The Ternary Restaurant at The Novotel Darling Harbour

The Ternary Novotel Darling Harbour_2
The Asian Kitchen at The Ternary

Here’s a review for families of The Ternary Restaurant at the Novotel, Darling Harbour. It’s a top spot for a special family dinner, kids welcome.

The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (6)

One of the many perks of this WAHM blogging lifestyle is… no, not getting to pick the kids up and take them to swimming lessons…. it’s going out to lunch with lots of travel writers and public relations people.

I’m a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, one of the benefits of membership is the monthly networking lunch. These tend to be held somewhere beautiful and interesting and they don’t even cost very much. Beaut!

The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour
Roast chicken breast, cauliflower puree, fondant potato, asparagus. Frankly a vast improvement on my lunches at home.

Somehow, getting through the domestic routine of home seems not so bad on the days I know I have a lovely lunch with funny people to go to.

And so it was that I whizzed over the Bridge and round the corner to Darling Harbour, to the Novotel on Murray Street for a lunch at The Ternary Restaurant.

Now I’ve stayed in several Novotels, they are always very family-friendly, so I guessed this restaurant would be too.  But it’s also a proper grown up restaurant and would work very well for a big family lunch where you needed to cater to all the generations.

The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (4)
This outside seating area has wonderful views,  I’d bring my noisy kids here
The Ternary Novotel Darling Harbour
The Wine Bar – I’ll have a sparkling wine, thank you


The Ternary Restaurant – What’s In That Name?

My fond notions that there had been a colony of terns on this spot proved illusory.

Ternary means ‘consisting of three things’ in the same way binary means ‘consisting of two things.’

And The Ternary is in a way three venues in one:

The Wine Bar

The Grill Kitchen

The Asian Kitchen

Between the three areas, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoying a combination of cultures and cuisines.

You can find the menus and drinks lists here.

The Ternary Novotel Darling Harbour_1
The Grill Kitchen
The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (3)
This relaxed area is by the bar end of the space
The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (5)
We were seated at long tables for our ASTW lunch, foolishly I sat with my back to that view.



There is a children’s menu and high chairs can be provided.  I always advise people to call ahead and try to book a high chair at any venue.

Lots of kids will love the fact that the kitchens are open so they can look at the chefs as they work – and dream of their future careers.

The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (7)
Here’s a salad so pretty that even my kids would eat it.
The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (1)
I cannot tell a lie… ate loads of these and didn’t even take home the leftovers for the kids. Cruel mother!
The Ternery Restaurant Novotel Darling Harbour (2)
I fell madly in love with the little jars of coffee served after the meal. Too sweet.

The Ternary Restaurant – The Details

100 Murray St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Phone: +61 2 9934 0000

The Ternary Restaurant website

Parking: You can park at the Wilson Harbourside Car Park which is also at 100 Murray Street Pyrmont. 

There’s really nothing better than a luscious lunch with lighthearted companions. And I always, always pick up useful tips too.

Then it’s a speedy drive home to pick up the kids, sort out the bags, start the dinner, washing up, folding, hanging…. blah blah blah….

Normal life resumes…

… bring on the next lunch!

We don’t have a big family (or any family) here in Sydney, but this is one restaurant that would definitely work for those special meals out where a combination of old, young and we-in-the-middle will be eating.

The Ternary Novotel Darling Harbour_3
The Novotel from Darling Harbour – wish I hadn’t taken this shot but sadly no. Thanks to The Ternary for providing this shot plus the kitchen and bar shots

Can you recommend another good restaurant that’s kid-friendly and good for special occasions?

Take it easy


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