Solving Educational Challenges with Advanced Age Calculation:

 It is possible to know the certain mental capabilities of the kid with the assistance of the age calculator. There is a certain age of kids which is proper for learning certain concepts. Education is fun but being an educationist you need to test the proportional aptitude of the kids. It is necessary to calculate the age of the kids before their exposure to a certain educational skill set.

The different stages are usually at a certain age and at that particular age, the kids can swallow certain educational concepts. The age calculator can be handy to determine the precise age of the kids and which stage it is prevailing. It is critical to emphasise that according to the specific age of the kid, extra pressure can strain the mental and physical growth of the kids.

The various aptitude stages of kids:

There are various aptitude stages of the kids and they develop certain stages at a particular age. It is the growing age of the kids that would groom the aptitude of the kids. It starts from the word recognition stage to the counting stage. Then the counting to the arithmetic stage, and after that the kids move towards trigonometry to the algebra stage.

The stages of learning and aptitude are as follows:

? Word recognition stage

? Counting stage

? Arithmetic stage

? Algebra stage

Word Recognition Stage:

The recognition stage usually starts at the age of 2 two and onward, and kids are usually able to recognize various symbols and words. When you can reckon the precise age of the kids by the age in months calculator

Then it can be easy to teach the concept of Education according to their mental capability. In the recognition, stage babies can match similar words. You can nurture this stage by providing the counting toys to them, as they learn quickly in a playing mood.

Counting Stage:

This age usually comes after the 30 to 36 months of the birth of kids. In this stage, the kids usually count various words like one, two, three up to ten, or even so. If you are finding difficulty in spotting the precise age of the kid then use the age calculator to calculate the age of the kid.

You may wonder how to calculate your kid’s age, just enter the date of birth of the kid in the online tool. The tools would provide the precise age even in minutes and seconds.

Arithematics Stage:

This age comes usually after the 4th year of the kids, but at the start kids only add and subtract it usually takes 4 to 5 months when they can capture the concept. Then after 6th year, they can do multiplication and division.

To precisely find the age of the kid, it is essential to use the age calculator. It would help to figure out how much pressure you can put on your kid proportional to their aptitude level.

Algebraic Stage:

The Algebraic and Trigonometric age after the 7 or 8th year of the kids. At this age, kids are usually able to compile simple algebraic questions. They are also able to track the various trigonometric shapes and it is the best age to insert some pressure on the kid.

But don’t be too greedy, let’s start with the simplest of the questions, the little question may cause hurdles for your kids. At this age, it is also advised that the table up to 10 should be remembered by the kid.

Try to listen to the tables, again and again, it would sharpen the kid’s IQ level. It is handy to use online tools like the age calculator to figure out the mental capabilities of the kids.


Parents sometimes become conscious of what to teach to their kids and at what age. Most parents usually face this problem, you can cope with this problem if you reckon there are evolutionary stages in the kid’s life.

The kid’s learning stage starts from the word recognition stage to the counting stage. Then after that, the arithmetics stage comes, and after that, the trigonometry stage prevails. Try to teach the kids according to their mental capability and attitude.

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