Jamberoo Action Park – A Great Family Day Out

Jamberoo Action Park big slides

Very happy twins standing in front of the Funnelweb and the Perfect Storm rides.

One of our family’s best summer days out so far these holidays has been to Jamberoo Action Park.

Jamberoo has been an annual Big Day Out for us for many years and this year’s expedition was as joyful and adventurous as ever.

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We were lucky to have a day at Jamberoo without big crowds so we didn’t have to wait for more than a few minutes for any of the rides.  Bloody marvellous!

My twins are now 10 and great swimmers so I feel quite relaxed when they run around and do rides on their own.

But we all went together to go on the new ride, the Perfect Storm, you can see it above with the tractor and bus attached.  This amazing ride has three tornado sections where you swirl around a funnel, and it’s REALLY long.

We loved it, even myself who gets quite freaked out in the dark section of water slides.

I still find the dreaded Funnelweb scarier though. Check out this mini video.


The Taipan is another of our favourites. When the kids were little they always demanded that I went on with them but they are happy to go alone now.  I still do it though, just not as many times as them.



Jamberoo Action Park

Billabong Beach

Billabong Beach, with it’s huge water playgrounds, is where we usually base ourselves. If you get there early you can grab some of the loungers in the shade. Billabong Beach is ideal for younger kids, with lots of splashing and sliding for them to do.

Jamberoo Action Park

Billabong Beach

The Rapid River is another of our family’s faves.


Banjo’s Billabong was new in 2015 and it’s also enormous and a great spot for families to picnic around.


The massive bucket splash is a kids’ favourite but it’s too wild for this old mamma.


Check out all the other rides and the fab wave beach on the Jamberoo website here.

See a park map here.


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Happy splashing!

Seana xx


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PPS Many thanks to Jamberoo Action Park for providing giveaway tickets and for hosting my family on this year’s visit.

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Posted on: January 9, 2017