Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands – Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

Holroyd Gardens is a top spot for lovers of playgrounds, a fab Merrylands park which is especially suitable for older children and teenagers.

Holroyd Gardens adventurous playgrounds
Big spiders webs and climbing towers at Holroyd Gardens
slides at Holroyd gardens playgrounds
These slides do get very hot on sunny days!

Known universally as Holroyd Gardens, this Merrylands park is officially called Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve, so let’s be official!

Holroyd Gardens merrylands
The wonderful bike track here also has an official title, the Holroyd City Road Safety Training Track
Holroyd Gardens merrylands 1
You will find heaps of space here. It’s quiet as I was there in the middle of a very hot day.

Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve

Walpole Street Merrylands 2160

There are really three play areas in this park. Little kids will first flock to their own space, a good playground especially for bold toddlers and preschoolers. It is colourful and bright and has a slide, climbing wall, roundabout and climbing frames.

Holroyd Gardens merrylands 8
There’s no shade over this playground, very welcome!
Holroyd Gardens merrylands 6
This little kids’ area isn’t completely fenced, but mostly, with just the entrance for kids to escape from
Holroyd Gardens merrylands 7
The swings are separate again

Close to this is the seriously adventurous adventure playground. Large signs warn that young children need close supervision. The playground has big forts and very long slides. This is not a playground built for young children at all and the ones who dare to try it will need careful attention and help.

Nearby is the Road Safety Training Track, a very elaborate bike track. It has a real road layout with roundabouts, road signs, pedestrian crossings, a refugee island and road humps. There are benches around the track.

There are three sheltered picnic areas with tables and electric BBQs in the park, are provided in the park.  The pretty rotunda is only available for weddings and is locked most of the time.

Nearest takeaway coffee: BYO

Toilets: Toilet block beside the car park

Shade: Yes

Enclosed: Not fully, but the playground is far from the road in a large park

Mum’s report: We enjoy it almost as much as the kids. You can spend a good half a day here, with walks and playing and the bike track.

Parking: Large free car park by the playground, entrance from Walpole Street

Nearest station: Merrylands is a 15–20 minute walk away

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Find out more about booking functions and weddings on the Cumberland Council website here.

Holroyd Gardens merrylands 5
We love this type of roundabout!
Holroyd Gardens merrylands 10

Just beyond the playgrounds is an old Brickworks, which was a hivy of industry for many years. It’s fun to walk over there and very scenic. There are ducks in the pond to look at too (no feeding with bread!!)

The boards explaining the history of the brickworks are interesting too.

Holroyd Gardens merrylands 9

You might also like to visit the Australian animals at Central Gardens in Merrylands, click here.

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  1. says: Emma Fahy Davis

    We were headed to a birthday party here today and I googled it for directions and stumbled upon your review! It was such a lovely afternoon, I wish I’d read the part about the shade BEFORE we left tho as I didn’t take hats for the girls and it was hot out there.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello Emma, thank you… yes, the lack of shade is an issue there isn’t it. And it’s that time of year when we need to remember to take hats which I haven’t had to worry about so much over the winter. Need to have my hat bag all sorted and ready to go at all times.

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