7 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe While on a Family Road Trip

Family Road Trip

Are you ready for an epic family road trip? The open road, the wind in your hair, and the endless possibilities for adventure are definitely exciting. But hold on a minute; safety first!

While road trips can be a blast, safety should always be a top priority, especially when travelling with the whole family. So, before you hit the gas, let’s go over seven ways to keep your family safe on a road trip.

1. Plan Your Route and Stops Ahead of Time

Before you put your foot on the pedal, plan your route and stops ahead of time. Planning might not seem like the most exciting part of your trip, but it can help you avoid getting lost. Here’s how to plan your trip:

  1. Use online maps and resources to plan your route. Take full advantage of Google Maps or Roadtrippers. You could also find out what the scenery looks like beforehand by checking out the street view.  
  2. Calculate the distance you’ll be travelling, the roads you’ll be taking, and any potential roadblocks or construction that may cause delays. This goes double if you’re travelling to the Esperance beaches, the Blue Mountains, or Mount Augustus.
  3. Schedule regular rest stops along the way, even if you’re cruising within Sydney with your kids. They’ll give you a chance to stretch your legs and prevent driver fatigue.

2. Prepare Your Vehicle for the Trip

Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the journey because a breakdown in the middle of nowhere can turn your family vacation into a nightmare. Here are things to keep an eye on:

  • Get Your Car Serviced Before the Trip – Take your car for a tune-up before you hit the road and ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Pay special attention to the brakes, suspension, and any potential leaks or engine issues that could pop up.
  • Check Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels – Low tire pressure and fluid levels can cause your car to stall or break down. So, make sure you check them.
  • Pack an Emergency Kit – Even the most well-maintained car can break down. So, pack an emergency kit with a spare tire, a flashlight, and first-aid supplies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Get Comprehensive Insurance

Rollin’s comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle from damages caused by things like theft, fire, vandalism, weather-related incidents, and more. It can also cover the cost of a rental car if your car is damaged and needs to be repaired.

However, it’s important to check with your insurance provider to find out what’s included in your comprehensive coverage and make sure it is up to date before going to check out the Blue Mountains.

This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from unforeseen events that could potentially ruin your trip.

4. Share Driving Responsibilities

Sharing driving responsibilities on your family road trip is crucial, or you might fall asleep at the wheel. So, take turns driving to keep away fatigue and drowsiness.

But if you’re the only one who can drive, don’t push yourself too hard. Take a 15-minute break every two hours and stretch your back every hour to prevent driver fatigue. A neck pillow can also come in handy.

And remember, if you’re travelling in the desert, the temperatures drop off a cliff at night. So, if you’re travelling at night, make sure your air conditioning can keep you warm. And keep a blanket with you, just in case.

5. Stay Alert and Focused

When you’re on a long road trip, it’s easy to get distracted and let your mind wander. But remember, the road is full of surprises, and you don’t want any of them to catch you off guard. Here are some tips to stay alert and focused:

  • Put Your Phone Away – Don’t text or check your Instagram while driving. It’s dangerous and illegal in Australia. So, use your phone only when you’re parked.
  • Avoid Drowsy Driving – If you’re feeling tired, take a break and stretch your legs. Maybe even grab a coffee or take a quick power nap. Your safety (and that of your loved ones) is worth more than a few extra kilometres on the road.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Potential Hazards – In Australia, we have unique challenges like wildlife crossings and sudden weather changes. So, stay vigilant. And if you do come across any unexpected obstacles, remember to remain calm.

6. Know the Rules of the Road

Whether you’re travelling through Sydney’s bustling streets or navigating the rugged terrain of the Outback, it’s crucial to be aware of road rules to keep your family safe. So, obey traffic laws and keep in mind that we drive on the left side of the road and use kilometres instead of miles. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for construction zones and other potential road hazards.

7. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Emergencies come without knocking, whether you’re at home or travelling the Sierra Way. So, always carry a charged cell phone with emergency numbers for the police, ambulance, and fire department programmed in.

You should also make sure your car insurance policy includes roadside assistance. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away.

And if you’re involved in an accident, remain calm, exchange insurance information with the other driver, take photos of the damage, and report the accident to the police.

The Takeaway

We get it — Australia’s gorgeous. But just because something is gorgeous doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. So, if you’re planning a family trip from Laverton to Winton and taking the Outback Road, put safety first and get your prep on track before putting a wheel on the road.

And don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit and get comprehensive insurance. You never know when you might need them.

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