More Dangerous But Fun- Jumping off Moona Moona Creek Bridge

Moona Moona Creek Bridge is made for leaping off. The Council have a sign saying not to, that it’s dangerous, but lots of people still do, leaping with gay abandon off this bridge into the creek below.

Is anything more fun in this entire universe?

Bridge jumping is an activity which has stood the test of time.

Even Rusty Rocket, aged all of five when this video was made, was flinging himself off good style.

With my wee waterproof camera in hand, I filmed people jumping and then took myself and the camera for a jump off the bridge.  Here are the results, Just A Minute Movies strikes again.  

Next year we might even try the spectacular backflips you see about 40 seconds in.

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Are you a bridge jumper?

Would you, could you off a bridge?

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