Inspiring Reads: 7 Books to Ignite a Love for Reading in Kids

There’s a sense of empowerment when physically holding a book and flipping through its pages, regardless of age. When we read to infants right from the start, it has a positive and enduring impact on brain development. The evidence supporting this is abundant, although I cannot possibly mention it all here. Even as a beginner reader, the words that have been spoken to my daughter through books in the past 5 years have laid a strong foundation for literacy. It’s important for children, whether they are little or older, to gain from having a book read aloud to them or dedicating time to reading every day. Storytime holds a special and somehow sacred place.

Books Kids Love Reading

Best Books for Children to Falling Love Reading

#1 Any book by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, an acclaimed English author of children’s books, gained prominence with her masterpiece, The Gruffalo. She held the prestigious title of Children’s Laureate from 2011 to 2013. My husband, a native of the United Kingdom, introduced me to her captivating works. Her stories exude unparalleled creativity, brought to life by equally gifted illustrators. Among our cherished Julia Donaldson titles are Zog, The Singing Mermaid, and a personal favorite of mine.

Reading doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a trunk full of books. You can install a story-reading app on your smartphone and read at any time. This is the best way to instill a love of reading in both children and adults. Make it a rule, when you have free time, to open a novel app on your smartphone and read a book. Personally, I use FirstionMe novels online for reading, and so far everything is fine. A lot of books, convenient sorting, and a simple interface are the main things.

#2 Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly

Kids, hang on tight to your space helmets! We’ve got an enchanting story that will take your imagination soaring into outer space. This extraordinary picture book is a must-have for aspiring astronauts aged 3 to 6. Join Meteor, a brave little mouse, as he embarks on a thrilling adventure aboard a spaceship. With engaging illustrations and a touch of humor, this book takes young readers on an exhilarating journey that combines entertainment with educational value. Buckle up and prepare to glide among the stars – it’s a celestial experience that will leave children wide-eyed and eager for more! 3… 2… 1… Blast off!

#3 Peekaboo Love

Little learners can be introduced to reading through the use of board books. Peekaboo Love guarantees delight with its slider mechanisms, allowing for pushing, pulling, and turning. Although aimed at babies and toddlers, it also appeals to primary-age students, particularly on its final page. The entire series awaits those children who adore playing peekaboo!

#4 The Magic School Bus

Younger grades absolutely adore these books, making them a definite winner. If your children are fans of the Magic School Bus show, then they’ll undoubtedly fall in love with these hidden gems. I only discovered them a few months ago myself, thinking there were only picture books available. But lo and behold, there are these incredible chapter books tailor-made for kids aged 7 and above.

Allow Miss Frizzle to whisk you away on an adventure and unravel the wonders of the world around us. These books effortlessly blend excitement and education into one captivating experience.

#5 The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting Sherwood Forest, where the legendary adventures of Robin Hood unfold. This timeless tale of bravery and mischief is perfect for 9 to 11 year olds who are eager to join the noble outlaw, Robin Hood, and his merry band as they outsmart the cunning Sheriff of Nottingham. With every page, you’ll root for these fearless heroes as they pursue their noble cause. Sharpen your arrows, tighten your bowstrings, and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with bravery and camaraderie!

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#6 Star Wars Yoda One for Me

This recently released title is a collection of messages and illustrations, making it a delightful gift for any Star Wars fans in your life. Although I haven’t personally watched the series and may not grasp all the references, I can still appreciate its appeal. Additionally, its pocket size adds to its charm. If you get inspired by a book, you can try to come up with a sequel yourself. For this purpose, there is an AI novel tool that helps you creatively play with your ideas and quickly compose a book. Perhaps this will give your child a start in the field of creativity.

#7 Little People, Big Dreams

Maria Isabel Sánchez Vergara’s Little People, Big Dreams books exemplify the remarkable lives of trailblazers in diverse fields including athletics, art, science, and social activism. These books stand out not just for their notable protagonists, but also for their portrayal of the subjects’ childhood experiences. Each story showcases how these extraordinary individuals triumphed over hurdles to achieve something truly remarkable. The series encompasses renowned figures like Stevie Wonder, Greta Thunberg, Zaha Hadid, and Mother Teresa. Explore our collection, including the Little People Big Dreams Inspiring Artists and Writers Gift Set, as well as individual titles.


Parents must instill a love of reading, otherwise the child will be less likely or much later to turn to literature. Books develop personality and improve thought processes, so they have very tangible benefits. Don’t be afraid if at some point you have to force us to read a book, because we also don’t immediately grasp the essence and it’s difficult to start some work.

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