Great Books for Little Kids

Great Books for Little Kids

Books are among the very best gifts for babies and toddlers! What’s cosier than snuggling up with your little one, a warm cup of hot chocolate, and an enchanting world of books waiting to be explored?

This holiday season, give a wonderful gift of imagination, laughter, and shared moments with your child. Embrace the magic of storytelling and create lasting memories by diving into a world of captivating tales together.

From whimsical seasonal stories that bring the magic of the holidays to life to uproarious read-aloud that will have you both giggling and empowering narratives that inspire little ones to embrace their uniqueness, this curated book guide has something for every reader in your family.

So, why not make this holiday season a celebration of shared stories, warm cuddles, and the joy of reading? It’s a gift that keeps on giving, fostering not just literacy but also a love for storytelling and cherished moments together. 

Let the pages of these hand-picked books unfold new worlds and adventures for you and your child to enjoy year-round. Happy reading and happy holidays!

Great Books for Little Kids

Books For 0-2 Year Olds

10 Things I Love About You!

Picture the joy on your little one’s face as they unwrap a book that’s not just filled with delightful images and heartwarming text but also invites them to touch and feel their way through the story. What could be more perfect?

Introducing “10 Things I Love About You!” by Danielle McLean, illustrated by Grace Habib – an adorable board book that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s not just about introducing the numbers 1 through 10; it’s a joyful celebration of a child’s love for their parents. 

image 8

Each page unfolds a new reason, from shared smiles to cosy hugs, creating a narrative that resonates with the purest moments of parenthood.

But here’s the magic: the touch-and-feel textures on the cover and throughout the book. It’s not just a story; it’s a sensory adventure for your baby. Imagine their little fingers exploring the tactile elements as you read together, creating a connection that goes beyond words.

So, this holiday season, why not gift your kids more than just a book? Give the gift of shared exploration, laughter, and precious moments with “10 Things I Love About You!” – a present that’s not just unwrapped but experienced together.

Pat The Bunny

Ever wondered how to make your baby’s first gifts truly special? 

Meet “Pat the Bunny” by Dorothy Kunhardt – a classic that’s been creating magic between parents and babies for generations. 

Now that those little hands aren’t putting everything into their mouths, it’s the ideal time to introduce this touch-and-feel masterpiece. Each page is a sensory adventure, with different textures awaiting exploration.

But here’s the magic: it’s not just about the tactile elements but the shared experience. “Pat the Bunny” isn’t just a bestseller; it’s a gateway to special first-time moments between you and your baby. 

image 7 1

As one of the best-selling children’s books of all time, it offers more than a playful engagement – it weaves cherished memories that stand the test of time.

So, this holiday season, why not gift more than just a book? Give the gift of interactive fun, shared exploration, and precious moments with “Pat the Bunny.” 

Watch as your baby’s eyes light up, their fingers dance across the pages, and your hearts connect in a way only a timeless classic can offer. It’s not just a present; it’s a journey of discovery and joy that you and your little one can embark on together.

Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel

Have you ever thought about turning storytime into a tactile adventure for your little one? Interested? Meet the updated Peter Rabbit touch-and-feel book – it’s like a journey of textures for your baby. From a rough tortoiseshell to crinkly lettuce leaves and fluffy feathers, each page brings a new surprise.

But here’s the magic: it’s not just any book; it’s a classic with Beatrix Potter’s original drawings. Simple and charming, it’s perfect for tiny tots discovering the joy of books.

So, this holiday, why not gift more than just a story? Give the gift of touch, exploration, and the timeless charm of Peter Rabbit. Imagine the smiles as your little one feels each page. It’s not just a book; it’s a delightful way to share moments and create memories. Ready for a touch-and-feel adventure?

image 9

Be Calmer, Llama!

Looking to turn your toddler’s reading time into a memorable adventure? Imagine a world where adorable, puffy llamas teach your little one not just how to count but also the magic of finding their inner calm. Can you picture the smiles already?

Enter “Be Calmer, Llama!” by Rosamund Lloyd, illustrated by Gareth Lucas – it’s not just a book; it’s a journey into mindfulness for even the tiniest tots. Five lovable llamas guide your child through simple techniques, from counting to relaxing and letting go of stress.

image 4 1

Now, here’s the fun part: these llamas are more than characters; they’re companions on a quest for calm. Whether dipping their feet into cool water or practising deep breathing, the llamas show that slowing down is not just okay; it’s the secret to having the energy to keep going.

So, this reading time, why not give more than just a story? Give the gift of relaxation, counting, and the delightful world of “Be Calmer Llama!” Watch as your child’s eyes light up, and their little mind absorbs not just words but a skill for life – finding calm within. 

It’s not just a book; it’s an unforgettable experience waiting to be shared with your little one. Ready for a llama-filled adventure in mindfulness?

123 Fish in the Sea

Dive into the ocean of learning with “123 Fish in the Sea” by Luna Parks, illustrated by Gareth Lucas – a board book that’s more than just counting; it’s an underwater adventure for your little one! Can you imagine the excitement of exploring the sea with playful fish?

image 2 2

This isn’t your ordinary number book – it’s a journey from 1 to 5, where toddlers follow a friendly fish, making new pals along the way. What makes it even more special? The numbers on each page aren’t just numbers; they’re raised and textured, perfect for those grabby little hands.

So, picture this: your child flipping through the pages, counting fish, and feeling the shapes of the numbers. It’s not just about visual learning; it’s a tactile experience, too. The underwater world comes alive with bold illustrations and a simple colour palette just right for those tiny explorers. So this holiday, give them a gift of adventure and touching with 123 Fish in the Sea.

Baby Touch and Feel: Fluffy Animals

Ever wish you could bring the zoo to your little one without worrying about nibbled fingers? Well, here’s the scoop: “Baby Touch and Feel: Fluffy Animals” by DK is the pint-sized passport to animal-petting paradise! Can you picture the excitement on your baby’s face?

Now, before you think of big, intimidating creatures, relax! This sweet board book brings the animal kingdom to your tot in a perfectly fluffy way. There are no giant elephants or towering giraffes here – just adorable, touchable animals that fit right into those tiny hands.

image 4 2

Imagine bold, bright pictures and colourful illustrations capturing your baby’s attention. It’s not just a book; it’s a visual feast for those curious little eyes. Sized just right for tiny hands, this sensory adventure is more than pages; it’s a journey into an animal wonderland.

And here’s the bonus: it’s not a “turn the pages for me” situation. Nope! This sturdy book is all about independence. Your baby can flip through the tough board book pages all by themselves, flexing those fine motor skills and building an early language foundation without needing Mom and Dad’s page-turning expertise.

So, this reading escapade isn’t just a book; it’s a hands-on, colourful, fluffy extravaganza. Ready for a touch-and-feel safari?

What Are Unicorns Made Of?

Ever wondered what makes unicorns so enchanting? Picture this: a board book filled with bright colours, a touch-and-feel cover, and even a magical pop-up at the end. Sounds like a dreamy storytime, right? Well, welcome to “What Are Unicorns Made Of?” by Amelia Hepworth, illustrated by Louise Anglicas – the perfect journey for your tiniest unicorn lovers!

Now, imagine your little one, wide-eyed and giggling as they explore the magical possibilities hidden within the pages. Are unicorn manes made of marshmallows? Do their tails really shimmer like rainbows? This delightful board book doesn’t just pose the questions; it takes your child on a whimsical adventure to discover the answers, ending with an exciting pop-up unicorn that’ll leave them in awe.

image 6 1

But here’s the real magic: it’s not just a story; it’s an interactive experience. The touch-and-feel mane on the cover invites little hands to explore even before the adventure begins. And that pop-up ending? It’s not just a finale; it’s a grand, surprising conclusion to a journey filled with magic, adventure, and a sprinkle of silliness.

So, this reading escapade isn’t just a book; it’s a vibrant, touchable, and unforgettable experience. “What Are Unicorns Made Of?” is not just a story; it’s a magical invitation for your little one to join the world of unicorns and create lasting memories. Ready for a journey into the whimsical realm of unicorn dreams?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Peekaboo Christmas

Are you ready for a holiday adventure that’s not just a story but a festive game of peekaboo? Enter “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Peekaboo Christmas” by Eric Carle – a treat for your toddler’s holiday book collection that’ll have them giggling and searching for their favourite caterpillar among the Christmas magic. Can you imagine the excitement?

Picture this: your little one, wide-eyed and grinning, exploring the Christmas tree on a mission to spot The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Is he hiding behind the presents? Maybe peeking out between the ornaments? It’s not just a book; it’s a delightful game of hide-and-seek with a holiday twist.


And here’s the sparkle: it’s shaped like a Christmas tree! How cool is that? Each page is a festive celebration featuring Eric Carle’s bright and colourful illustrations. Your child gets to join the search for the caterpillar amidst candy canes, gifts, and holiday cheer. It’s not just a story; it’s an interactive journey into the magic of Christmas.

So, this holiday reading escapade isn’t just a book; it’s a peekaboo challenge and a wonderful addition to your child’s library. Ready for a peekaboo adventure with a touch of Christmas cheer?

Little Dinosaur

Ready for a bedtime adventure that’s not just a story but a race against the clock? Meet “Little Dinosaur” by Rhiannon Fielding, illustrated by Chris Chatterton – the perfect addition to your bedtime story routine that will have your little one racing to sleep with Rumble the Triceratops. Can you imagine the excitement?

image 9 1

Imagine this: Rumble, the lively dinosaur, tearing through the jungle on a bedtime mission. Will he make it to bed on time? It’s not just a story; it’s a thrilling journey filled with muddy puddles, tropical birds, erupting volcanoes, and one fun-loving little dinosaur.

But here’s the charm: it’s not just a race; it’s a countdown to bedtime. Written specifically for those precious bedtime moments, this book combines imaginative storytelling with vivid illustrations that capture little ones’ attention while also settling them down for a good night’s sleep.

So, this bedtime reading escapade isn’t just a book; it’s a 10-minute adventure that becomes a cherished part of your bedtime routine. Ready for a bedtime race with Rumble?

Books For Toddlers

Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Everyone in Who-ville was bubbling with Christmas cheer. But hold on to your jingle bells because, up on Mt. Crumpit, there lurked a certain green grump – the Grinch! 

Now, picture this: the Grinch, not a fan of the festive fuss, hatching a plan to swipe Christmas away from pop guns to plums! Can you believe it?

But here’s the twist: Will the Grinch succeed in his merry mischief, leaving Who-ville giftless and gloomy? Or could he discover that the true spirit of Christmas is more than presents and tinsel?

image 1 1

Enter the world of Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” – a tale that’s not just a story but a holiday rollercoaster of whimsy and heart. From the quirky rhymes to the whimsical illustrations, it’s a reading experience that turns each page into a festive adventure.

So, this holiday reading escapade isn’t just a book; it’s a journey into the magic of Christmas with the Grinch. It’s not just a story; it’s a memory in the making, a tradition in the forming. Ready to unwrap the holiday spirit with the Grinch?

Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Lost Christmas!

Guess what, holiday enthusiasts? The Grinch is back in action in “Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Lost Christmas!” It’s the sequel we’ve all been waiting for! 

Imagine Seuss-inspired rhymes and colourful illustrations guiding the Grinch on a mission – this time, to win the Whoville Christmas Crown by crafting the grandest Christmas tree ever seen!

Now, hold onto your tinsel because a whole year has zipped by since the Grinch swiped Christmas. Feeling the love bug, he’s out to prove he’s changed. His grand idea? Build a tree so spectacular it’ll earn him the Christmas Crown and Who-ville’s admiration.

image 8 1

But, uh-oh, things take a twist, and suddenly, the Grinch’s heart turns a bit frosty. He even contemplates leaving Who-ville for good! Can you believe it? That is until a little Man with a big heart reminds him what Christmas is truly about.

This sequel, with its foil-enhanced jacket and vibrant illustrations, is not just a book; it’s a gift-worthy addition to any Grinch fan’s collection. It’s a tale that doesn’t just follow in the footsteps of the classic but dances to its own heartwarming rhythm.

So, this holiday reading adventure isn’t just a sequel; it’s a journey into the spirit of Christmas with a lesson that’ll resonate with kids and grown-ups alike. Ready to discover how the Grinch finds the true meaning of Christmas this time around?

Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas

Feeling the holiday blues? Well, so is Jim, the cranky monkey from the Grumpy Monkey series, in “Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas” by Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang. Imagine this: Jim, annoyed by the rain, stuck with only a green banana, and totally not vibing with Christmas cheer. Can you relate?

Now, picture the jungle creatures rallying to lift Jim’s spirits. They try everything – songs, fly pot pie, you name it – but nothing seems to cure his holiday grumps until enters the helpful gorilla, Norman, with a cup of comforting tea and a reminder to notice the good things around.

image 5 1

It’s a Christmas tale that’s not just about festive cheer but about finding joy even when everything seems a bit, well, bananas. Jim, our favourite grumpy monkey, discovers that sometimes focusing on the positives is the best reason to celebrate.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a great gift for your little one’s holiday reading collection. With its fun illustrations and a lesson about finding joy in unexpected places, “Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas” is a delightful addition to the festivities. Ready for a grump-to-glee transformation with Jim this holiday season?

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Picture this: Christmas is here, and Mr. Willowby is all set for the festivities with a grand Christmas tree. But hold on, there’s a little problem – it’s too tall! What’s Mr. Willowby to do? With a snip and a chop, off goes the top. And that’s where the magic begins!

But here’s the twist: that tree top doesn’t go to waste. It becomes a great gift that keeps on giving, spreading holiday cheer to all the animals in the forest. Now, imagine your little one’s eyes lighting up as they follow the tree’s journey from one home to another, creating a chain of festive joy.

image 3 1

This isn’t just a story; it’s a rhyming holiday classic with a heartwarming message of sharing and recycling. And guess what? It’s a great gift idea that captures the true spirit of Christmas – the joy of giving and spreading happiness to others.

So, are you ready for a festive journey with Mr. Willowby and his friends?

Santa’s Gotta Go!

Ever dreamed of having Santa Claus as a houseguest? Well, the Mack family did, but let’s just say having Santa around isn’t all sugarplums and jingle bells! Get ready for a sleigh-load of giggles in “Santa’s Gotta Go!” by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by Courtney Lovett.

Monte and Mabel’s Christmas wish comes true when Santa’s sleigh breaks down in their yard on Christmas Eve. Hooray! Santa’s staying with them until his ride gets fixed. It’s a dream come true… or is it? It turns out Santa’s not your typical houseguest. He rocks out late at night, sips spaghetti sauce from the jar, and, well, let’s just say he’s not the neatest guest in town.

But when Santa starts messing with Dad’s motorcycle and Mabel’s computer tablet, the whole family agrees – Santa’s gotta go! Now, imagine the hilarity as the family tries to figure out how on earth you kick out Santa Claus!


This isn’t just a story; it’s a laugh-out-loud holiday tale by Derrick Barnes, reminding us to be careful what we wish for and that sharing the holiday spirit might take a bit of goodwill. 

So, this holiday reading adventure isn’t just a book; it’s a reminder that even Santa Claus has his quirks. Ready for a festive journey filled with laughter and goodwill?

Unwrap the Magic of Reading Together!

As we dive into the enchanting world of holiday book gifts for little ones, we’ve uncovered treasures that promise not just stories but shared adventures, laughter, and timeless memories. 

Our carefully curated list invites you to snuggle up with your little readers, hot chocolate in hand, and embark on journeys with Grinches, dinosaurs, and even Santa Claus himself!

From the heartwarming lessons in “Mr Willowby’s Christmas Tree” to the giggles of “Santa’s Gotta Go!” and the magical allure of unicorns in “What Are Unicorns Made Of?” – these books aren’t just stories; they’re invitations to create traditions, foster a love for reading, and share joy.

So, this holiday season, let the gift of books unwrap the magic of imagination and togetherness. Our list is more than a collection; it’s a promise that these books will become a cherished part of your holiday traditions, creating memories that sparkle as bright as the season itself. 

After all, the best gifts aren’t just unwrapped; they’re experienced page by page, moment by moment.

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