North Narrabeen Rock Pool – Swimmers At Sunrise – Photos Taken For My Course

North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0041 copySo here are the final photos of North Narrabeen Rock Pool which I used as a project on my design and photography course. What do you reckon?  The photos above and below use a long shutter speed and the camera is on a tripod, of course. All of the photos have been edited, but not a huge amount.  We are using Adobe Camera Raw to edit in at the moment. I do find this course really pretty hard… but also very stimulating. Can feel the old brain crunching, creaking and groaning.  Fantastic! Anyway, here they all are.  I called this series:

Swimmers at Sunrise

North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0001 North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0090 copy North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0106 North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0017 copy North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0019 copy North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0044 North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0064 copy North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0132 North Narrabeen sunrise_0106_0134_1Do the photos make you want to dash down there for a dip? Do you have a favourite?

All the information you need for a visit to North Narrabeen Beach and Rock Pool is here – click over and check it out!

Here’s to sunrises and sunsets too.

Here’s to the beauty of Sydney, and having space and time in life to truly enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us.

Have a great weekend.


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    1. says: Seana Smith

      Seriously just a beginner… but keen to learn. I got a Distinction for the photos and was so pelased with that. We then had to put the photos into a brochure and I must pop that up soon, just to show the stuff the course teaches. I know heaps of people are interested in taking better photos and in design, so will keep sharing as I go. Thanks for your comment.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, me too… and I couldn’t remember really taking that one, I was focussed on the pool … and getting cold… must get downthere again. I bet it looks lovely every morning.

  1. says: Michele

    Wow, these are beautiful photos! If the wind wasn’t howling outside, I’d want to go down there myself for a swim. I particularly love the second one with the swimmer doing laps.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thanks Michele, that wind really is howling right now, it blows our door open. We must go for a coffee sometime, we’re neighbours!

  2. says: stephanie@stephsjoy

    Love the one of the clouds. We get up early enough for a sunrise, but way too cold at the moment to dash to the beach!

  3. says: Johanna

    Wow top marks Seana! Yes, they do make me want to don swimmers and dash down there. I am seriously impressed with your photographic know-how. Loved all of them.

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