Clovelly Beach and Rock Pool For Kids

So off we ventured, south across the Rio Grande, well OK, across the Harbour Bridge
to visit Clovelly Beach and its beautiful pools!


I do love an expedition to the Eastern Suburbs in school holidays, and I knew that Clovelly would make a great day out for the three nine-year-olds in my posse.

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We arrived to find the parking easy and the swell up. This made for thrilling swimming in the ocean end of Clovelly Bay. The kids and I had to stay together to be safe, I felt. Whereas at the beach end the kids were fine to splash and swim more freely.


Clovelly Beach and Rock Pool

Clovelly Road

Clovelly 2031

Clovelly Beach is the small beach at the end of the long, slim Clovelly Bay. The Bay is much more of an ocean rock pool than a real bay though, since it has wide concrete sunbathing platforms and promenades all along both sides.

The Bay itself is generally sheltered and good for swimming although the seaward end can be bumpy when there’s a big swell coming in, like on the day we recently visited.

However, the small beach is always pretty flat and that’s where you will find lots of families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. There are lots of sunshades and umbrellas down there on the sand. NB Glass bottles are not allowed here for obvious reasons.

There is a grassy reserve behind the beach itself, good for picnics.

There is also a 25 metre concrete swimming pool set just above the water on the southern side. It’s officially called the Geoff James Pool.

Clovelly Beach and Pool are patrolled from September – April. Thank you, lovely life guards!

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Cafes:  Seasalt Cafe is just above the water and has indoor and outdoor seating and a kiosk too. Read our review and see photos here.

Toilets: Toilet, showers and change rooms in block above the bay where Seasalt Cafe is.

Shade: Tiny patches on the beach from trees, some by the kiosk and on the small reserve

Ocean pool: Yes

Mum’s report: Clovelly is a great spot for learner snorkelers. The bay has a weedy, rocky bottom with lots of fish, including tropical fish in the summer months.

Parking: The large free car park (which is off Donnellan Circuit at the end of Clovelly Road) has easy stroller access to the beach and baths area.

Bus stop nearby: Yes


Clovelly Map

The swell was skooshing up as the girls went down the steps.
These kids were having a fantastic time at the end where the waves crashed up. It looks dangerous but wasn’t really. They were thrilled.

We really did have a lovely time at Clovelly.

But then again, we always do.

Do you have a happy memories of Clovelly too?

You might enjoy a walk south to look at Gordons Bay too, lovely snorkelling and swimming there too.

PS Do check up on our Seasalt cafe review here

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