Yummy Homemade Summer Treats To Make for The Kids

When the kids are home for summer and after something sweet and delicious, having quick and easy recipes on hand will be a lifesaver. Not only can they be whipped together in minutes, but it is a fantastic way to get your kids in the kitchen with you. 

Yummy Homemade Summer Treats To Make for The Kids

Simplify life by using your Smiths City appliances to blend fruit, mix fillings and chop ingredients, giving you more time to enjoy the warm summer weather with your children and all your yummy treats. 


Marshmallow Treats

There is nothing more synonymous with summer than marshmallow treats. These gooey, crispy, easy-to-make squares can be made in less than 20 minutes, ideal for last-minute cravings or weekend get-togethers. 

The classic recipe uses Rice Krispie cereal, but you can use any variety you have or prefer; it is entirely up to you. Using a big pot, melt together your marshmallows and butter until melted before removing it from the heat and stirring in your cereal. Be aware things get very sticky, so be prepared for tiny, sticky handprints across the kitchen when your kids get involved. 

Frozen Yoghurt Bark

If you are looking for a fun afternoon activity to get your kids involved in, making simple and delicious frozen yoghurt bark is going to be an absolute winner. Mix together plain yoghurt and maple syrup, which adds a hint of sweetness, spread out on a lined baking tray and top with all your favourite toppings, including summer fruits, chocolate chips, coconut shavings and more. 

The beauty of this recipe is that you have maximum flexibility over the flavour combinations you would like. Furthermore, it is an excellent and light dessert option for any summer barbeque you plan to have with friends and family. 

Tortilla S’More

For anyone who has ever been to a bonfire night, making and enjoying s’mores is all part of the fun. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional recipe using crackers, switching them out for tortillas will give a wonderful added flavour. 

Sandwich pieces of chocolate and marshmallows between two tortillas before heating the entire thing over the fire or in a pan, just long enough for the inside to become melted and gooey, with a brown crust on the outside.

Frozen Banana Bites

Frozen banana bites will become your go-to option if you want a simple, bite-size dessert option for a summer barbeque with friends or an afternoon delight for your kiddies. Simply cut a banana into small bite sizes and stick a toothpick through them. 

Roll them through melted dairy milk chocolate or dark chocolate if you prefer the hint of bitterness against the sweetness of the fruit before sprinkling over chopped nuts. Pop them in the freezer and pull them out just before serving. The frozen banana will have a wonderful ice cream consistency, making it difficult not to eat them all at once. 

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Fruity Popsicles

If you and your little ones are having a difficult time trying to decide on which fruit to include in this season’s summer pops, throw out the indecisiveness and select a range of different ingredients to make the ultimate bite-size fruit popsicles. 

Using small disposable cups and wooden craft sticks, blend together a range of refreshing fruits, including kiwi, watermelon, strawberries and pineapples, with a slosh of pineapple or orange juice to store in the freezer for a scorching summer treat throughout the season. 

Summer Sammies

When temperatures begin to rise, there is nothing more refreshing or classic than an ice cream sandwich. The good news is that they are incredibly easy to make at home, giving you plenty of opportunity to mix and match ingredients for many tasty combinations. 

For an absolute crowd-pleaser for children and adults alike, swap out the traditional cookies for a thin brownie base and topper with creamy and flavourful vanilla ice cream. The classic combination of chocolate and vanilla will be a satisfying end to any meal. 


If you love frozen yoghurt and want a change from the typical fruit popsicles that are popular this time of year, then Tropsicles are going to quickly become a household favourite. Blend together plain yoghurt and your fruit of choice to make colourful, creamy and healthy delights. 

Use an ice lolly mould or disposable cups and craft sticks to make small, handheld treats to grab on the go or enjoy at the end of a long day out in the sun. 

Watermelon Pizza

Pizza and watermelon are massively popular with kids, so combining the two for this tasty summer treat will be a guaranteed hit. Take the kids along the next time you visit the grocery store to choose their favourite fruity toppings, along with chocolate chips, coconut shavings and vanilla yoghurt. 

Simply cut your watermelon into pizza slices and let them add their own toppings for a simple, creative and delicious dessert or afternoon treat. Pop the pieces in the freezer for a very refreshing twist. 

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Nutella Cups

Store-bought dough will simplify Nutella cups into just three simple steps, leaving you with a warm and decant chocolate treat, perfect for enjoying around a summer bonfire or with a drink as the sun sets. 

Use crescent roll dough to form cups in a muffin baking tray. Fill with a layer or two of banana slices and top with a dollop of Nutella before being baked until the crust is brown. With easy assembling and even easier clean-up, it is an excellent recipe for teenagers to make for sleepovers with friends. 

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