West Esplanade Beach at Manly

Myself and the kids have had such great times down at West Esplanade Beach at Manly over many years. It’s so beautiful and has so many things to do.

It’s the epitome of summer fun in Sydney for us.

For anyone who was brought up in a small, chilly Scottish village or town like I was, Manly is just divine, it’s like being on holiday any day you go there.

Manly Pier from West Esplanade beach
beach aquarium

 West Esplanade Beach Manly

Look, don’t take my word for it, just pop down there on a sunny day and see for yourself.

Yes, yes, I know the ocean beach at Manly is spectacular, that Shelly Beach is sheltered and divine too, that Little Manly Cove is a small treasure of a beach.

But do give West Esplanade a go, especially after a visit to Manly Surf n Slide.

Cafe: Yes, there’s a cafe at the west side, plus heaps on the Ferry Wharf.

Toilets: At Manly Wharf and also at the westernmost end, there are change rooms and toilets in a beautiful art deco building near Manly Art Gallery.

Shark Net: Yes, large netted area.

Shade: Not much on beach until afternoon, plenty on reserve.

Mum’s Report:  What is is about watching the Manly Ferry that amuses my kids so much??  They love to see it come in and out and that punctuates our lazy days down here.

I love to swim in the netted baths area, they love to dig holes in the sand. And fish and chips for tea for the kids, sushi for me, ice creams all round, lovely.

Extra: Read all the fun things to do at Manly with kids on this post.

Parking: Terrible! Street parking for the fortunate few and then try the council carparks or Esplanade Car Park.

Bus Stop: Yes

Ferry: Manly ferry stops at the Wharf nearby.

Read about the history of the pool at West Esplanade on this article. The photo below is from the Northern Beaches Council Local History Image collection.

Extra: If you like a sharkproof pool then do also have a look at this post on Fairy Bower pool on Manly’s ocean side.

manly cove webtile
Looking east towards the ferry and jetty

Try it, you’ll love it!

Thanks for reading!


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