Family Fun at Jervis Bay – Moona Moona Creek, Huskisson

Families with young children listen up!  Moona Moona Creek is where you need to be.

Quick, grab your buckets and spades and dash to the car. Drive immediately to Moona Moona Creek.  You won’t regret it!

Moona Moona Creek kayak 1
Kayaking with kids at Moona Moona Creek which lies between Huskisson and Vincentia

For at Moona Moona Creek, you will find safe, shallow waters, usually crystal clear, and soft, soft sand.

For young children, this is the best introduction to the lovely waters of Jervis Bay. And it’s a wonderful place to make happy childhood memories.

The four Smith children have spent so many happy hours here, and as they grow up there are more places to explore.

Nowadays they all charge around pretending to shoot each other in the sand dunes, and our Giant Teenager loves to join the local teens in leaping off the bridge.

Moona Moona satellite
Moona Moona Creek lies between the towns of Huskisson and Vincentia.

There are acres of sand at low tide, it is excellent for kayaking at high tide, Moona Moona has many moods and many different aspects.

There’s also a small playground, toilets, changing rooms, and it’s on the walkway between Huskisson and Vincentia.

Here’s a little 30-second video showing the joys of Moona Moona Creek.

Moona Moona 5
The tide getting low at Moona Moona Creek

Moona Moona 6
Gorgeous colours as the tide comes in

Jumping Off Moona Moona Bridge

Iona jumps2

Leaping from the bridge over Moona Moona Creek is a time-honoured tradition, and a bit of a rite of passage too.

Dexter dives
The drop looks huge when the tide is lower. This is one of my teenagers – eek

The Council has put a sign up which could not be more clear.

‘Jumping or diving off this bridge is prohibited.’

And I do understand that they have to say that.

But for me and my kids, it is compulsory to leap from the bridge… no holiday would be complete without that.

The water is always deep on one side.

Jumping from the bridge at Moona Moona Creek is not safe, of course not. But kids love to take risks and this is a fairly acceptable way to do so. Teenagers like to take even more risks…. I did say to Teen15 that diving as he did in the picture above was a bit too much – so then he did backflips instead. He got away with it, luckily.

Seana jumps
And here’s me leaping off the bridge too.

The council’s sign reminds me of when the council took away the springy diving board from the sublime Northbridge Baths in Sydney’s Middle Harbour.   A shame, a shame.

I take responsibility for my kids and if they have an accident, I know the responsibility will be 100% mine.

Jumping Off The Moona Moona Bridge Video

For my four children, Moona Moona Creek has provided a place to splash in the shallows and to build sandcastles, to play cricket and footy and then to become much more adventurous as they grow up. This truly is a little slice of family heaven.

Moona Moona Creek Map

Have you had fun at Moona Moona Creek with your kids?

Where are your children creating wonderful childhood memories?


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