Redleaf Pool, Now Known As Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Redleaf Pool, you are so gorgeous.

If we lived within walking distance of Murray Rose Pool (as Redleaf Pool has been renamed), we’d come here ALL the time.

redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
Showering after a swim at Murray Rose Pool

But since we have to drive over, it’s a bit of a hassle to get to this lovely and family-friendly harbour pool. The parking is very tricky.

if we ever have a boat, we’ll sail over there tho’ as it’s such a lovely spot.

Redleaf Pool Murray Rose Pool Double Bay

Redleaf Pool A.K.A. Murray Rose Pool and Seven Shillings Beach

New South Head Road, Double Bay 2028

Website: click here

Redleaf Pool was renamed Murray Rose Pool in July 2012, in memory of the famous Olympian. It is a very large netted harbour pool (90m x 60m) with boardwalks running on top of the nets.

There are two large floating pontoons in the pool, great spots forleaping from, or sunbathing upon for the less active.

The narrow strip of beach is a lovely area for young children to play, so don’t forget the bucket and spade. The waters of the harbours are usually very still, so this is a nice safe splashing and learning-to-swim pool.

There is plenty of sloping grass to lay a rug upon, and shady trees to shelter beneath.

The pool can be accessed by walking through Blackburn Gardens beside Woollahra Library or by steps at the rear of the Council carpark. There are steps between the changing rooms and the pool itself.

The pool has no lifeguards so you do need to be very vigilent, but lets face it, we parents have to be anyway.

Seven Shillings Beach is the name of the beach which the pool is a part of. This is a thin strip of sand with fabulous views of the millionaires’ playgrounds of Darling Point and Point Piper.

The beach itself has no direct road access and so is very safe from cars, but the water can sometimes be a bit weedy. Above the high watermark the beach is owned by the residents in the humungous houses lining the beach, so visitors must keep below that line.

Cafes: there is a kiosk/cafe on the terrace above Murray Rose Pool, it is open from 8.30am forbreakfast and lunch. It’s a gorgeous spot to sit and admire the harbour. There are tables and chairs with space for prams on the terrace by the kiosk.

Toilets: Toilets, change and shower block, and open-air shower by the pool

Shade: Some on grass at the pool

Playground: No

Shark net: Yes

Mum’s report: It’s amazing to find such a peaceful spot in this fairly built up part of the city. Great for a swim, a bit of sand play and then a walk or run along the beach. But the parking is terrible!

Extra: Blackburn Gardens are beside Redleaf Pool, a pretty, safe and lush small public garden

Parking:  Very difficult!!  Some 30 minute parking spots at Woollahra Council and on the streets around. For Seven Shillings Beach, try some imited street parking on Mervyn Avenue, then walk down Seven Shilling Steps to the beach.

Bus stop nearby: Yes

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Redleaf Pool, Murray Rose Pool Double Bay

redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers

redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
Checking out the gorgeous buildings on the waterside by the pool. Serious view envy.
redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
Serious lap swimmer
redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
Seven Shillings Beach, not a great photo but don’t let it put you off
redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
A quiet weekday spring morning at the pool, it’ll look so different on a boiling hot summer’s day.
redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers
A girl contemplates a leap into the water from the pontoon

Have you visited Redleaf Pool/Murray Rose Pool?

Where’s your family’s favourite swimming spot on Sydney Harbour?


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  1. says: Grace

    I guess the other thing I can add is, if lying on the beach is too much sun, I know people choose to lie in the shade of Blackburn Gardens. Still easy access to the beach but without getting blistering burnt.

  2. says: Seana

    LOL, yes, if there are lots of people there the shade from trees wouldn’t be enough. I was swimming along at Clifton Gardens and there was a HUGE hole in the sharknet. I almost fainted until I realised there was a newer net behind it.

  3. says: Rachael

    I am not sure with yacht and boats are there,that kind of polluted the water and unhealthy for both adults and especially for young children. unless the water couldn’t go through the pool then i guess is safe. we just google to find great beaches for family, and quite interested as we never heard of this, but after saw the picture, we are a bit in doubt. if the writer can be more specific of the water that would be appreciate it! thanks

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