6 Reasons Why Sydney Is The Ultimate Wedding Location For Mums

No doubt, the second more precious memory in your life, besides the litany of overwhelming joy your children bring each day, is of course your wedding. And, when you’re a parent organising a wedding, limiting stress should be top off your checklist.

6 Reasons Why Sydney Is The Ultimate Wedding Location For Mums

When it comes to destination weddings, Australia has it all. From stunning beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges, to vibrant cities and unique outback landscapes, a wedding down under offers a diverse array of locations for couples to exchange their vows.

But there is no place more iconic for a wedding than Sydney!

For couples looking to tie the knot in a landmark location, Sydney offers a plethora of possibilities both in the heart of the city and across a stunning range of suburbs; eradicating almost every fear you have about your special day turning out to be a disaster.

Whether you’re travelling from overseas or connecting with your loved ones from interstate, here are six reasons why Sydney should be at the top of your destination wedding list in Australia:

1. The Quality of Restaurants

Catering for your wedding can be a total nightmare. Hold on, let me correct that. It is a total nightmare! There’s fussy eaters, allergies and the constant worry that your choice of food will turn a few heads – for the wrong reasons! 

If there’s one reason to tie the knot in Sydney as a mum, it’s the quality of restaurants. Whilst Melbourne might take the cake as the coffee capital of the nation, Sydney stands its equal when it comes to fine dining and luxury cuisine.

Award-winning chef’s Tetsuya Wakuda, Matt Moran, Neil Perry and Giuseppe Fuzio can all be found serving world-class recipes in the Emerald City which are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning foodie. Plus, thanks to the country’s Agricultural abundance, Australian chefs have access to fresh, locally sourced ingredients that elevate each dish to new heights. Sydney even features some of the best steakhouses around due to the quality of beef grown in Australia.

When you are looking for the perfect wedding restaurant in Sydney that will take a weight off your shoulders and serve a feast fit for royalty, the stunning views, award winning wines and intimate private dining experiences NSW has to offer will be a huge hit with your guests.

2. Temperature & Climate

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes with seasonality and temperature playing a huge factor in your desired dress code and venue. A traditional wedding, a beach wedding, a ‘wear what you want, just show up in a good mood’ wedding. There’s plenty of choice!

When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for a wedding, Sydney’s diverse climate opens up a plethora of wedding styles. From spring through fall, couples can expect warm, sunny days and cooler nights, allowing for outdoor ceremonies or beach weddings without the worry of inclement weather. Or, in the winter and rainy months, there’s stunning architecture and closed roof venues at your disposal too.

With a wide range of landscapes and locations to choose from, whether it’s closer to the beaches of Bondi or a vineyard reception in the Margaret River region, Sydney has some of the most consistent weather across Australia which is one worry off your list!

3. World-Class Hotels, Resorts & Residences

More often than not, your friends and families will be travelling to the wedding from all corners of the nation; or even the globe. As the host, there is sometimes an expectation for you to recommend good places to stay for the night or a few days. And, as a mum, worrying about whether your guests have a comfortable residence to go home to at the end of all the celebrations is something you just don’t need to take up any reserved head space.

Sydney offers an array of stunning hotels and resorts that make for the perfect wedding destination, like the iconic Sofitel in Darling Harbour or Fullerton Hotel in the heart of the CBD. Whether you want a beachfront ceremony, a quiet countryside barn house or a luxury hotel experience, there is something for every couple and party. 

From white sandy beaches to rainforest retreats, you’ll find unique and picturesque venues to exchange your vows across the entirety of New South Wales.

4. Incredible Natural Scenery

If a city wedding is not your cup of tea, there’s much more to Sydney and its surrounding suburbs than just the Opera House. From sun-drenched beaches to lush rainforests, the diverse landscape of both Sydney and New South Wales make for stunning wedding backdrops that will result with less organising on your behalf as you let nature do its thing! 

There’s Darling Point, Coogee Beach, Malabar National Park across the eastern suburbs of Sydney and that’s before you start to look West. No matter whether you’re hosting a small get together with close family or a larger gathering of relatives, there is so much nature surrounding the immediate vicinity of Sydney for your kids to enjoy!

5. The Friendly Locals and Laid Back Atmosphere

Australia is renowned for its friendly locals and laid back atmosphere, with Sydney hosting a large majority of them. As the bride (and a mum), the energy that surrounds you will make or break your special day and whilst you can hopefully count on your loved ones to be in high spirits, it would be nice to know that any serving parties or locals will cherish your special day too!

Though planning a destination wedding may seem daunting, Australian vendors are known for their professionalism and willingness to accommodate your every need (and being kid friendly as well). So if you want a wedding full of relaxed vibes and friendly faces, consider saying “I do” in beautiful Sydney.

6. Sydney Is Accessible To Everyone

While considering how your guests will travel to your wedding might seem like som

ething you shouldn’t have to worry about, I can guarantee it will cross your mind at some stage. So, just eradicate that altogether and pick a location like Sydney that will do all the leg work for you.

Sydney Airport is conveniently situated to all of the action and supports 43 international flight paths, so overseas friends and relatives will find getting to the heart of your destination ceremony a total breeze. The local travel network is some of Australia’s most sophisticated, with options to travel by bus, train or even a ferry to convenient destinations – all you need is an Opal card.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate gathering or a lavish celebration, Sydney has options to suit any style or budget. With such diversity across New South Wales, why choose anywhere else for your destination wedding? Sydney truly has it all.

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