Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck: Terrey Hills Cafe + Food Emporium

How handy is this?  Here’s Forestway Fresh, a huge fresh food store, with a cafe on site which has its own playground right beside the seating area.

Forestway Fresh is a family-run food business, long-established and much appreciated by Belrose and Terrey Hills locals.

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills
Coffee! With a view over the playground

The Polistina family has been running the shop for 35 years. It is now expanded and I think this is a venue well worth travelling to; you can shop, have a meal and let the kids play, all in one location.

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

I might mention that we live and my kids go to school nearby, so I’ve been driving up Forest Way to where Mona Vale meets i and popping in for my fresh food shopping for years.

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck Terrey Hills
There’s a cute wishing well in the playground
Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills
Here’s the outdoor seating area, and some mums from my kids school, we were having a cuppa here after drop off one day
Forestway Fresh tasting Deck
How pretty is this breakfast dish; coconut sago with caramelised ginger and pineapple
Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills
Love the luscious lips seat

The Tasting Deck at Forestway Fresh

2 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills

Phone: 02 9486 3340

Forestway Fresh website is here

Opening hours: Seven days a week from 7am except some public holidays

Kitchen closes 3.30pm, coffee bar closes 4.30pm

On the menu: Breakfast has hearty dishes including a full Calabrese breakfast, omelettes, truffled salmon, porridge, crumble, asparagus with egs and more; Lunches include lots of salads, a vegan burger, barramundi, ricotta gnocchi, meatballs and peri peri chicken panini.

Kids Menu: yes, with bolognese,, salmon, salads and the usual suspetcs like burgers and chicken nuggets.

Find the full menu on the website above.

Playground: The playground is fenced alongside the car park area, however the playground and cafe are not 100% enclosed as the walkway in is open.  The playground is for children aged 2 – 12 years only.

There is a toilet block with baby change on the outside deck of the cafe.

Parking:  Free parking on site

Public Transport: Bus stop nearby

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills
Climbing frame and slides for the little ones
Forestway Fresh tasting deck terrey hills
The prettiest fruit salad in Sydney

The shop itself is laid out very beautifully. This is a very high-end grocer, with marvelous displays of fruit and veg, excellent cheeses and deli goods.

The Tasting Deck at Forestway Fresh Map

It’s so handy to be able to get in some fruit and veggies, or even a whole shop, along wth the coffee, food and natters.

Forestway Fresh Cafe meals

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