Why Australia is Perfect for a Family Vacation

Australia has been a top-rated tourist destination for many years and has also been a firm favourite for families. With so much to offer, from an amazing culture to exquisite beaches, and landscapes, it is no surprise that millions of people make their way Down Under each year.



Easy to Explore

One of the first reasons to visit Australia is that it is relatively easy to explore. Whether you want to get to a museum or the beach, both are usually close by if you are in one of the major cities. 

Even if you want to buy USD in Australia or rent a car, the facilities are available in all major cities and airports, and you can start your adventure the moment you land. 

Rich in Culture

As mentioned already, Australia is very rich in history and culture and is also home to who many believe to be the oldest living people, the Australian Aboriginal people. You can visit many of their villages, as well as explore their culture through dedicated museums. 

Varied Landscapes

Another reason to visit Australia is how varied its landscapes are. You can go to the beach, islands, the Outback, mountains, skiing, and everything in between. Australia has a little bit of everything and ensures there is something for everyone. 


Well, it is fairly well-known that Australia has many of the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world; they have far more than that to offer visitors. The varied landscapes and large spans of open area and sea have allowed for a massive variety of creatures and critters to flourish. 

If wild animals aren’t your thing, there are multiple zoos for you to explore. Australia Zoo, made famous by the great Steve Irwin, is a must for anyone visiting Queensland or Australia in general. 

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Beautiful Beaches

If you want to have one of the best beach holidays of all time, then you don’t have to look any further than Australia. Most notably, the Gold Coast is easily one of the most beautiful stretches of coast you will ever see. 

If busy beaches aren’t for you, there are hundreds of smaller beaches across the country that you can visit for a quieter afternoon near the water. 

Great for Road Trips

Another great advantage of travelling to Australia is that it is one of the best countries for road trips. Even if you have never driven in the country before, there are vast expanses of open roads that make driving and getting from place to place incredibly easy. 

There are hundreds of small towns and secret spots to visit, and if you rent a caravan or a camper, you can wake up to the sound of the ocean one morning and go to sleep under the stars in the desert. 


Another thing that Australia is famous for is its fantastic weather. For most of the warmer months, visitors can enjoy bright sun, long evenings, and warm weather for most of the day. While it can sometimes get too hot for some people, especially if you are from Europe, the weather, in general, is usually great. 

Multiple Festivals & Events

Australia, especially in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, is constantly having festivals and events seemingly every weekend. There is a massive music and art scene in Australia, and there are dozens of festivals and events celebrating these things across the country. 


Considering the number of islands, and Outback spots to visit, there are tons of tours for you and the family to enjoy. Especially on the many islands around Australia, including Tasmania, boat tours are a great way to see what you can’t see from the land. 

Great Barrier Reef

No family trip to Australia would be complete without visiting the mind-blowing Great Barrier Reef. Recognised as one of the natural wonders of the world, the reef is an enormous and intricate ecosystem that is home to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sea creatures.

You can explore the reef from above during a boat tour, or you can opt to snorkel, allowing you to get up close and personal with everything that calls the reef home. If you are experienced enough, you can also go scuba diving which can get you even closer to this amazing habitat. 

The Amazing Cities

When you think of a “family-friendly city”, you don’t think about a place like Las Vegas, for example. However, Australian cities are incredibly family-friendly, having everything you need for a fantastic day out. 

There are tons of theatres, restaurants, parks, museums, galleries, and a plethora of other things to see and do that will keep you and your family busy from sun up to sun down.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ideal for Camping

Even though Australian cities and tourist hotspots are very modern and packed with many world-class hotels, Australia is still perfect for those families who want to disconnect from modern life for a couple of nights and go camping. 

While you will need to take precautions against the many animals that roam the wilderness, there are thousands of breathtaking camping spots all around Australia that will be ideal for a few nights away. 

Delicious Food

Finally, if you and your family love delicious food, Australia has that covered too. Home to many of the best restaurants in the world, visitors can enjoy the freshest seafood and some of the best beef and lamb you have ever eaten. 

There are also over 2,000 wineries in the country, with some offering amazing meals to accompany a glass of wine. 

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Happy Exploring!

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