Pony Rides for Preschoolers in Sydney

Have your children been asking if you could find them some pony rides in Sydney? There are many places where you can find pony rides for kids.

In many ways, it is the one that is closest to you which generally works out best.

NB If you are thinking about a birthday pony party, check out this article about great places around Sydney that offer these.

But before I suggest how you go about finding pony rides near you, here’s the story of my twins having their first riding experiences.

The twins had been asking to go for a pony ride for quite a while. I was keen too as I loved riding horses and ponies when I was a kit. 

So I called around our local horse riding centres and asked how we could go about getting them in the saddle, just for a try. 

It was a damp and drizzly day when we went to the stables, but that didn’t daunt the enthusiasm of the kids, who were five at the time.

The advice from our local stables was that the twins start just with a simple pony ride, being led around by me on a pony which was ‘as safe as a comfy sofa.’

So they were hoisted aboard a very pretty pony and I led them around the riding school for 15 minutes only.  That was plenty for them.

The riding school’s advice is to do a few pony rides then when they get bored start them on proper riding lessons.

I don’t think there are any age limits, you’ll even find pony rides for toddlers if you ask around. On very safe ponies!


So here’s a wee section on pony riding Sydney top spots.

Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre is probably Sydney’s best known riding centre.  We’ve never had a ride around Centennial Park so I am definitely adding that to the list of family things to do in 2012.ourselves but have been meaning to for many years!

There are three riding schools within the Centre, check them out here.

The NSW branch of Australian Horse Riding Centres has lists of accredited stables in Sydney and around the state.

The national body Australian Horse Riding Centres website can be found at and has details of stables across Australia.

Of course, another good place to find pony rides for kids is at local fairs and fetes and school fiestas. There are often quiet ponies at those places, we’ve seen them at local markets too.

My daughter having a ride at a market

More serious horse riding for kids and proper horse riding lessons will also be found using the two centres above. Just check out the websites.

sydney pony rides
My wee lass went to a pony party one, what a thrill!

And finally, for your delectation, here’s a picture of the soft, warm, fuzzy nose of the pony.

How pretty is this pony?

Noses are my very favourite bits of all hooved beasts, so lovely to nuzzle.

I really think that pony riding is so great for children, a thrill and also teaching them to be kind, gentle and sometimes firm too.

Do you have pony-mad children?  

Can you add any advice for other families looking to ride off into the sunset?

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