The Jibbon Beach Loop Track at Bundeena in the Royal National Park, with Kids

Jibbon Beach Loop Track in Bundeena -in the Royal National Park- is not for beginners, although it is not a really strenuous hike.

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 1

The scenery is unbeatable in a clear day. Look at the photos! You will feel totally invigorated after the walk.

Jibbon Beach Loop Track in Bundeena

1 Neil Street, Bundeena NSW 2230

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 3
The route that is described in this article is the one that includes the following sections: 1) beginning of Jibbon Beach to Aboriginal Engravings, 2) from the Aborigianl Engravings to Port Hacking Point, 3) from Port Hacking Point to Shelley Beach and 4) from Shelley Beach to Jibbon Beach. Note: we didn’t take the Jibbon Head Trail on the way back

All you need to know about Jibbon Beach Loop Track

Jibbon Beach Loop Track starts at the entrance of the beach via the short pathway that can be accessed from Neil Street in Bundeena. Jibbon Beach is the most eastern beach at Pork Hacking.

Bundeena has four beaches and this is -without doubt- one of the most beautiful ones. Jibbon Beach is part of the Royal National Park.

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 2
You don’t need to do the whole track to enjoy stunning views of Cronulla. This photo was taken from the beginning of Jibbon Beach

Many years ago, the Jibbon headland in Royal National Park was home to the Dharawal people. The word Jibbon (derived from the Dharawal word djeebahn) means sandbar at low tide, which is very interesting because the Jibbon Beach is quite long.

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 5
Little children might find the walk a bit long, but the track has lots of different elements to discover along the way, like the aboriginal engravings that can be found after Jibbon beach or the amazing rock shapes of Shelley Beach

Jibbon Beach is not patrolled. Although the waters are usually quite calm, a few meters out, it is quite deep. This is why you might see boats that are anchored off close to the beach.

The track includes a very ancient site of rock engravings. Although some engravings are difficult to distinguish, the viewing platform with explanatory signs provide excellent information to learn about the Dharawal, the Aboriginal that used to live in South and South-West Sydney.

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 7

From the main track, a sidetrack takes you to a long boardwalk that ends with the mentioned viewing platform.

You might find contradictory information regarding the difficulty of Jibbon Beach Loop Track. If I would have to rate it, I would say that it is “moderate”. Therefore, my advice is:

Only choose this track, if you have already done some hikes with your children before.

On Hello Sydney Kids, you can find plenty of information of easier tracks. You can read a compilation of Sydney’s best family-friendly bush, parks and beach walks here.

Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 9
Port Hacking Point is truly spectacular. But, keep a close eye on your children, as there are some clifts and narrow sections from Port Hacking Point to Shelley Beach

Important things to know about the Jibbon Beach Loop Track:

  • The total circuit is around 5km starting from Bundeena (1km less, if you start from Jibbon Beach).
  • The shade is limited, so wear hats or/and put some sunscreen on.
  • Check weather forecast and be aware that weather conditions can change.
  • Stay always on track.
  • Walking tracks in NSW National Parks are not always well maintained; so make sure that you know where you are going before starting your adventure. Some sections of the Jibbon Beach Loop Track are quite exposed. There are not warning signs.
  • There is no tap water along the circuit. Pack plenty of water, snacks and a first aid kit.
  • There are no toilets. The closest ones are in Bundeena.
  • Wear enclosed shoes.
  • Snakes have been spotted on this track.
  • Pack your swimmers! (Note: Jibbon Beach and Shelley Beach are unpatrolled).
Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 6
Jibbon Beach Loop Track is mostly flat and quite easy until you find the Aboriginal engravings. The  section that leads to Shelley Beach is more difficult

Highlights of the Jibbon Beach Loop Track:

  • Aboriginal rock engravings and shell midden.
  • Beautiful seaside cliffs.
  • Amazing views of Cronulla and Port Hacking.
  • Great place to spot whales during the whale season.
  • Kangaroo footprints (or you might even see one!).
  • Stunning vegetation.
Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 8
  • Amazing sandstone rock formations in Shelley Beach.
Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 10
  • And, very colourful coral and seashells in Shelley Beach.
Bundeena Jibbon Beach walk 14

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We did the Jibbon Beach Loop Track in autumn and it was definitively one of the best day trips of 2017! It is one of those excursions that helped us to clear out the cobwebs of our minds. Plus, it was great exercise.

What do you do to clear your cobwebs? Do you have a preferred destination or walk that you might like share? We would love to hear your suggestions.

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