Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck: Terrey Hills Cafe + Food Emporium

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Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

Coffee! With a view over the playground

How handy is this?  Here’s a huge fresh food store, with a cafe on site which has it’s own playground right beside the seating area.

Forestway Fresh is a family-run food business, long established and much appreciated by Belrose and Terrey Hills locals.

The Polistina family have been running the shop for 35 years. It is now expanded and I think this is a venue well worth travelling to; you can shop, have a meal and let the kids play, all in one location.

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

I might mention that we live and my kids go to school nearby, so I’ve been driving up Forest Way to where Mona Vale meets i and popping in for my fresh food shopping for years.

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck Terrey Hills

There’s a cute wishing well in the playground

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

Here’s the outdoor seating area, and some mums from my kids school, we were having a cuppa here after drop off one day

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

Love the luscious lips seat


The Tasting Deck at Forestway Fresh

2 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills

Phone: 02 9486 3340

Forestway Fresh website is here

Opening hours: Seven days a week from 7am except some public holidays

Kitchen closes 3.30pm, coffee bar closes 4.30pm

On the menu: Breakfast has hearty dishes including a full Calabrese breakfast, omelettes, truffled salmon, porridge, crumble, asparagus with egs and more; Lunches include lots of salads, a vegan burger, barramundi, ricotta gnocchi, meatballs and peri peri chicken panini.

Kids Menu: yes, with bolognese,, salmon, salads and the usual suspetcs like burgers and chicken nuggets.

Find the full menu on the website above.

Playground: The playground is fenced alongside the car park area, however the playground and cafe are not 100% enclosed as the walkway in is open.  The playground is for children aged 2 – 12 years only.

There is a toilet block with baby change on the outside deck of the cafe.

Parking:  Free parking on site

Public Transport: Bus stop nearby

Forestway Fresh The Tasting Deck cafe Terrey Hills

Climbing frame and slides for the little ones

I must confess that I have only been here for coffee so far, so much return to eat with the family. And I must take some photos inside the shop as it’s laid out very beautifully. It’s a very high end grocer, with marvellous displays of fruit and veg, excellent cheeses and deli goods.

Next time!


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Posted on: March 28, 2018

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