Five Quick and Simple Vegetarian Mushroom Recipes: Mushrooms For Health!

You need more easy mushroom recipes in your life. Oh yes, you do!

Did you know that mushrooms are nutrition dense and ever so good for you?

Some exotic mushrooms from the farmers’ markets, but the simple types are super healthy too.

Mushrooms + Nutrition

Regarded as a health food for millennia by the Chinese, the nutritional qualities of the many varieties of mushroom and their rich flavour are now far more fully appreciated in the west. Neither a plant nor an animal, mushrooms form a separate food group, the fungi, and have unique properties. The most common forms you will find are white button mushrooms, large white field mushrooms, brown mushrooms and portobello mushrooms.

  • just 100mg a day of mushrooms has been shown to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer
  • very low in calories
  • mushrooms can stimulate the immune system
  • good source of selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin D
  • provide bulk in the diet and help you feel full

Buy fresh, or pick wild ones if you are SURE you know which ones are edible

Store in the fridge, in the cling-wrapped packaging they came in or in brown paper bags

Cook roast button mushrooms whole in a hot oven, slice and stir fry, add to salads, stews and casseroles, mushrooms soups are also excellent

Eat mushrooms for breakfast, start your day the nutrition packed way

Enjoy the texture of mushrooms as much as the flavour


Check out all these mushroom recipes. You can quickly click through to find each recipe and can print the recipes out too.

The Magic of Mushrooms: Simple Quick Mushroom Recipes

Here you'll find a collection of mushroom recipes and are all very easy to make, simple enough for kids, and quick too. You'll get all the health benefits of these fabulous fungi in meals that the family will all enjoy.

Can you share your own favourite mushroom recipe in the comments below.

I am always dead keen to hear about more!

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