Q Station Manly – A Unique + Historic Sydney Spot For A Visit or Stay

Hello, hello and welcome to Q Station Manly. We are about to set off on a tour of this marvellous historic site.

Now, have you got a cup of tea? I’ve got mine here and I recommend you get yourself a cuppa as this is a long read with lots of pictures.

All sorted?  Great. Come on, let’s go!

Q station accommodation
Staying at Q Station Manly is like a history lesson – with amazing views
Q Station views buildings_2
Q Station Manly, history and magnificent scenery combined
Q Station cottages_5
Three bedroom cottage, you can see other accommodation below and sweeping views over Manly Cove.

So what is Q Station Manly ?

Q Station is Sydney’s old Quarantine Station, now restored and offering unique accommodation, a restaurant and cafes, an excellent visitor centre and guided tours.

You can visit Q Station for the day or a few hours, you can pop down just for a meal, you can stay for a night or a few days too.

Q Station makes a marvellous staycation for Sydney families; with gripping history for children to immerse themselves in plus plenty of active outdoors activities too.

Q Station views buildings_8
The restored hospital at Q Station – it has the most amazing views over North and South Head

Q Station views_1

Q Station Manly – The History

Infectious diseases were a deadly reality in colonial times, and putting anyone suspected of being infected with smallpox, plague, typhoid, cholera, influenza and other illnesses into quarantine was the only way to halt the spread of disease.

North Head was first used as a place of quarantine in 1828 when a ship landed with convicts and guards.  There has been cases of smallpox aboard on the voyage, so the ship was quarantined to protect the fledgling colony.

Over the years, this site was permanently established, with hospital and accommodation for dozens and even hundreds of people.

For some a stay at the Quarantine Station was like a beach holiday. However for many it was a battle between life and death, and death often won.

The Quarantine Station was in use until 1977, and later was looked after by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Then in the late 1990s, a process of transformation began.

Q Station views buildings_14

The Quarantine Station has been restored with great love and care, its historic significance and features enhanced.

Read a full account of the story of this historic site in the book ‘From Quarantine to Q Station – Honouring The Past, Securing The Future’, from Arbon Publishing, available at Q Station.

Q Station views buildings_13

Q Station Manly – Accommodation

There are several types of accommodation at Q Station:

Interior of one of the Heritage Queen Rooms
Interior of one of the Heritage Queen Rooms

Heritage Rooms + Suites

Deluxe Rooms + Suites

Retreat Suites 

Historic Cottages

For families, a three-bedroom Historic Cottage is ideal. We stayed on one of these, it had been used a worker’s cottage back in the day.

There are one king plus two queen bedrooms, then a very comfortable living room.

If you’d like to do a quick check on dates and prices check Q Station on Booking.com here.

Q Station cottages_3

Great to see that toys for outdoor play are provided.

Modern and very comfy beds were given a thorough workout.

Q Station cottages_6

The kitchen had plenty of space, a good coffee machine, a microwave and a cooktop.

But there’s no need to cook as the Q Station has an excellent restaurant, see below.  You can also have dinner delivered to your room, suite or cottage, from the room service menu.

Q Station room service
Q Station views buildings_16
Restored wash basins give a real sense of Q Station’s past.
Q Station views buildings_15
These taps and the enamel bath take me right back to the 1960s.
Q Station views buildings_11
This is one of the guests lounges, full of original artifacts.
Q Station views buildings_10
Another side of one of the guest lounges.
Q Station views buildings_12
Q Station visitor centre_6
This light railway used to transport luggage from the jetty to the Luggage Store

The Luggage Store Visitor Centre + Cafe

If you visit Q Station as a day tripper, the Luggage Store Visitor Centre will be your first port of call. You’ll find an information desk where tours can be booked, and an extensive exhibition which explains the history of Sydney’s Quarantine Station. You will learn about the many ships which visited and the diseases which were so prevalent in those days.

Q Station visitor centre

For primary school children, this is a most fascinating place. My twins are 10 and they spent literally hours reading the signs and exploring the artifacts.

Q Station visitor centre_3
Q Station visitor centre_1

I must confess that I enjoy the gory side of history and so my very favourite exhibit was about the dreaded bubonic plague, or ‘black death.’

Q Station visitor centre_8

Just look at this photo of a pile of dead rats. Yuck!

Q Station visitor centre_7

The most heartbreaking stories tell of children whose parents died at the Quarantine Station, and of the terrible Spanish Flu which decimated the population just after the First World War.

The kids so enjoyed exploring the reconstructed First and Third Class ship cabins from the RMA Niagara.

Q Station visitor centre_2

The cafe down at the Luggage Store Visitor Centre is very comfortable and relaxed, serving simple meals, sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

In summer, you can hire snorkels from here to explore the beach and clear waters around the jetty.

Q Station visitor centre_5

The views from the outside seats towards Manly are sublime.

Q Station visitor centre_4

Just outside the Luggage Store there are many carvings on the rock face. Some are simple, others very complex and delicate.

Who wouldn’t stop for a long while here, looking at the names of ships, carved by hand, some with lists of the passengers who died.

Q Station views buildings_4
Q Station views buildings_6
Q Station views buildings_5
Q Station views buildings_7
Quarantine station manly 5
Water sports at the beach at Q Station

Q Station Manly – More Things To Do

  • Take a ghost tour – read about our adventure on this post
  • Take one of the history tours
  • Explore the great bushwalking around North Head and the rest of this part of the Sydney Harbour National Park
  • Kayak, swim, snorkel at Quarantine Beach
  • Walk all around the Q Station
  • Enjoy meals at the cafe and at Boilerhouse Restaurant
  • Explore Manly and surrounds
Q Station views buildings_9
This is where a funicular railway used to be, now a walkway between the top accommodation and the buildings at the beach.

Q Station For Day Trippers

Day visitors are warmly welcomed at Q Station. You can join a History or Ghost Tour, explore the site and the Luggage Room Visitor Centre, enjoy a swim or snorkel at Quarantine Beach and take in the sweeping views of Sydney Harbour.

Visitors can dine at Boilerhouse restaurant and the Luggage Store Cafe.

Q Station Manly – Getting There

Ferry:  You can generally catch a ferry to Q Station Wharf from Manly. Check with Q Station about current timetable.

Driving:  Private cars are not allowed on site (except for visitors staying in some cottages.)  You need to drive to the main car park which is beside reception. From there a shuttle bus takes visitors to wherever they’d like to visit.

Public Transport: Buses run from Manly to the Q Station reception, read more at Transportnsw.info

high tea at Q station
G&Tea House – how lovely

Q Station G & Tea House

For a very special treat, you can visit the new G&Tea House, in one of the restored cottages on the headland at Q Station. There are four types of high tea on offer including a Children’s High Tea, this would make such a unique birthday treat.

The G&Tea House serves scones, pastries, cakes and sandwiches paired with coffee and tea and also with some tea infused gin cocktails. The vintage tea cups and teapots are gorgeous, as are the glasses the cocktails are served im. Divine!

Opening times: 
Friday: 3pm to 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm

To book your High Tea, contact the team on 02 9466 1500.

Q Station Boilerhouse restaurant (1)

Q Station – Restaurants

Boilerhouse is Q Station’s main restaurant, open to hotel guests as well as evening visitors.

This is a fine dining venue but kids are welcome.

Q Station Boilerhouse restaurant_1

The kids play pack also proved very handy as we waited for our food to be served.

Q Station Boilerhouse restaurant

Hotel guests can breakfast at Views restaurant, and we did!

Q Station views buildings_19
Q Station views buildings_20

We also met some friendly, and rather cheeky locals just outside Views.

Q Station views buildings_17

You’ll have gathered that myself and my twins enjoyed our night at Q Station enormously. We all learned a great deal about some terrible diseases, how contagious they are and how deadly.

We are so lucky to live in modern times, with no plague, typhus, smallpox, measles, cholera or Spanish flu threatening our families.

For us the Luggage Room Visitor Centre and the Q Station Ghost Tour were highlights.

Q Station visitor centre

I enjoyed my dip in the sea here too.

Q Station visitor centre water snorkel

Next summer we will definitely return to snorkel.

Book A Stay or A Tour At Q Station

If you like to use Booking.com you can find Q Station on this map widget and add in your potential dates.


If you prefer to book direct check out the Q Station website here 

Call Q Station Manly to discuss your family’s needs on (02) 9466 1500

To enquire or book  tours visit the website or call  Tour Reservations on (02) 9466 1551

Keep up with Q Station news on the Q Station Manly Facebook page.

Q Station views
Uplifting views are also a huge attraction here.
Q Station views buildings
Manly Cove as sun set was stunning.

PS When in this area, you might be keen to find some more fun things to do in Manly with kids.

Check out info on the best areas of Sydney for families to stay here.

And that’s our tour over. A long post today!

History, gory stories, beaches, views and good food.

Have you visited Q Station with the kids?

If not, shall we meet up there one day!!??

Happy travelling

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  1. I love how they kept original (or vintage looking) pieces so it has an ‘as original as it can be’ feel to it, and not just completely transformed the place into a modern hotel.
    I haven’t been there but I’d been to a Quarrantine station in Mornington Peninsula, it has a similar atmosphere though they haven’t turned that one into an accommodation (yet?), just a day trip attraction. Also next to the water , beautiful surroundings!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      This one really does have a marvellous atmosphere. The history is imbued into everything. The Hospital, where so many people died, has the absolute best views, hope that was some comfort to the sick.

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