Clareville Beach On Pittwater: Sydney’s Best Beaches For Kids

Clareville on Sydney’s Pittwater has an awesome little beach. Hidden in the suburbs and visible only to those who are looking for it, Clareville Beach is almost as isolated as it is perfect.

by Michal Johnson

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Clareville Beach Map

We visited Clareville Beach in the middle of summer, granted it was midweek but the beach was virtually empty.

If the weather is lovely and you want to take the kids to the beach but you’re worried about the wind there is no better place.

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Clareville Beach

Located off Delecta Avenue, Clareville

When I first read about Clareville Beach I didn’t even know where Clareville was. Now I know it is a small suburb on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that lies just west of Avalon.

The beach itself lies within the Clareville Reserve which runs along Pittwater. It is similar in nature to Clontarf Beach and Chinaman’s Beach on Sydney’s Lower North Shore as it is terrific for families but is also home to a few boats and people enjoying water sports.

What makes it so great for families is a combination of the natural elements.

The water is calm and unaffected by the usual rips and tides of the more open beaches.

The tall trees bordering the beach provide shade and shelter from the wind and the sand is just gorgeous.

Clareville Beach is really beautiful. Even if you’re not up for a swim you can still sit on the beach and enjoy the views or take a walk along the length of the beach.

While there isn’t a playground, there is enough to do. You can spend hours swimming and playing in the sand and then set up on the grass for a picnic or a BBQ. The facilities are neat, clean and overlook the water.

If you would prefer to swim in enclosed swimming area head towards Taylors Point Wharf via Hudson Parade. If you see signs for the Naval Base, you’re in the right place.

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Parking: There is a council car park with ticketed parking. You can park along one of the windy roads close to the beach but the car park is easier to manouvre around in.

Toilets:  The are toilets which also have disability access and an outside shower.

Shade: The tall trees provide plenty of shade on the grassy areas and the edge of the sand.

BBQ: There are electric BBQ facilities and a large picnic table between the car park and the beach.

Cafes : The Clareville Kiosk is just beyond the car park or you can pick up something on your drive through Avalon.

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Michal Johnson blogs about life in Sydney with her young children at All Things Mom Sydney, check out her blog for more fun Sydney activities and places to visit.

Thank you Michal, we’ve loved visits to Clareville with little kids.

No surf, great views and great natural beauty!

Have you visited Clareville with your bucket and spade?

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