Kids love summers, and so do we. After all, it’s the time of the year when our little ones can play their heart out in the garden, inside the pool, and around the house. But only until mercury pushes past 35 degrees. The scorching sun and the sweltering heat make it difficult for kids to step outside and enjoy the bounty of nature. and you are left with no option but to stay indoors.

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But keeping kids inside isn’t an easy feat too. They get bored every five minutes (literally!) and keeping them entertained becomes a task that’s both challenging and stressful. After all, as a parent, we have to juggle a thousand errands together. Being a company to kids 24X7 is just not possible.

This summer, take the fret out! Make your kids’ stay-at-home exciting with these six super-engaging activities that promise hours of unlimited entertainment and make sure fun and learning never stop!

1.    Stew Up Some Games To Challenge Young Minds

Kids love gadgets. And keeping them away from their beloved devices is a task that’s often hard to accomplish. So, instead of refraining kids from using technology, why not channel their energies in the right direction?

Buy a gaming laptop for kids and turn your gadget freaks into digital geniuses. Let them explore the wonders of the universe, understand astrophysics, learn measurements, and geometry, build Lego castles, solve puzzles, and unravel some fascinating mysteries right on their device. With hundreds of age-appropriate, educational games around, you can rest assured that learning and skill development continues even when your little techies are hooked to their screens.

So go ahead, get a gaming laptop for your kids and challenge their young brains in ways more than one.

2.     Go The Play Dough Way

Whip up a batch of play dough and keep your kids entertained for hours together. Ask them to make play-dough monsters, pricky creatures, forest animals, or a complete play-dough galaxy and give their imagination a spin.

Open a bakery, set up a tea party, or organise a play-dough stamping session, this mighty modelling compound can keep idle hands busy for days together.

3.     Cook Up A Storm Without Turning The Oven On

Turn your kids into little master chefs and make mealtime both interesting and engaging. Introduce them to the art of cooking and help them dish out some exciting recipes for the whole family. These easy-to-make, no-oven recipes are a perfect way to inculcate culinary skills in your little ones while keeping them engaged for hours together.  

4.     Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

Don’t throw those empty boxes, bottles, and cans away. Ask your kids to put them to good use and turn them into classy pieces of art and items you can use for home decor.

All they need are some waste items, a handful of craft supplies, and a lot of creativity. Not only will it help you reduce and reuse your household waste but will also help you keep those little minds busy. For ideas and inspiration, the Internet is abuzz.

5.     Make A Fort Or A Little Tee Pee

Make way for a fun play date. Ask your kids to use kids curtains to make their very own indoor tee-pee or a castle and brighten it up with LED lights. Up the game with some military-style fortification and let your kids have fun inside their self-made play house.

6.     Paint The Entire House Up

No, not literally. But painting definitely is something that amazes both young and old kids alike. So take out those painting brushes and let your kids stir up some magic with colours. Older kids can try painting t-shirts, bottles, vases, and canvases. While the little tots can enjoy finger painting, block painting with veggies, spray painting with brushes, and a lot more. A skill-based activity, it can help them enhance their colouring skills while helping them understand primary and secondary colours.

Well, staying indoors can be equally fun, isn’t it? Delve into these ideas and plan some activities that can boost your kids’ physical and mental abilities while keeping them entertained.

Looking for more ideas and inspirations? Try:

puppet show

· Putting up a Puppet Show

Take your old socks and some markers and ask your kids to make some socks puppets. You can then put up a puppet show for the entire family.

· Organizing A Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids and their brains a healthy workout by playing scavenger hunt, or treasure hunt as it is commonly called. Place treasure (a soft toy, a game, or a gift) at a hidden location and create cues or riddles to help your kids find them. Make sure one cue leads to the next spot and so on until the kid reaches the destination. You can play it inside your house or backyard and decide on the complexity level as per the age of your child.

· Planning D-I-Y Experiments For Your Little Scientist

Science doesn’t have to be complicated and it definitely does not require costly equipment and dangerous chemicals. Many science experiments can be performed using the commonly used items within the house.

So let your kids have fun with science using regular household materials and accentuate their skills and practical knowledge. From making raisins dance to crystallizing their own candies and blowing the biggest bubble, there’s a lot of fun that kids can jazz up, right within their homes. Make sure to tell them that it’s no magic, all science!

· Arranging A Picnic

Right inside your house. Just choose a room for your picnic spot and set it up as your next party spot. Decide a menu, pack your basket, take your mat, and head on to your picnic location for fun and fervour. Don’t forget to take some music and board games along.

· Taking Them Swimming

In your bathtub, of course! Dress your kids in their favourite bathing suits and bubble up your bathtub for unlimited fun. Throw in some toys and squeezes and let them splash around. How cool is that? Literally!

So, follow these tricks and beat the summer heat in the most fun and engaging way. These activities offer you the easiest way to keep your kids entertained while they are cooped up inside their nests.

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