Meadowbank Park and Playground

If you do not already know Meadowbank Park then now is the time to get over there for a visit. The new regional playground is really fantastic and the walks and sports areas all alongside the Parramatta make this so scenic. Meadowbank Park and playground make an excellent day out for Sydney families from all over our huge city.

NB Aim to go there on a day when there will not be kids sport on at the playing fields. Parking can be very difficult when there is lots of sport happening. Sundays are probably better than Saturdays during school terms. Mid-week is even better.

colourful poles to play amongst at Meadowbank Park playground
The playground is VAST, with all sorts of man-made and more natural areas to explore
Meadowbank Park Playground 2
Lovely long flying fox, terrific for older kids

Meadowbank Park and Playground

This is a huge recreation area. There are soccer and cricket pitches, plus netball and tennis courts. There are walking and cycling paths throughout this park, which is part of the Ryde Riverwalk. There is a regional playground, built in 2022, which is fenced and very, very large. Right beside it are toilets and BBQs and seating area. And then there is the skate park too!! Such a lot to do in Meadownbank Park, take a tour through all our photos to check it out and plan your visit.

Meadowbank Park Playground 4
The other end of the flying fox. Love the wide smooth paths within the enclosed playground.

Water Playground at Meadowbank Park

Meadowbank Park Playground 3
The water playground area is not huge but the three fountains are terrific
Meadowbank Park Playground 4 1
I like this leaf-like water fountain
Meadowbank Park Playground 5 1
Running through the circle fountains will entertain kids of all ages
a colourful percussion instrument at Meadh=owbank Park playground
Musical instruments are always popular with younger children
Meadowbank Park Playground 10
Tree trunks to climb on, beautifully smooth
Meadowbank Park Playground 12
This drum makes a deep boom
Meadowbank Park Playground 8
Here you see toddler slides on the left and the natural areas on the right, with nice shade
Meadowbank Park Playground 8 1
A seesaw rocker is always popular
Meadowbank Park Playground 9
And who doesn’t love a witch’s hat?

There is sand play and lots of elevated climbing equipment for the older kids.

photo of green lawn spaces at Meadowbank park regional playground
These quieter natural spaces are excellent for picnics and for gentle play and a chance to have some down time

Shade: Yes from shade cloth

Cafe nearby: Sadly not so BYO

Public transport: You can catch a train to Meadowbank Station then walk, or a ferry to Meadowbank hard, or try the bus, see

Parking: Meadowbank Park is vast and has several car parking areas. The best car parking for the playground is the large car park by the Meadowbank Park Tennis Courts. This is accessed from Constitution Road West by turning down the small road which is opposite Federal Road.

There are also car parking spaces on Ross Smith Ave which are handy.

The main entry to Meadowbank Park is at the end of Adelaide Street in Meadowbank and there is a very large car park here by the netball courts. However, it is a longer walk to the playground from there.

All these car parks get hectic when Saturday sport is on, as I found out! I ended up visiting all of them and was glad I did not have any little kids with me. But I did find a spot in the end.

two children skateboarding at Meadowbank Park and playground skate park wide shot
The huge skate park at Meadowbank Park. Photo credit: Ryde Council

Meadowbank Skate Park

Skateboarders, and scooter and bmx riders too, have got a huge skate park to explore. There is a three-metre deep Olympic-standard competition bowl, an asphalt track for beginners, a climbing wall and even a table tennis court

Check out all the cool features on this video.

the small inground roundabout at Meadowbank park with red seats
This simple roundabout is safe for everyone

Meadowbank Park and Playground Map

Would Meadowbank Park and playground work as a place to visit for your family?

Please add your own thoughts in the comments below!

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