Northbridge Baths – Sydney Harbour Pools

How much fun has my family had at Northbridge Baths over the years???

Northbridge Baths Sydney

It’s a great little spot, much loved by local families and it was a home away from home for us for the years we lived close by.

Northbridge Baths Sydney North Shore swimming
View from the western side of the walkway around the Baths – divine

We’ve moved further away now, but we still visit every summer.  Now that all my kids swim well, it’s becomes an almost-relaxing place to visit.

I still have to keep a close eye on them but it’s great to be able to swim around with them, jump off the boardwalks etc etc   

NB People might called this place Northbridge Beach, but it’s properly called Northbridge Baths.

Northbridge Pool
You can see the change rooms on the right hand side and the beach as it is at low tide

The one downside to Northbridge Baths is the steep hill down from the car park… and the lack of a cafe is sad too.

It’s pretty hard going with a stroller, by the way, especially on the way back to the carpark, but worth it.

Northbridge Baths Sydney
Here you can see one end of the 50m lap section

Anyway, here are the updated details.

Northbridge Baths

Widgiewa Road, Northbridge 2063
Phone: 9958 7915

Northbridge Baths Opening Hours: Baths open all year round 24 hours a day.  Toilet blocks opened approximately 6am – 6pm.

Northbridge Baths is an enclosed area of beach and water in calm and scenic Middle Harbour. Surrounded by bobbing yachts and wooded slopes, the baths are enclosed by a wooden boardwalk.

There is a good area of shallow water for children to run and splash about in, then deeper waters with marked lanes and a diving area.

Northbridge Baths Sydney North Shore swimming
The eastern end of the 50 m laps section

There is a large area of beach for playing plus an extensive grassy area. Tables, chairs and sun-loungers are set out under shade and there is plenty of space to sit on the stepped terrace seating by the beach. There are gas barbecues.

NB: The baths are unsupervised so you do need to keep a very close eye on the kids.

NB 2: Best not to swim for three days after heavy rain… council also says to check water quality when you visit. It’s usually good but like all Sydney’s beaches avoid after rain.

Cafe: No, sadly, there used to be one when you paid to enter, but no longer

Toilets: Large change room with benches, toilets and hot showers

Shade: Plenty on grassy areas from shadecloth and trees

Playground: No, but grassy space to kick a ball

Mum’s report: Lots and lots of space for the kids to run around and play makes this a great spot to meet up with friends

Extras:  The Northbridge Amateur Swimming Club welcomes swimmers for their many squads and races, see all the info in the comment below.

Northbridge Baths Parking: Free carpark on Widgiewa Road, just above the baths. It’s a steep walk down! Can be hard to park on sunny days and public holidays. Go early or late, or in middle of day when little kids have gone home to sleep.

Northbridge Pools jumping in
Leaping in is a great joy whatever your age
Northbridge Baths Sydney North
The views around Middle Harbour are another delight of Northbridge Baths

Northbridge Baths Map

Have you visited Northbridge Baths?  

Is there another baths or rock pools that is a special place for your family?

Northbridge Baths Sydney North
Whee! In he goes!
Northbridge Baths Sydney North
The grassy and shaded areas, rather busy here
Northbridge Baths Sydney North Shore swimming
Our family has played many games of cricket here
Northbridge Baths Sydney North Shore swimming
And cricket has been played here too. This is low tide, plenty of space to dig holes and build sandcastles

PS There’s a terrific playground in Northbridge that is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, the fully fenced John Roche Playground in Northbridge Park, click here to read all about it!

Check out our Sydney Big Beaches Map showing all the beaches detailed on this website, on a map and then listed by area. Find the Sydney Beaches Map here.

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    1. says: Seana Smith

      I’m sure it is, especially in winter, they only used to charge in summer. Always good to check council website though, it’s a long way down to find out it’s all closed up!

  1. says: Jane Whitelaw

    March update – still free, still hot showers, swimming club run the kiosk saturday mornings. There are also 2 bbq’s, Its 50meters in the lap section for those wanting to practice for swimming carnivals.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thank you Jane that is great to read! Thank you very much for keeping the post current. Swimming laps there is so good.

  2. says: Keith Johnson

    Hi Seana
    It was great to see this site. When I was a young boy in the late 40’s and 50’s (now 77) we would walk from Willoughby through Castelgrag and across the mud flats west of the baths to get there. A schoolmate and his family lived in the boatshed next door to the baths which I see is still there. Somtimes we would ride our bikes down the steep hill to the entrance of the baths.
    We had such great times at the baths especially when the diving tower was in the eastern corner. And we swam in the swimming races organised by members of the club.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Lovely to hear from you Keith and to hear your happy memories of Northbridge Baths.

      Have you heard of the book ‘The Memory Pool,’ by Therese Spruhan. It’s a collection of stories about childhood pools by all sorts of people, collected by Therese, who writes her own story of her childhood spent at Northbridge.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I don’t actually know. North Sydney Countil should have that info on their website, I am sure it will. I can’t remember seeing dogs there though and have been many times.

  3. says: Nancy Axe.

    I was brought up in Northbridge. Spent all Saturdays in the summer at the baths. This was in the 1950s and 60s. Learnt to swim there when I was 9 years paddle only. My 2 children also learnt to swim there as we lived in Cammeray.

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