Beyond The Baby Blues – Edition 2

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression before or after childbirth, we wrote this book for you.



Beyond the Baby Blues- the Complete Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Handbook  is a comprehensive Australian resource guide covering perinatal anxiety and depression. Readers will hear the voices both of individuals and families affected and the professionals who treat and care for them. This book is supportive and encouraging, it is both deeply personal and yet steeped in science.

‘It’s a great book for anyone who is struggling with the condition or keen to find out how to best support their partner, family member or friend.’

Women’s Agenda Review


Reviews of Beyond The Baby Blues

This is one of the most authentic, powerful and  inspiring books  I have read in a long time.

Lisiane La Touche, Director Of Social Work/Psychology Services, Tresillian Family Care Centres, read more here


But what makes this book different from others are the deeply personal anecdotes. Peppered throughout each chapter are stories and quotes from people who have had some involvement with perinatal depression, whether sufferers themselves, as health professionals or family. Many of them are heart-wrenching and many also show courage and hope in what can seem a never-ending, bleak situation.

It’s in these multitude of stories that people will identify a bit of their own experience and for that reason alone, this book will speak to thousands of people.

Babyology, read full review here.


‘When I first had my son I read many new parenting books. I was just trying to gain some understanding of what this new life was about, and to discover if what I was feeling was ‘normal’.

I wish Beyond the Baby Blues was published back then. It’s written with absolute truth. It’s blunt and realistic and I can see myself in all of the scenarios described throughout each chapter.’

Christina, Mums Helping Mums Support Network


During my first pregnancy, I was aware of the chances of post natal depression but what I did not expect was ante natal depression. I had never heard of it so it came as a surprise. This book would have been very helpful.

Touska Lee blog


More than that, it is a handbook for those who want to support others who are suffering PAD. Quotes from sufferers about their experiences with family and friends are a fantastic guide and offer an insight into the world of a PAD sufferer. A number of my friends suffered from PND and openly spoke about it and while I did the best I could at the time, I wish this book had been out then to read and help more.

Tiny and Little Magazine



Beyond The Baby Blues


Table of Contents

Chapter One – The Transition to Parenthood

A look at the massive changes that occur when babies are born, historical attitudes and where we are today. This broad outline places PND within the broad context of parenthood.

Chapter Two: Why do I feel so awful?

What is PND?  Antenatal depression? Anxiety? ?  This chapter is book-ended by quotes, and they are scattered throughout, but its core is the scientific/ technical explanation.

Chapter Three: How Did This Happen?

The many causes of perinatal anxiety and depression, with experts and professionals sharing their knowledge plus many quotes from parents.

Chapter Four: Early Intervention

Chapter includes perinatal screening, the ideals and the realities. How does Australia compare with rest of world in this area and how well does screening and early intervention work?

Chapter Five: Diagnosis

Why this is important, the steps to receiving a diagnosis, and if it is not anxiety or depression, what else might be happening.

Chapter Six: Treatment and Recover – Talking Therapies

What are the talking therapies and how effective are they?  Many family stories are told.

Chapter Seven: Treatment and Recovery – Medications and alternative therapies

How well does medication work and what are the options?  Are there side effects?  Mums and dads share their experience and give great advice here as do leading professionals.

Chapter Eight: My Recovery

A selection of long and short quotes and stories from those who have got better.

Chapter Nine:  Dads and Depression

How perinatal anxiety and depression affects dads, both in themselves and as caring partners.

Chapter Ten: Special cases

Many stories from parents who have had extra worries to deal with, their wisdom and experiences and what helped for them.

Chapter Eleven: Having Another Baby

Might anxiety and depression re-occur.  The evidence explained, ideas and advice is shared.

Chapter Twelve: How to Help – Advice For Family and Friends

A chapter to share with relatives and friends, lots of ideas on what helps… and what just doesn’t.

Chapter Thirteen:  Looking Back On It Now- Personal Stories and Reflections

Personal stories from the perspective of several years down the track. The emphasis is on positive strategies and personal growth.

Chapter Fourteen: Starting With Myself- Self-care Strategies for a Family – for a Lifetime.

Ideas and advice on how to take care of oneself and the family through the whole life journey.

Chapter Fifteen:  Start Talking

The importance of acknowledging the issues around parenthood and why families need to speak up.  What we need to do on a wider level to help and support new mums and families in general.


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