Cables Wake Park at Penrith

When we were first told about Cables Wake Park by a family friend we thought it was just another park… maybe a little bit fancy but still a park.

Cables Wake Park Penrith 4

We went there in search of the giant jumping pillow but what we found was much more than that and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a cool facility so close to us.

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Cables Wake Park

Panthers League Club Complex

Mulgoa Road, Penrith NSW 2745

Cables Wake Park website

By Ayesha Riaz

Set amidst a backdrop of the stunning Blue Mountains, Cables Wake Park is primarily a facility for people of all abilities to waterski, wakeboard and kneeboard.

The skier or wakeboarder is towed by an overhead cable system that is powered by electricity and goes around the lake in a circular motion.

One session lasts for one hour. The more sessions you purchase the cheaper it becomes and there is a day pass available too.

It is quite incredible to watch kids and adults going around the lake in this fashion and soon enough you feel pumped to join in. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, they have sessions to suit everyone.

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There is a special shorter cable route that is used for coaching purposes. All equipment including vests, helmets, wakeboards and kneeboards are included in the session fee.

Kids must be ten years or older to be able to do this. But what if you have young ones as well? That’s where the jumping pillow comes in handy.

Cables Wake Park Penrith 6

It is a favourite with little ones (and often their parents too!) There is also sandpit all around it plus a little slide.

So you can sit back and relax while your tweens have the time of their lives and your little ones bounce crazy on the jumping pillow.

Cables Wake Park Penrith 5

But if wakeboarding is not your child’s thing, or like me, you are a little scared of letting them do it (I think I will wait till my son is 12) head to the newly opened Aqua Park.

It is located in the same facility but on a different lake. It is a series of giant inflatable slides and jumping pillows floating on water.

Cables Wake Park Penrith 2

All kids wear life vests that are provided by the staff. One session is for 50 minutes. Again there is a small water play area nearby to suit those too young to go in the lake.

Entry to the park is free including the use of jumping pillows and water play area. There is also a BBQ on site with a couple of benches.

Cables Wake Park Penrith
The free water play area

We have seen many birthday parties being celebrated here and kids seem to love it. There is a lovely café on site serving coffee and hot food.

We love coming to this place especially in summer season when Aqua Park is open.

The only negative I could think of is that if kid no.1 is in the Aqua park but kid no.2 wants to bounce on the jumping pillow you cannot keep an eye on both of them as they are not located in the same vicinity. My husband and I usually end up separating to keep an eye on both kids.

Toilets: on site

Parking: plenty of parking on site

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Nearest café: Café on site

Mum’s report: If you are looking to entertain kids in summer school holidays or just want to cool-off when temperatures rise, head to Cables Wake Park and you won’t be disappointed.

It is also a great place to catch up with friends while kids play. Wake Park is suitable for kids 10+ years, Aqua Park suitable for kids 6+ year and jumping pillow is suitable for everyone!

Cables Wake Park and Aqua Park Map

Thanks so much Ayesha, great to hear about this cool spot in Western Sydney!

PS Have you visited the Museum of Fire in Penrith.

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