#bloodyuseful The Best Clothes Pegs In The World


This is a public service announcement! You need to know about these clothes pegs and I am here to tell you about them.

In almost 25 years of family washing, there is only one clothes peg that has stood the test of time.

plastic clothes pegs
Brand new clothes pegs, ready to get to work

It’s the Rainbow Peg from Maid of Shade and, believe me, these clothes pegs are fantastic.

All other clothes pegs can hang their heads in shame. They fall apart in fierce sunshine, they lose their springs. They just disintegrate.

But not the Rainbow Peg, it’s super hardy and made from one piece of tough plastic.

The peg on the right is at least five years old, the one on the left is brand new.
best pegs hanging clothes

I first came across the Rainbow Peg at the Huskisson Village Markets down at Jervis Bay.

Maid of Shade had a stall there and I bought 30 pegs and a peg bag.  I’ve bought some new pegs and bought them for presents for other people from the Maid of Shade website ever since.

They cost only $9.95 + P&P for a packet of 24 pegs – bargain. 36 pegs cost $13.95 and 72 pegs cost $22.95.

Just recently, after more than 10 years hard labour, the material on the peg bag started to disintegrate, so I have just bought another of those. A bargain at $13.95.

We leave the pegbag out on the line all year around. It might have lasted longer than 10 years if we had brought it inside overnight.

 The only time I have damaged the pegs is when I’ve dropped them onto our tiled floors and wee bits have chipped off them.  Otherwise, there have been no problems at all in the years I’ve used them.

best clothes pegs Australia on line
Hooray for these heavy duty clothes pegs. I am sure these are the best clothes pegs in Australia.

I was given some metal clip pegs recently and so far they are going well, no rusting or falling apart. But I will give them another few years of hard yakka before I give them a review.


Click to check out the pegs on the Maid of Shade website here.

Now, normally, I’m the LAST person to come to for household tips. Domestic duties are not my forte – ask my family.

But no-one can get away from the washing, and these pegs, and also the collapsible washing basket that I wrote about here, really are miles better than any others.

And let’s face it, doing the washing is a real pest, and having clothes pegs that fall apart makes it even more annoying. The least we all deserve are some top notch clothes pegs!

Now, back to travel and days out and family food and general nonsense!

Got any washing on the go today?

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  1. says: Justine

    Thank you for THIS! I have these and love them but couldn’t track them down again. I recently bought another bigger version of these, will find u the link, and they are amazing!

  2. says: Maravon Flowers

    Have just placed an order after using them for 20 years !! no they are not broken they just get lost at my holiday house when the children drop them on the ground and they get a mower over them!! Have several bags they are just wonderful!! Great company!!

  3. says: aussiebushgirl

    Fallen plastic pegs end up getting flushed down drains by storm water, eventually landing up in the sea and washing up on our beaches, along with other plastics. We should be moving towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic – and a plastic-free future.

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