Fives Adults-Only Areas at The Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort


“Are there kids charging about everywhere?” asks my mate Angie.

She’s looking for a great place to holiday in Fiji with her 17 year old daughter.

Kids club was WAY off the itinerary, as was screeching, splashing, yelling and all the other stuff that children do (quite rightly, they’re kids.)

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of adult-friendly areas at the Outrigger on the Coral Coast,” I assure her. “Fear not, missus.”

A good proportion of the Outrigger’s guests are adults, couples and groups of friends. There are five areas of the resort where they can expect peace perfect peace.

As we sipped cocktails at the adults only Kalokalo Bar recently, General Manager Peter Hopgood said:

The child-free areas cater to adults holidaying without kids, but they also enhance the experience of parents whose children are playing in kids club or with our Mei Mei nannies.’


Five Adults-Only Areas at The Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

These areas are ideal for people aged 18 and over. However, mature teenagers are welcome with their parents. For example, my friend and her daughter spent a lot of time at the Bebe Spa and at the Vahavu pool and bar.

Outrigger Fiji Kalokalo lounge

Kalokalo Cocktail Lounge and Tapas Bar

The views are sensational from this hilltop bar (it’s up high beside the Bebe Spa). The atmosphere is relaxed, yet the cocktail and wine list are opulent and expansive.

Outrigger Fiji Kalokalo lounge_1

Outrigger Fiji Food cooking class_15
Flaming a crepe, I’m not trying that at home

Ivi Restaurant

Ivi is a fine dining restaurant and not suitable for any but the most discerning older teens. It would be wasted on my two.

The multi award-winning chefs create spectacular dishes, and the service is terrific.

Outrigger Fiji Food cooking class_17
This is kokoda, a Fijian raw fish speciality – scrumptious

Outrigger Fiji General-15

Vahavu pool and bistro

Relax by the pool or swim up to the bar in this over-18s area of peace and quiet. I’ll get there one day!

Read more about the Outrigger’s restaurants and see menus here.

Bebe Spa

Bebe Spa

Perched high on the hillside and with amazing views over the coast, the Bebe Spa welcome adults and older teenagers into its haven of tranquility and ease.

Read more about Bebe Spa here. 

Outrigger Fiji Bebe Spa

Outrigger Fiji watersports
The view from the Sundowner

The Sundowner

Adults-only a la carte breakfast is served at the Sundowner. It certainly provides the best breakfast view in the resort.

Most families eat breakfast at the buffet at Vale Ni Kana restaurant which has a HUMUNGOUS selection.

But after an early morning snorkel one day, I had the best fluffy omelette with cheese, mushroom, ham and sweet pepper on the Sundowner deck. With a coffee, bloody marvellous!

Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji Sundowner Restaurant
The Sundowner at sundown – I didn’t get a daytime shot – oops

When I visited the Outrigger on a family holiday with all four kids a couple of years ago, I didn’t get to any of the adults only areas…. boo….

The recent press trip was such a joy as we ate at Ivi, enjoyed a super-relaxing two-hour treatment at the Bebe Spa (can I recommend the Fijian Polish?) and had a drink or two up high at Kalokalo.

Please don’t tell the kids!

So there you go. You can enjoy a holiday with no kids at all at the Outrigger Fiji.

And we parents can just drop the kids off with a nanny or at kids club then whizz off for some serious adult calm and cocktails, plus blissfully mature fine dining.


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Happy holiday planning!

Where shall we escape to next?



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      When I was in Fiji recently, I enjoyed seeing kids splashing and playing, but I guess I had my working blogger hat on then. I love the peace at home when they’re all at school – must enjoy whilst I can as term ends Friday.

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