Balmoral Beach + Baths: A Wonderful Beach for Sydney Families

Balmoral Beach is just heaven for families, it’s an especially terrific Sydney beach for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. But fear not, there is excitement for primary kids and teenagers too.  My four children and myself have given Balmoral Beach and its enclosed baths a terrific workout over 20 years and will be for another 20 more.

Balmoral beach image looking to the island
Balmoral Beach’s ‘Island’ and little bridge

Balmoral is a beach of many parts, it has several beaches in one beach really, plus cafes, the enclosed playground, an esplanade to stroll along and a little island across a bridge. It is a Sydney family paradise… except when busy when parking can be very difficult.

Balmoral beach image of children and picnic
The kids having a picnic on the Edwards Beach end of Balmoral, to the north of the Bathers Pavilion

Balmoral Beach and Baths

The Esplanade, Balmoral 208

Balmoral Beach is a magical, enchanted place for kids with lots of different areas to play and swim, including an island, parkland, playground, rock pools, the promenade, a rotunda and the beautiful Bathers’ Pavilion. There are also cafes galore and one of Sydney’s best fish and chip shops too.

Balmoral has a long stretch of beach with sheltered waters and very pretty views to North Head. In fact, Balmoral has two beaches: Balmoral itself which is the sweep of golden sand south of Rocky Point (usually known as ‘the Island’), and Edwards Beach to the north.

A wide promenade runs along a large portion of the two beaches and is lovely for a stroll and for bike riding.

Balmoral beach enclosed baths image showing people walking with stroller
The fully enclosed baths area is right by Balmoral Boathouse cafe and the playground and is where you’ll find many toddlers and preschoolers


Balmoral Baths

Many children start their Balmoral adventures at the enclosed and very safe baths area which is at the southern end and beside two cafes/kiosks. They then graduate to the wider expanses of sand in the middle of the two big beaches and also south of the baths.

The baths area is especially good for babies and young toddlers as there is some shade on the sand itself in the afternoons. There is also lots of shade from trees over the beach south of the baths, especially in the afternoon. There is plenty of space to change and to sit on the stepped seating. Strollers can be easily pushed down to the beach.

The baths area is enclosed and has a wooden boardwalk running round it. Kids love to run around under the boardwalk. The playground here has been upgraded and has some excellent equipment on rubber softfall. The playground is enclosed. Read a full review of Balmoral Playground here.  Below the main text of this post you can see one or two photos too. 

NB You may find people referring to Balmoral pool, but what they mean is Balmoral Baths.

Balmoral enclosed Baths image on sunny day
The other side of the Baths, this is where you’ll find teenagers playing and leaping in too
Balmoral beach playground
South of the baths and playground is this long stretch of beach which is often quieter, lovely for walks and exploring rock pools

 To the north, the park area at Edwards Beach, between the Bathers’ Pavilion and the Beach Club, has picnic tables as does the grassy area south of the baths. The beautiful spreading branches of the ancient native fig trees cast plenty of shade over these areas and over the grassy strip between the road and the promenade.

Next, the rock pools at the northernmost end are explored with their fish, shells and anemones.  See my post about snorkelling at Balmoral with the twins here.

image of children snorkelling at Balmoral
Click the image to read more about snorkelling at Balmoral Beach

Cafes: Numerous and assorted cafes on the Esplanade, the Boatshed Cafe at the baths, it’s actually on Balmoral Wharf, the kiosk at Bathers Pavilion, excellent fish and chip shop on the corner of Raglan Street

Balmoral Beach Showers and Toilets: There are three public toilets along the seafront: changing rooms, showers and toilets at the baths; changing rooms, showers and toilets in the north-western corner of the Bathers’ Pavilion; toilet block on the Esplanade a little south of the bridge to Rocky Point.

Shade: There is shade on the beach at the baths area and south of the baths and lots of shade from trees on the grassy area

Playground: Good playground in the reserve area just south of the baths, see photos below and click here to read all about Balmoral Beach playground.

Shark net: The baths is a netted swimming enclosure. If you hear people talking about Balmoral Beach shark net they may mean the baths are or they may be referring to a shark net that used to enclose a portion of Edwards beach.

Mum’s report: We go down there a lot and it’s always worth the drive. It can be difficult to park at the weekend and on public holidays but the beach itself never feels really crowded.

Extra: The oval has a bike track and big skateboarding area

Balmoral Beach Parking: Pay 2 hour spaces along the Esplanade and a pay carpark at the southern end of the beach, beside the oval. It can be very hectic and we have often dropped the kids and one parent at the beach whilst the other parent finds a frree park on one of the street parallel to the beach.

Nearest ferry: Ferries stop at Balmoral Wharf in the summer months

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Balmoral baths teenager takes huge dive into the sea
One of my teens taking a huge dive from the Baths area into the ocean side
Balmoral baths on a winters dayw ith kids in water
Balmoral is great in both winter and summer on a sunny day and you will always find people swimming and splashing and sunbathing there.
Balmoral beach playground
The enclosed playground at Balmoral Beach
Balmoral beach playground boat play
All four of my kids have given this wee boat a thorough workout over the years. The views from this playground are divine.

So that’s the scoop on Balmoral Beach Sydney, well worth an expedition for Sydneysiders and families visiting Sydney.

Is there a better Sydney beach for young children than Balmoral?


Balmoral Beach FAQ

Can you swim at Balmoral Beach?

Most definitely yes, you must and shall. There are several different beach areas which are great for swimming, plus the fully enclosed and sharkproof Balmoral baths area.

Does Balmoral Beach have waves or surf?

No, Balmoral Beach is part of Sydney Harbour and is generally pretty calm. In times of strong winds there may be small waves, but not proper surf. It is a very family friendly beach because of the calm water conditions.

Is Balmoral Beach dog friendly?

Not really, dogs are absolutely not allowed on the beach at all. Dogs can be walked on leads along the promenade. The nearest beach where dogs can run free is Sirius Cove. Check out Mosman Council’s Where To Walk Your Dog page here.

Does Balmoral Beach have BBQ facilities?

No, it doesn’t have its own BBQ facilities. You need to bring your own, so long as there is no fire ban in place.

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