Boosting Concentration: Tips for Creating a Distraction-Free Study Zone


Are you or your kids currently studying at a high school, university or another tertiary education provider such as TAFE? Are you looking for distraction-free study? It’s exciting as you learn new theories, skills and processes. It can also be draining, as studying occupies a lot of brain space, meaning that you can become tired out, and often you don’t have much time for fun activities such as socialising or relaxing by yourself. 

Because focusing on your study is quite challenging, some students can become prone to procrastination or distraction. For instance, if you have a significant assignment due, do you ever find yourself cleaning the fridge, playing a video game, or attending to some other less demanding task because the assignment is so massive that it seems impossible? However, you can boost your concentration for study in some ways and make a massive difference if you create a distraction-free study zone. This helpful article will share some tips for making your study space a place of focus instead of a distraction. Read on to find out more.

Invest in a Standing Desk

An electric stand up desk can be an excellent method to boost your concentration. Sitting down all day can quickly make you feel lethargic and unmotivated, especially during the current colder months. You may find yourself wanting a nap or an easy distraction if you sit to study all day long. You can mitigate this with a standing desk so that you can stand for some or all of the day. In addition to aiding concentration, you will also give your body a break. Sitting all day compresses your hips, back, neck and shoulders, and you can wind up stiff and sore or even injured if you sit down too long. A stand desk is a perfect antidote to this, and you’ll feel less bunched up using one.

Use Noise Cancelling Headphones

As any fellow parent will tell you, sharing a home with family means you can be prone to distraction. For instance, your brother may put on an incredible movie that you’re tempted to watch instead of studying, or your dad might mow the lawn or tinker around the house. Your mum may be on the phone or working from home, having meetings all day. The perfect way to tune out these background sounds and focus on your tasks is with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. You can put on some lo-fi beats, which are great to study with, or you could have no music at all and instead rely on noise cancellation to reduce the household noise and allow you to focus entirely. 

Schedule Your Work

Another excellent way to create a distraction-free study zone is to schedule your work around your other commitments. For instance, if you’re in charge of the daily school drop off, you should dedicate your afternoon to studying at your desk. You can even partition your study tasks. For instance, you can focus on research for an hour or two and then use the next hour to synthesise and write your ideas down. Then, the next block of time is for working on your assignment. Combining these blocks of time with a dedicated study space, such as your room or home office, boosts your focus and productivity tenfold.

Use Natural Lighting

We love natural light – our circadian rhythms are designed for us to work in the daylight and sleep during the dark evening hours. Natural light can make or break a study space, as anyone who’s worked under artificial lighting for eight hours a day knows. If possible, ensure your study zone has a window or skylight where natural light can flood in and aid your focus. If you have to study during the evening, try to get some light bulbs that mimic daylight illumination so you avoid the eye strain that studying under subpar artificial light can create. 

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy candles and kits aren’t just Mother’s Day gifts. Did you know certain scents are known to increase productivity and focus. Lavender, rosemary and peppermint are all great scents to study with. You can use an essential oil diffuser or a wax melt to create a lovely-smelling study zone. 

Keep Your Space Neat and Tidy

Nothing will distract you faster than a messy, dirty study space or home office. If your study area is cluttered or messy, spend half an hour giving it a spruce up before you sit down to study. Arrange your papers and books neatly, wipe your desk, and vacuum the floor. You’ll be able to concentrate better in a clean, neat and organised space.

A Focused Study Summary

This helpful article has shared how you can boost your concentration by creating a distraction-free study zone. Follow these tips to remain focused, engaged and productive with your study. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should help you get motivated to focus on the task at hand.

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