Freshwater Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

G’day and welcome to one of my family’s very favourite local beaches here in Sydney, the delightful Freshwater Beach on the Northern Beaches.

We have twin friends who live near to Freshie and there is nothing better than a multi twin trip down here to swim and play.

Freshwater is a very beautiful and fairly big beach, with a terrific rock pool and nice little playground too, also a kiosk. It’s got the lot. .

Will we see you at Freshwater beach in the shallows or jumping into the rock pools?

Freshwater beach sydney kids families
A wide shot of Freshwater beach, seen from the north end
IMG 6283 blog
Kids running down to the beach from the car park

Freshwater Beach

Kooloora Avenue, Freshwater
Freshwater is a popular beach for young families and a favourite spot for preschoolers during the week. It is a surf beach but usually has a safe shallow area for splashing. Sometimes there are sandbars that protect parts of the beach.
Nonetheless, as ever, it is vital to swim only between the flags.

Set between two rocky headlands, Freshwater Beach feels compact and enclosed. Behind the scrub-covered dunes is a nice reserve with shaded picnic tables and electric barbecues.

Cafes: Kiosk at surf life saving club, also very close by is the lovely kiosk at Pilu, on Moore Road, lovely spot!

Toilets: Toilet block at the surf-lifesaving club and toilets at the swimming club building by the rockpool

Shade:  None on the beach

Playground: Freshwater has a small playground with BBQs and shaded tables on the reserve.

Ocean pool:Yes, at the northern end of the beach.

There is a smooth cement path through the rocky area to the pool but one needs to cross the beach to get to the start of it which is hard going with a stroller.  Otherwise you can get down to the pool from the carpark above it on Lumsdaine Drive. There are quite a few steps as you go down.

Shark net: No

Mum’s report: We love to come here early, set up camp under shade in the reserve and then trek down to the beach for a splash and swim. When the sun hots up we return to the shade to eat and play.

Freshwater Beach Parking: Large council car park at end of Kooloora Ave, it gets terribly busy in summer though especially on Sunday mornings when Nippers is on.


Here’s a short video to show you the lovely rock pool.

Freshwater 750
Looking from the rock pool over to Queenscliff
Freshwater beach sydney kids families
Path to the ocean pool
Freshwater beach sydney kids families
Playing in the rock pools by the ocean pool
Freshwater beach sydney kids families
The clear colourful waters of Freshie beach
Freshwater beach sydney kids families
The playground on the reserve – an old photo

The twinnies and I had the most sublime visit one completely glorious warm winter’s day, in September I think it was.

We threw the old wetsuits my older boys used to wear in the car, and I chucked my swimming wetsuit in too… not really intending to swim, I thought the water would be too chilly.

Freshwater beach sydney kids families
Myself and the kids swim at Freshwater Beach all through the seasons, the kids wear wetsuits in winter and warm up with all the running around

Later we went over to the gorgeous rock pool and I did a few laps. I had on my flippers and a mask and snorkel. Blimey the water was nippy at first, I had to dash up and down a few laps to warm up… then it was fine.

Freshwater beach sydney kids families
Freshwater rock pool has lanes marked and rarely has fish in it.

You have to go as fast as you can to stay warm. It gets the old heart rate up for sure.

Freshwater beach sydney kids families
Exhileration to the max… with beautiful views to boot.
Freshwater beach sydney kids families
And the best thing about Sydney’s rock pools?  No sharks!!

What’s your family favourite beach?

In Sydney, Australia… the world!??

Happy beach exploring!


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