How To Make This Christmas One To Remember

Read on to learn fun and exciting ways to create a memorable Christmas experience for your family. 

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be some of the most stressful weeks of the year. But despite the chaos and stress that is often linked to this time, they can also be filled with many magical memories and plenty of laughter. 

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Take a Christmas Light Tour

No matter where you live, there is a strong possibility that someone living nearby goes the extra mile to deck them home in creative and impressive Christmas light displays. Put some warm and comforting cocoa in a thermos and bundle the family into the car to spend the evening driving around looking at the brilliant lights. 

If you live in major cities or close to famous landmarks, you won’t need to travel far to enjoy displays. At the same time, many smaller towns encourage locals to embrace the festive season and turn their neighbourhoods into showstopping events. Check local online news sites or light finder websites for a better understanding of where to go. 

Embrace the Christmas Photo

Whether it is something your family has always done or a new tradition you want to introduce, don’t shy away from the classic Christmas photo. It can be as silly or serious as you want it to be, and it is a wonderful way to capture the essence of the moment year after year. 

If you want to make it a light-hearted annual memory, choose a Christmas sweater for every member that can be as festive or ugly as you dare to go. Don’t take yourself too seriously to enjoy every aspect of the moment. 

Play Family Games

Get the family together to enjoy some friendly competition as the perfect way to end a festive Christmas day. You can pick something classic and fun like Candyland or choose a more interactive game like Twister and Pictionary. 

If your family doesn’t particularly enjoy board games, choose a seasonal puzzle to complete or head outside for a leisurely walk and time out in nature.

Homemade Christmas Fun

Christmas crafting is a fantastic way to bring the family together for holiday fun. There are so many things to make to deck your home with unique and personalised items, allowing you to embrace all aspects of this magical time. 

Make your own tree ornaments using clear, acrylic fillable ornaments, or try your hand at beaded and clay designs. Challenge your family to the ultimate gingerbread house-building competition by purchasing kits from your local supermarket, or go the extra step and make every element from scratch. 

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Read a Christmas Story

Reading a magical festive story, perhaps while setting up the nativity scene, is a wonderful tradition that can be started with young kids and can be carried through the years. It can help you focus on the true meaning of the season or simply be a yearly tradition of reading your favourite holiday book during your favourite time of year. 

Alternatively, you can create a small book advent for your kids to open during the 10 or 12 days leading up to Christmas, giving you a new holiday book to read each night. While children are small, they are unlikely to remember the books from year to year, so feel free to wrap them up once the holidays are over in preparation for next year. 

Christmas Movie Marathon

As the festive season begins, sit down with the family to choose your favourite Christmas movies for the season, and choose one to watch every night together. It is a brilliant way to rewatch seasonal favourites and feel-good festive films and brings the family together for a relaxing evening amidst the chaos this time of year. 

Depending on how many films you choose, use it as an unofficial advent countdown to the big day, leaving your ultimate movie for Christmas Eve night. Your home will not be short of festive cheer. 

Deck the Halls

One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to tackle to holiday decorating as a family. Turn your home into a holiday wonderland with good cheer and plenty of festive fun. Set your table using lots of lively colours, a stylish table runner and appropriate centrepieces to create the perfect dining experience for your Christmas day meal. 

When decorating your tree, everybody has their own method. Some want to create a scene fit for a fairytale book. In contrast, others prefer to use family ornaments that have been passed from generation to generation and carry plenty of sentimental meaning and many memories. Regardless of what your family prefers, use it as a time to share stories and welcome the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Share the Love

Some things are better shared with neighbours, friends or your local community. Look at ways to include those around you in some of your family traditions to enjoy the experience tenfold. This can be through Christmas Carolling around the neighbourhood, looking at places to volunteer or donating to your favourite charities.

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