Jellybean Pool at Glenbrook in the Lower Blue Mountains: Beaut Swimming + Beach

Jellybean Pool is a divine spot for a day trip from Sydney or when staying in the Blue Mountains.

This is a such a family friendly place, having a good sized area of beach, some shallow water and plenty space to swim too.

jellybean pool
Jellybean Pool, that’s me swimming in the deeper section

And it’s just a very short (but steep) 200 metre walk down from the car park.

jellybean pool blue mountains national park
Look at all that lovely sandy beach area, great for playing

So, where is Jellybean Pool?

Well, the pool is in the Blue Mountains National Park, 2km in from the Glenbook Entrance.

Here’s the map to have a look at:


(People sometimes Google Glenbrook National Park, but in fact this is part of the Blue Mountains National Park.

jelly bean pool blue mountains
This rocky area is straight across from the beach. There are large signs saying the water is too shallow to jump in and it certainly was when we were there. Dangerous! But I’ve seen video of people jumping in from there when the water was deeper.

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Read more about Wild Swimming Sydney on this post.

jellybean pool
The water around the beach is shallow and excellent for little kids to splash and play in

Jellybean Pool Dangers

If you have young children who cannot swim then you will have to stay right beside them. There is lots of very deep water in Jellybean Pool and it would be easy to get into danger.

If your children are good swimmers then you’d still want to swim with them for the longer swims, I think. My son and I really loved a long swim together side by side. It was an adventure and felt as if we’d miraculously transported to the Northern Territory, but without the croc concerns.

Getting To Jellybean Pool

Glenbrook is the first town in the Blue Mountain. You reach it very quickly after crossing the Nepean River when the M4 turns into the A32.

The road starts to climb into the mountains and very quickly there’s clear signing for Glenbrook and the Blue Mountains National Park Glenbrook entrance.

I did need to use Google maps to navigate the short distance through Glenbrook to the National Park entrance.

Remember you need to have annual National Parks membership or else pay a day use fee.

jellybean pools road in
Once in the Blue Mountains National Park the road winds steeply down and down

You can park at the Entrance and take the Jellybean Track down to the pool. For us it was a hot day and swimming was the lure.

There’s a main Jellybean Pool car park plus an overflow car park before it.

We went on a quiet mid week afternoon. Warning! The Jellybean Pool can get VERY BUSY.  Go early on warm weekend days and school holidays. Go VERY EARLY, if at all, on public holidays as it would be terribly hectic.

jellybean pools glenbrook
The steps down to the pool start right here at the car park
Jellybean Pool Glenbrook
There are steps most of the way down to the pool
jellybean pool
View of the beach from above. The main pool is to the right and there’s a smaller part of the pool to the left too. It kind of looks like a very elongated jelly bean…. sort of… not really.
jellybean pool blue mountains
Joyfully uncrowded on the day we went
jellybean pool
We had a little swim in this pretty section to the left
Jellybean Pool Glenbrook
There’s a long, long section of pool to the right with huge rocks to climb on

You could stay at this lovely spot all day if you took a picnic. It’s a lovely destination in its own right.

It’s also a top spot to stop on a drive beyond the Blue Mountains, as was the case for us.

So we had to press on. The walk back to the car park is steep… but short.

jellybean pool swimming spots blue mountains
The walk back will warm you up!

So, there you go, Jellybean Pool is a delightful place to go swimming in the Blue Mountains.

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NB:  If you fancy a swim in a normal pool after your Jellybean Pool dip then head over to:

Glenbrook Swim Centre

Address: Fletcher St & Wascoe Street, Glenbrook NSW 2773

Myself and my son really loved our swim at Jellybean Pool and we’ll be back, taking the GoPro and my better cameras next time!

Happy exploring!

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