Deerbush Park All-Abilities Playground at Fairfield Showground

Top of our current list of must-visit playgrounds is the new all-abilities playground at Deerbush Park in Fairfield Showground. This is the first all-abilities playground to be built in the Fairfield LGA.

Deerbush Park Playground 17
Wonderful slides at Deerbush Park playground

Deerbush Park All-Abilities Playground

Address: Fairfield Showground, 443 Smithfield Road, Prairiewood 2176 (Enter via the intersection of Smithfield and Richards roads.) 

An all-abilities playground means one that welcomes all children, in fact all families, and which caters to all abilities.

Specific play equipment for disabled people includes:

  • a wheelchair-accessible roundabout
  • an accessible public toilet
  • a ground-level trampoline
  • a Liberty Swing to allow children in wheelchairs to swing in safety
Deerbush Park Playground 58
Look at that huge climber with the cool swings beneath

There is lots of other great equipment too:

  • flying fox
  • sandpit and diggers
  • wheelchair-accessible carousel
  • ground-level trampoline
  • terrific climbing frames with net and ropes
  • lovely long slide from play fort
  • bike and trike paths
  • riverbed play
  • tubes for voice play
  • sand digger

There is also a water play area that has 13 different water play activities, bubblers and squirters galore.

In Deerbush Park near to the playground you will also find picnic tables and benches, outdoor exercsie equipment for adults and plenty of space to runa round, walk, cycle and play.

The total cost for the park and playground was $6.4 million, funded jointly by Fairfield City Council, and the Federal and State governments. 

Deerbush Park Playground 74
Roundabouts are always popular
Deerbush Park Playground 13
A flying fox with a proper, safe seat
Deerbush Park Playground 7
The water play area
Deerbush Park playground map

Deerbush Park Playground Map

Deerbush Park with its all-abilities playground looks marvellous. As soon as we can, we will get over there to test drive all the new equipment and then we can add in more details and practical information about car parking, cafes etc etc.

Deerbush Park Playground 93

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