6 wedding band designs for busy parents

Some lovebirds utterly obsess over their wedding bands. Once you’ve recovered from the splendour of receiving a stunning engagement ring, it’s quickly become enthralled to thinking about the wedding band that you plan to wear every day for the rest of your life.

For parents, blowing your budget on an unorthodox and expensive wedding band design is a less appealing prospect. It’s just more money being taken out of the costs of daily life, and can cut into money set aside for important stuff like family fun.

If you want a nice, aesthetically pleasing wedding band design without too many bells and whistles or exorbitant price tags, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 wedding band designs busy parents can get around.

  1. Plain metal wedding band
Plain metal wedding band

You can’t go wrong with a classic. From gold to platinum to tungsten, a sleek metallic design is all you need to epitomise your devotion to your partner. These bands can also be happily worn day in and day out thanks to their durable design. They’re the standard for good reason.

On top of being utterly timeless, plain metal wedding bands tend to be the most affordable options on the market. If you’ve got a house full of rugrats, it’s a welcome cost-saving measure. For parents who just want a pleasant wedding ring without the fuss, look no further.

  1. Duotone wedding band
Duotone wedding band

Want to stick to a classic wedding ring design, but desire a bit more pop? A simple duotone wedding band design is perfect for you. If you’re concerned about a very traditional wedding band getting slightly boring as time goes on, adding an additional colour of metal to its design is a minimalist stroke of genius that will pay dividends over the years.

Duotone wedding bands are also the perfect compromise for couples who still have some disagreements over their dream design, as you can fit multiple colours onto a single ring.

  1. Engraved wedding band
Engraved wedding band

Another very simple way to jazz up a traditional wedding band design is to adorn it with a special meaning by way of an engraving. Whether it’s your partner’s initials, wedding date or a short phrase which carries profound meaning in your relationship, an engraving is well worth consideration.

Engraving your wedding band also tends to be quite affordable, allowing you to tighten the costs of your nuptials even more. It’s the perfect way to customise your wedding ring without spending a fortune. Let’s face it, you’re probably already planning on spending more than enough on your wedding.

  1. Classic diamond wedding band
Classic diamond wedding band

If you’ve decided a hyper-traditional band isn’t right for your wedding, the subtle addition of diamonds is an excellent choice. It’s widely accepted that less is more when it comes to featuring diamonds on wedding rings, so opt for a band with a single diamond – or a small dusting of stones if you’re really feeling lavish.

Of course, you can choose to insert other styles of stone onto your wedding band. While diamonds are the best options if you desire a classical look, amethyste, emerald and pearl are all great choices.

  1. Wishbone wedding band

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg just to get a different shape to your wedding ring. The wishbone shape is said to represent luck, which is a highly fortuitous way to begin your lifelong partnership with your lover.

Wishbone wedding bands can be adorned in the same ways as a regularly-shaped ring. So feel free to liven up your design with duotones, engravings and stones if you’re feeling adventurous.

Wishbone wedding band

Fortunately, wishbone wedding band designs represent an affordable way to add a unique touch to a wedding ring. It’s the perfect option for busy parents who don’t want to go through the effort of getting a bespoke ring.

  1. Bevelled wedding band

Playing around with the bevelling of your wedding ring is the perfect way to add some additional, subtle touches to its design. Bevelled rings have edges which are angled to less than 90 degrees. It adds a unique flair to your most precious jewellery without demanding too much attention or effort, making it the perfect option for stressed-out parents.

By now, your mind should be racing with ideas for your very own wedding band designs. If you want to shop local wedding rings Sydney, head over to Larsen Jewellery and browse an astonishing array of designs suitable no matter your personal taste or style.

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