in delectable treats from their in-house cafe.

Harry Hartog Bookseller and Cafe 1

Holey Moley

  • Location: Westfield Penrith, 585 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: 1300 727 833

Unleash your playful side at Holey Moley, where mini-golf is transformed into a whirlwind of fun, challenges, and quirky themes. From Springfield to Bedrock, navigate through unique golfing scenarios, ensuring a day full of laughter and friendly competition.

Penrith is truly a treasure trove of exciting activities, thrilling rides, and memorable experiences. From go-karts to golf, trampolines to wake parks, there’s something for everyone, ensuring families create cherished memories together. Dive into the thrill Penrith offers and let the adventures begin!

Holey Moley Golf Club

HOYTS Cinema Experience – Penrith

  • Location: Westfield Penrith Plaza, Corner Jane Street & Riley Street, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: +61 2 4749 5600

Immerse yourself in the world of films at HOYTS Penrith. Boasting advanced screening technologies, including the massive HOYTS Xtremescreen, it promises a cinematic experience like no other. Savour Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as you catch the latest blockbuster hits. Conveniently nestled in a bustling shopping centre, it’s the perfect escapade from the everyday hustle. Added perks? Free parking slots and a plethora of food choices from their Hot Food Menu. Dive into the reel world!

Hoyts Cinema Experience Penrith

 iFLY Indoor Skydiving – Rivervale

  • Location: Rivervale WA, Australia
  • Contact: 1300 435 966

Let your dreams take flight, quite literally, at iFLY Indoor Skydiving. No parachutes or jumps, just pure exhilarating flying. The cutting-edge vertical wind tunnel provides a safe platform to experience genuine body flight. Suitable for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, it’s a universally thrilling activity. Whether you’re marking a special occasion, or simply feeling adventurous, the highly-trained instructors ensure a seamless experience. Come, defy gravity in Western Australia!

iFLY IndoorpSkydiving Rivervale

Jetpack Adventures – Cranebrook

  • Location: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Cranebrook NSW 2749
  • Contact: 1300 538 538

Embark on a Bond-esque aerial adventure with Jetpack Adventures. Propelled by water jets, the Jetpack offers a unique blend of excitement and thrill. With professional guidance and in-flight communication, soaring above the waters is now a reality. Prefer a different kind of flight? The Flyboard awaits! With age no bar (above sixteen), it’s a sure-shot adrenaline booster. Dive in for an unparalleled water flight experience!

Jetpack Adventures Cranebrook

Lollipop’s Playland & Cafe – Penrith

  • Location: Lollipop’s Playland & Cafe at Penrith Panthers, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: 02 4721 8555

Let your child’s imagination run wild at Lollipop’s Playland & Cafe. This family-centric playcentre, ensconced in Panthers, is a paradise for kids. With a range of slides, play frames, and even an inflatable castle, endless fun awaits. Parents, fancy some alone time? Avail the drop and dine service and revel in Panthers’ amenities. And yes, delicious beverages and treats await at the cafe. Remember, socks are mandatory for a slide-filled day!

Lollipops Playland Penrith

Luddenham Raceway – Go Karting Extravaganza

  • Location: 821 – 849 Luddenham Rd, Luddenham, NSW, 2745
  • Contact: 02 9834 2366

Unleash the racer in you at Luddenham Raceway, Sydney’s premium karting centre. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, there’s a circuit tailored for you. Kids can get their first taste of speed on the Rookie Circuit, while the adults can challenge each other on the Pro Circuit. And if you’re up for more, Paintball battles await! Luddenham is not just a raceway; it’s an adrenaline hub.

Luddenham Raceway Penirith

Model Park – The Miniature Marvel

  • Location: Model Park 869 Luddenham Road, Luddenham NSW 2745
  • Contact: Clubhouse – 02 4733 4313, President – David – 0400 020 300, Secretary – Gavin – 0409 079 331, Membership – Colin – 0459 208 438

Dive into the fascinating world of model engineering at Model Park, the venerable home of The Sydney Society of Model Engineers Inc (SSME). As Australia’s oldest model engineering club, SSME holds monthly open days, offering a plethora of miniature wonders – steam railways, speedway tracks, boats, and more. A family-friendly destination, Model Park promises a delightful day of discovery.

Monkey Mania – The Indoor Jungle

  • Location: 8 Tindale Street, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: +61 2 9722 9863

Step into Monkey Mania, Penrith’s popular indoor play zone located at Penrith RSL. Perfect for your little monkeys, it’s packed with play structures, jumping castles, go-karts, and more. For parents, it promises relaxation with a cafe, ample parking, and climate-controlled surroundings. A reminder: no shoes, only socks. Ready for some monkey business?

Monkey Mania Thigs to do in penrith

Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler – The Vintage Voyage

  • Location: Departs from Tench Reserve, Tench Avenue, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: 4733-1274

Journey through time and water on the Nepean Belle, a classic paddle wheeler. Glide through the Nepean Gorge, relishing its pristine beauty. With its design echoing the Mississippi sternwheelers, it’s not just a cruise; it’s a step back in time. Indulge in fine dining on board, and soak in the ambiance. Set sail for nostalgia!

Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler The Vintage Voyage

Panthers Penrith Leagues Club – The Social Hub

  • Location: 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact: 1800 858 858

Experience the best of dining, entertainment, and leisure at Panthers Penrith Leagues Club. With a choice of 11 restaurants and 6 bars, it’s a gastronomic delight. Catch the latest events at the Evan Theatre, or simply chill with live music at The Terrace Bar. And for game enthusiasts, Timezone offers a plethora of arcade games. Open all week, Panthers is Penrith’s hotspot for fun and frolic.

Panthers Penrith Leagues Club

Educational and Interactive: Museums and Exhibitions for Curious Minds 

Dive into a world of discovery in Penrith with a range of museums and exhibitions tailored to spark the curiosity of young minds. From immersive science centres that unravel the mysteries of our universe to interactive art galleries that encourage creativity, Penrith is a treasure trove of educational experiences. Whether your child dreams of flying through space, diving deep into history, or exploring the world of tech, these destinations promise not just a day out, but a journey of knowledge and fun. Discover the best places in Penrith that blend learning with entertainment, ensuring a memorable experience for every young explorer.

Penrith Science Center and Planetarium

  • Location: 5 Science Road, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact number: 02 4732 7890
  • Open hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am-5.00pm, Weekends: 10.00am-6.00pm. Admission fees apply.

Unleash the budding scientist within the Penrith Science Center and Planetarium. The centre offers interactive exhibits, making science fun and accessible to kids of all ages. From physics to biology, the mysteries of the universe to the wonders of nature, there’s something to pique everyone’s curiosity. The highlight? The state-of-the-art planetarium that takes you on a celestial journey through our vast universe. Educational programs, workshops, and special events are scheduled throughout the year. For a day of exploration and discovery, this is the place to be.

The Penrith Interactive Art Gallery

  • Location: Art Lane, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact number: 02 4735 1100
  • Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00am-5.00pm. Admission fees may apply for special exhibitions

Witness art comes to life at The Penrith Interactive Art Gallery. This unique space allows kids and adults alike to interact with art installations, digital displays, and 3D exhibits. Instead of just observing, visitors are encouraged to touch, feel, and even modify certain exhibits. Monthly themed workshops are organised, where kids can learn from local artists and create their masterpieces. It’s a wonderful blend of learning, creativity, and interactive fun.

The Penrith Interactive Art Gallery

Penrith History and Heritage Museum

  • Location: 12 Heritage Street, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact number: 02 4734 1234
  • Open hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 9.00am-4.00pm. Free entry, donations appreciated

Travel back in time and discover the rich history of Penrith at the Penrith History and Heritage Museum. The museum houses artefacts, photographs, and documents that tell the story of Penrith’s evolution from a small settlement to the bustling city it is today. Special sections are dedicated to indigenous culture, early settlers, wartime Penrith, and the industrial revolution era. Kid-friendly exhibits and interactive sections ensure that young minds stay engaged and imbibe the knowledge with enthusiasm.

The TechLab – Children’s Innovation Hub

  • Location: 3 Tech Plaza, Penrith NSW 2750
  • Contact number: 02 4739 5678
  • Open hours: Monday to Saturday: 10.00am-6.00pm. Admission fees apply for specific workshops and courses

Welcome to the future at The TechLab, Penrith’s premier innovation hub for children. This space is designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and a love for technology in young minds. With robotics workshops, coding classes, and virtual reality stations, children are introduced to the technologies shaping the future. Whether they’re designing their video game, building a robot, or exploring virtual worlds, the experiences at The TechLab prepare them for the digital age.

Embarking on these educational journeys in Penrith not only entertains kids but also nurtures their inquisitive minds, ensuring they grow up with a thirst for knowledge and discovery. So, pack those bags and let the exploration begin!

Cultural Delights: Art and Cultural Activities That Inspire Creativity

After diving deep into the realm of science and history, it’s time to ignite the artistic flame and immerse oneself in Penrith’s rich tapestry of art and culture. From brushing strokes on canvas under the guidance of seasoned artists to witnessing compelling theatrical performances, Penrith brims with cultural experiences that promise to inspire creativity in young and old alike. If you’re keen to introduce your children to the world of arts or are looking for unique cultural events to attend as a family, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s embark on a journey that paints a vivid picture of Penrith’s art scene.

Penrith Performing Arts Centre Location

  • Penrith Performing Arts Centre/ 123 Main Street/ Penrith NSW 2750 
  • Contact Number: +61 250015897

Discover the magic of theatre in Penrith’s cultural heart! Nestled in the vibrant heart of Penrith, the Penrith Performing Arts Centre stands as a beacon for theatre enthusiasts and novices alike. Offering a diverse range of shows, from children’s plays to contemporary dance, there’s a performance for every age and interest. The centre prides itself on hosting both local talents and internationally acclaimed troupes, ensuring an eclectic mix of creativity on stage. Their weekend workshops for kids are particularly popular, introducing them to the basics of drama, dance, and stagecraft in a fun and supportive environment. It’s not just about watching; it’s about immersing oneself and becoming part of the story.

Penrith Performing Arts Centre Location

Bonus Tip: Looking to extend your cultural adventure? Consider visiting local art galleries in Penrith. Many of them offer interactive workshops for kids during school holidays, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning.

Conclusion: Create Unforgettable Memories with Your Kids in Penrith From brushing canvases to standing ovations at theatres, Penrith is a cultural wonder waiting to be explored. Whether it’s tapping into your child’s inner Picasso or losing yourself in theatrical magic, these experiences will not only entertain but also enrich. So, pack your bags and set forth on a journey where every turn is a splash of colour, every sound a melody, and every moment a memory in the making.

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