Sydney’s Best Playgrounds- Lagoon Park, Manly

Lagoon Park and its excellent playground in Manly is a top spot for a family visit. It is a great favourite with locals and for other Sydneysiders, it is well worth making a journey to visit.

One of the nicest things about this playground is that there are all sorts of walks to do either on the way to it, or from it. There’s also the lovely Queenscliff beach and rock pool a short walk away.

manly lagoon park water and playground
A very wide shot of the playground in Manly Lagoon Park
Manly lagoon park playground 6
This is a favourite spot for family’s to walk dogs too.
Manly lagoon park playground 2
There is good shade in this playground

Manly Lagoon Reserve Playground

Cameron Avenue, Queenscliff 2096

This large enclosed playground is beside Manly Lagoon and is lovely and quiet even though it is close to Queenscliff Bridge.

There is plenty of modern playground equipment, including swings and a spider web climbing frame, plus a sandpit.

Some paths inside the playground are good for bikes and there are more paths outside the playground, but beware of the lagoon which is not fenced. The playground itself is securely fenced but once outside the playground, the lagoon is very close by.

Lagoon park Jamie
Manly lagoon park playground 1

Cafe: Cafe close by on Collingwood Street where it meets North Steyne

Toilets: Toilet block outside the playground, by Queenscliff Bridge

Shade: A shade cloth over some equipment and from trees, but not a lot

Enclosed: Yes

Mum’s report: Well worth a visit, Manly Lagoon makes the playground scenic and the fence makes it safe. The playground is very big and has lots of interesting stuff for the kids.

Extra: The playground is at one end of the Manly Four Beaches Walk

Parking: Street parking on Cameron Avenue

Bus stop nearby: Yes

manly lagoon reserve playground
Lots of tracks for riding bikes and trikes
Manly lagoon park playground
Manly lagoon park playground 3
Some of the equipment is showing its age, but it’s still a top spot for tots in Manly

I still get a thrill out of a visit to a great Sydney playground.  

Even after decades!

Am I sad loser??

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