More Dangerous But Fun- Jumping off Moona Moona Creek Bridge

So this summer we’ve all been at it, leaping with gay abandon off this bridge into the creek below.

Is anything more fun in this entire universe?

Bridge jumping is an activity which has stood the test of time.

Even Rusty Rocket, aged all of five was flinging himself off good style.

With my wee waterproof camera in hand, I filmed people jumping and then took myself and the camera for a jump off the bridge.  Here are the results, Just A Minute Movies strikes again.  

Next year we might even try the spectacular backflips you see about 40 seconds in.

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Are you a bridge jumper?

Would you, could you off a bridge?

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Posted on: January 15, 2012


  • Reply January 15, 2012


    In my heart I am jumping off that bridge making a huge splash, in reality, I’m sitting nervously on the side… oh I think I got old!

    • Reply January 17, 2012


      Making the leap does strip the years away – but only briefly! I am so much more nervous about jumping than my boys are. I do love their derring-do, but wish they were less active and daft when inside houses. They were born for living in tents those boys.

    • Reply October 30, 2017


      Haha!! I’m like ” at least i’m not the only one” lol

  • Reply January 18, 2012


    Oh I love hearing your accent Seana – I just got a pang for Scotland 😉
    So cool that you let them do this. I love seeing kids getting to the same things we did rather than being wrapped in cotton wool.
    Nice video work too. Am envious of your camera!

    • Reply January 18, 2012


      ps we’re not going to see any bath vlogs are we? ;-P

    • Reply January 18, 2012


      The camcorder isn’t going to last long, I fear. I got it at a charity silent auction, very handy.

      • Reply January 18, 2012


        We’d need a lot of bubble bath!!
        I will do more vlogs on my new blog ( which I started yesterday and managed to crash completely at 7.30am this morning in bed whilst trying to fiddle with the CSS something… NEVER again!!

        Great hopes that it can be resuscitated easily… I have broken my new toy with my lack of techiness. Boo hoo.

  • Reply January 21, 2012


    If its the Moona Moona Creek bridge I know and love (and, let’s face it, how many could there be!), you would break your neck at low tde! But how well I remember doing this very same jump at high tide as a teen. x

    • Reply January 21, 2012


      Hello, hello! Come back to Moona Moona! The teenagers are still plummeting at their peril. The water under the bridge must be deeper these days as it’s still OK at low tide on the east side, but my feet would touch the sandy bottom. High tide much better! Gets the old heart rate up, both doing it and watching my kids leap.

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