Should You Get a Bidet, or Should You Pass?

If you are wondering whether to install a bidet the next time you renovate your bathroom, then this article is for you.

Have you ever been to a washroom before and witnessed a peculiar wash basin right next to your toilet? Or, you raised your hand to reach for the paper towels but found a couple of switches instead. There weren’t any paper rolls you could use, and you pressed the buttons with confusion, but the next moment you jumped right up, puzzled because you realized there’s a nozzle below you, spraying lukewarm water to your bum. Yes, that’s a bidet. Sorry to make it this weird, but this was my experience when I first encountered one. Yes, you may make fun of me, but there aren’t many instances for me to experience a bidet toilet in Australia.

Now that you know what a bidet is, I still owe a proper explanation. A bidet is a bowl that is designed to wash oneself after bowel movements. Don’t cringe; we all are adults here. The ones with the latest technologies come with a water supply connected to them and a drainage system for the water to pass through. 

There have been debates and arguments about bidet installations for quite some time now. Most people don’t know how to use one or even why to get one in the first place. Asking or talking about them is too embarrassing, and all these divided opinions have only made talking about them even harder. Despite all the issues, there are several reasons for getting one, and the most vital one is for maintaining proper hygiene down there.

A Bit of History.

Bidets have been around for over 300 hundred years now. There wasn’t any record of an inventor for them, but it first appeared in the 17th century in France. As time passed, people worldwide started to use it as a standard in their bathrooms, but there are still a few places that have yet to catch on – like in America!

Benefits of Using a Bidet. 

Wiping your butt after bowel movement just with paper rolls is so ancient. In this modern era, it has been proved that the importance of bidets to regulate basic hygiene is unrivaled. Besides, there are a few more reasons why bidets are a necessity.

Bidets help to get rid of the painful experience of cleaning yourself if you have hemorrhoids. Just use a bidet and forget wiping and hurting yourself for once and for all. Moreover, it helps to keep the area way cleaner than tissue papers, thus preventing rashes and infections.

Also, with the latest toilet paper hoarding situation news, you will never have to worry about running out of toilet paper if you have a bidet.   

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Bidets.

Just because something is not popular in your country doesn’t mean that it is bad. Most people who despise bidets don’t even have a real reason other than saying bidets are weird.

The Stigma.

There isn’t a proper reason for people in some places to have a stigma against using bidets. The idea of using one may scare them to death, but little do they know about what they have been missing out on. Bidets not only just clean you and make you feel fresh as a daisy, but also they are far more environmentally friendly. Apart from these, using bidets help prevent certain diseases as well.

Too Cold or Too Hot.

You might not know this, but thanks to science, all modern bidets have temperature-controlled features. They spray warm water according to your preference and have heated seats. These bidets come with remote controls which allow you to adjust the temperature to ensure maximum comfort. Warm water helps your muscles to relax while cleaning thoroughly – something those wipes or toilet paper could have never done.

The Water Used Comes from The Tank and is Impure.

It’s funny that people used to think that. The water that comes out from a bidet is stored in a shut-off valve next to the toilet. This water never reaches the toilet tank, and a bidet will never draw water from a tank. Come on, why on earth will the manufacturer ever think of doing something like this.

Toilet Papers are Better and Cheaper.

You need to wipe multiple times with paper rolls after using the toilet to feel “clean,” and you won’t be able to reach most of the hard-to-reach areas. Sounds gross enough? That is what many people in Australia and the USA have been doing for ages. Bidets seats use clean water to wash these sensitive areas, which makes them way more hygienic. On the other hand, tissue papers have chemicals on them and are rough, which may cause rashes and infection to your skin for excessive use.

If you think toilet papers are cheaper, then you should hear this out. One hundred pounds of toilet paper rolls are produced from one tree, and around 83 million rolls are produced per day. We need to cut down around 27000 trees to get this number of rolls every day just for toilet papers.

That is why bidets are considered far more environmentally friendly, as we can help reduce deforestation by using bidets instead of paper rolls. Besides, they are not only hygienic, but you will also be saving a lot of money by spending less on toilet papers.

What About the Water that is Being Wasted?

Do you know how much water is being used every time you hit the flush button on your toilet? It is around 1.6 gallons per flush, going down the drain. On the other hand, bidet seats only use half a gallon of water on average a day. Apart from this, a massive amount of water is needed to manufacture toilet paper. The number is close to 500 billion gallons of water every year.  Imagine how much water you will be saving just by reducing the consumption of these toilet papers. Bidet is more like an investment for your health as well as the environment.   

Will it Fit in My Toilet?

Bidets in the modern days are designed to fit in most household toilets. They also make your restroom feel more luxurious with all the latest technologies at the tip of your hands. You can also buy a bidet online in a very easy and hassle-free way.

Installing Them Now is Not Going to Be a Hassle.

People would have to install a separate basin-like fixture who wanted a bidet in the past. Nowadays, all you need to do is replace your existing toilet seats and lid with a bidet using the same two mounting holes for attaching it to the bowl. After that, all you need is to connect the bidet to the water supply that is already going to the toilet tank. The bidet needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. That’s it. You have just learned how to install a new bidet.

How Do You Use a Bidet? They are so Complicated.

Bidets are not only simple to install, but they are also easy to use. Modern bidets no longer require those basin fixtures with a faucet, which looks ugly and takes up space in your restroom. In the past, people would have to walk up to a different fixture, sit awkwardly over, and had to adjust their position till they could hit the right spot. Oh well, now I see why some people find them weird and annoying. However, that was in the past.  Nowadays, modern bidet attachments mean you never have to leave the toilet to wash your tush. Just press a button once you are done, and the nozzle will automatically clean you without a hassle.      

They are Way More Expensive than I Can Afford. 

Bidets used to be expensive in the past, but now, there are many more affordable options available in the market now. Manual bidets are suitable for people who just need them for just basic functions. The price starts from just 25 dollars and reaches up to 200 dollars for higher-quality bidets with more features. They are the best if you are on a budget. If you want a touch of luxury on everything, then the automated ones would be perfect for you. They range anywhere from 200 dollars to 800 dollars, but they are worth every penny. 


Beware of backflow when installing a bidet. Backflow is the reverse flow of water, and in terms of plumbing, it stops the impure water from flowing back to the water supply system. If a bidet is not installed properly, this can cause the water pressure to drop significantly. In such a scenario, if the nozzles connected to the water supply get in contact with the contaminated water, there is a chance for that contaminated water to get sucked in through the nozzle into the main water supply.

Winding Up.

Considering all the benefits, don’t you feel it’s time to treat yourself to a freshly washed tush every time you go? Do let me know about your first-time experience.

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash


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