FIFO News, An Au Pair Arrives and Ocean Swimming Starts Again



So I guess I am the only person in Sydney who’d LOVE to see an oil rig drilling just off the coast. Come on, one or two off Palm Beach or Dee Why, what would it matter?

We could all go and fill up our cars at a refinery at Manly, if only someone would build one?

My pleading and cajoling, my beaten breast and pathetic looks have worked and hubby is hoping to work in Sydney again next year… sometime… may take a while. Whew! It’ll be a big life change for us all, but a good one. We need all the teen-wranglers we can get here at Casa Chaos.

Paul heads off to be our Intn’l Man of Mystery again on Monday evening. He’ll be back in mid-December and here for Christmas, unlike last year, so that’s great.

Meanwhile, I have engaged a young French mademoiselle to be our au pair.

Wish her luck, she’ll need it.  

At least I’m not as anxious and overwhelmed as I was. It’s partly thanks to some serious splashing, I’ve gone out a couple of times to swim at Manly at 7am with the Bold + Beautiful.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Plunging into the briny and ploughing through the waves is an instant mood lifter. Getting ashore in one piece makes you feel even better.

In a comment on her blog, the hilarious Mrs Woog said to me that she wouldn’t do it because of the ‘creatures of the deep.’

I thought she meant me there, for a moment.

There are creatures out there, I saw a shovel-nosed ray this week. But there are pink-hatted swimmers to the right and to the left, there’s safety in the shoal of swimmers.

Mona Vale Can Too

The Ocean Swim training with Can Too starts this week too. Oh joy. If you’ve ever thought of trying to swim in the ocean, Can Too can train you, and would love to. Find out more about Can Too here. IT’s a fantastic program.

CanToo Ocean swimming


I wrote a post about swimming for my sanity, and why swimming is such a great sport for mums here.

Do you swim for your sanity?

Well, how are you maintaining it then??!!



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  1. says: jess

    I’m a swimmer too! I’m so keen to start ocean swimming with CanToo but I have a 7 month old. I think I’ll have to postpone it for yet another year. Hopefully I’ll be able to join in next year.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Come come next year!! Very hard with babies. I have to miss Mr8’s cricket tomorrow and most Saturdays unless he plays early. But I’m just gobsmacked this week at hoe much better I feel both mentally and physically. And swimmers are such funny people and so friendly.

  2. says: Robyn

    Hooray for big changes and work in Sydney. Good on your for getting an au pair too. Maybe she’ll cook some fine French food for you too. I really must come and do that swim with you one morning. I just need a kick up the backside to get going. I don’t mind the creatures of the deep, I just hate the cold!! x

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I had a wetsuit on on Saturday, just a shorty but I’ll keep it on for a few weeks. Am taking a friend in at Shelly on Wednesday morning if you are free at all and fancy a splash. You must blog the story of the Channel swim, I need the whole story.

  3. That’s great that he will be here for Christmas, to make some memories. No to oil rigs off Sydney, but glad he is looking to comeback all the same.

    You are very brave to swim in the ocean, but it is clearly doing you loads of good.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Caroly, I am totally gobsmacked at how much better I am feeling mentally… maybe I should have swum all year round, loads of people do but I was too wimpy. Will be at Manly every Sat morning so long as our lovely new young lass is all good with kids/cricket for those couple of hours.

  4. Lol re you being a creature of the deep! And a deep creature too I’d add.

    Last year I was doing an ocean swim thinking of course about sharks – because I can’t help it! Suddenly a fin popped up right next to me. I almost had a heart attack until I realised a pair of dolphins had come to join me. Very special – and a lesson in overcoming irrational fear 🙂

    Hope the au-pair lightens the load.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thanks Annabel, oh dolphins have given me a heart attack once too… they didn’t stay long and weren’t that close. I must say that I love being in a crowd of swimmers, not too densely packed, and just swimming along in the middle, safety in numbers. Do wish Mme luck, she’s staying with us now but the work really started tomorrow. School sports day, what an introduction.

  5. says: Morag Smith

    Soshi, I LOVE swimming in the Ocean. I love the feeling of freedom and joy that I get from it. Just love being in or on the sea really. But living in the North of Scotland can make this somewhat restrictive. The North Sea being somewhat chilly. Luckily the last 2 summers have been fantastically hot (for here) and I have been chucking myself in at any opportunity. As you know though the swimming only lasts about a minute because of the extreme coldness of the water, brrr. I am thinking wetsuit for next year!!!! And possibly kayak too????????? Still not moving away from my beloved North of Scotland though. Just too gorgeous. And nae sharks here!!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Come to Australia!!! Give up the wild North… winter is coming there. Actually, it really is. You could swim summer and winter here, no worries. I met someone here recently who was on hols from UK who said that open water swimming was v popular in UK now, swims around lochs etc etc Maybe a good plan to buy a wetsuit first. Christmas pressie?

  6. Hi Seana, yay! That’s such wonderful news about your Mr Man of Mystery working in Sydney next year. I’m sure the kids are thrilled as well!
    To keep my sanity, I work out (i’m time poor otherwise I’d choose something more pleasant!) For some reason , I prefer swimming in deep waters (where boats have taken you, or reefs) than shallow depths of the beach as I’ve this nasty paranoia of stepping on something – a creature, a spike, etc! — isnt that strange that i’d rather encounter ‘creatures of the deep’ than step on an urchin!!!

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