Top 6 Cherry Picking Melbourne Guide For Families – A Must Try!

“Unleash the Juicy Delights: Cherry Picking Melbourne’s Prime Orchards”!

Welcome to the exciting world of cherry-picking in Melbourne! If you’re searching for a fun-filled family activity combining outdoor adventure, delicious fruit, and quality time, you’re in for a treat. In this kid-friendly guide, we’ll explore the wonders of cherry picking, discover why it’s an excellent activity for kids and families, and highlight the best spots in Melbourne to embark on this fruity escapade.

Melbourne's cherry picking orchards offer a picturesque escape for nature enthusiasts and fruit lovers alike.

Cherry Picking MelbourneA Delightful Experience

Cherry picking is the delightful activity of handpicking ripe cherries directly from trees. It allows you to immerse yourself in nature’s bounty, where rows upon rows of beautiful cherry trees await your eager hands. You get to pluck the juiciest cherries, tasting their sweet and tangy flavours straight from the source. It’s like having your little treasure hunt in a cherry wonderland!

The Perfect Time of Year for Cherry Picking in Melbourne

What month is cherry picking in Melbourne? The ideal time for cherry picking in Melbourne depends on the specific varieties and weather conditions. Generally, the cherry season in Melbourne runs from late spring to early summer, typically from November to December. However, always verify with the farm you want to visit for the most up-to-date information on cherry availability and peak harvest periods.

Consider visiting the farm early in the day to get the most out of your cherry trip. This allows you to enjoy cooler temperatures and potentially have a larger selection of cherries. It’s also advisable to arrive at the farm earlier in the cherry season to ensure a greater abundance of ripe cherries.

Additionally, remember to be respectful of the farm and its rules. Follow any directions given by the personnel and keep other guests in mind. Leave the orchard in the same condition as you found it, taking care not to harm the trees or trample on any plants.

Best Spots for Cherry Picking in Melbourne

Melbourne has several fantastic locations where families can indulge in cherry-picking adventures. Here are a few renowned spots that offer delightful experiences:

CherryHaven Orchards

Located in the scenic Yarra Valley, CherryHaven Orchards is a popular destination for cherry-picking enthusiasts. With its vast orchards and a wide variety of cherry trees, this family-owned farm provides an idyllic setting for a fun-filled day. You can stroll through the rows of cherry trees, carefully selecting the ripest and juiciest cherries to fill your baskets. The friendly team is always willing to assist you and share their knowledge of cherry growing.

Picture-perfect cherry trees in full bloom at Cherry Haven Orchards in Melbourne, offering a delightful cherry picking experience.

Credit: Cherry Haven Orchards

Operating Hours: From Mid-November 2023

Entry fees: Adult $18, Children ( 4- 13 yrs) $9, under 3 yrs – FREE!

Bookings : No prior bookings required

Ripe ‘N Red Cherry Farm

The cherry farm offers a picturesque setting for cherry-picking adventures in the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula. As you wander through their well-maintained orchards, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of cherry blossoms and the luscious aroma of ripe cherries. The farm provides buckets or bags for collecting the cherries, and you can savor the joy of handpicking the freshest fruits. In addition to cherry-picking, Red Hill Cherry Farm also offers tractor rides and a lovely picnic area, making it a convenient spot for a family get-together.

Bountiful and vibrant ripe cherries at Ripe n Red Cherry Farm in Melbourne, inviting visitors to indulge in a delightful cherry picking adventure.

Credit: Ripe N’ Ready

Operating Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM during seasons

Entry fees: Adult $20, Children ( 3- 15 yrs) $10, Under 3 yrs — FREE! FREE! Price inclusive of all the cherries you can E-A-T

Bookings : No prior booking required

Rayner’s Orchard

While primarily known for its extensive fruit selection, Rayner’s Orchard in the Yarra Valley also offers cherry picking Melbourne as well as other seasonal fruit picking experiences. This family-run orchard lets visitors meander through their orchards and pick cherries straight from the trees. With their knowledgeable staff and beautiful surroundings, Rayner’s Orchard provides an enjoyable cherry-picking adventure for the whole family. After cherry picking, you can explore the orchard’s other attractions, such as fruit-tasting tours and farm animal encounters.

Lush and abundant cherry trees at Rayner's Orchard in Melbourne, beckoning visitors to enjoy a rewarding cherry picking experience amidst picturesque surroundings.

Caption: Rayner’s Orchard

In addition to cherry farms, Rayner’s Orchard- cherry picking Melbourne is home to numerous fruit farms that offer a variety of pick-your-own experiences. If you’re interested in exploring beyond cherries, you can visit berry farms where you can pick strawberries, raspberries, and other delicious berries. Some notable berry farms in Melbourne include Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm in the Mornington Peninsula and Blue Hills Berries and Cherries in Silvan.

Operating Hours: 9 AM TO 4 PM

Entry fees: Adult $38.50, Kids 6+ years $ 32.50, Kids under 2 years — FREE! FREE

Bookings : No prior booking required

What Different Types of Cherries Can Be Found in Melbourne Farms

Farms for cherry picking Melbourne offers various types, each with unique characteristics and flavors. Here are some of the common cherry varieties you may come across during your cherry-picking adventure:

Sweet Cherries

Sweet cherries, also known as dessert cherries, are the most popular. They are utilised in various culinary dishes and make a delightful snack. They have a rich, sweet flavour. Bing, Rainier, and Lapins cherries are common sweet cherry kinds. Where do you find the cherries during your Cherries Picking Melbourne activities? Well, you can get the sweetest varieties in Ryaner’s Orchard.

Sour Cherries

The acidic, tart flavor of sour cherries makes them ideal for baking and cooking. They are frequently employed in sauces, pies, and preserves. A popular kind of tart cherries that may be found in Melbourne farms is mont-mo-recency cherries.

Sweet cherry picking Melbourne, an energetic fun filled family activities.

Morello Cherries

A variety of sour cherries with a rich red colour and a distinctly sour flavour is called a morello cherry. They are frequently employed in savoury recipes, syrups, and cherry preserves.

Black Cherries

Black cherries have dark, almost black skin and a sweet, slightly tart flavour. They are often consumed raw or used in sweets and drinks.

Watch for these various cherry types as you explore different cherry farms in Melbourne. Feel free to ask the farm staff for information about the different varieties available and their unique taste profiles.

What are the Benefits of Cherry Picking for Kids & Families

Cherry picking Melbourne offers numerous benefits for kids and families, making it a fantastic choice for a day of fun and adventure. Let’s explore some of these wonderful advantages:

Outdoor Fun

Cherry picking occurs in scenic orchards, surrounded by fresh air, sunshine, and breathtaking natural landscapes. It provides an opportunity to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and immerse yourselves in the serenity of nature. Kids can run freely through the orchards, enjoying the open space and exploring the wonders of the great outdoors.

Hands-On Learning

Cherry picking Melbourne offers a unique educational experience for children. These adventure-lover kids can learn about the life cycle of cherry trees, the importance of pollination, and the fruit growth and ripening process. It’s a hands-on lesson in agriculture and nature’s wonders, providing valuable knowledge about where our food comes from.

Healthy Snacking

Cherries are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. They are abundant in vitamins, rich in minerals, and antioxidants, making them a nutritious snack for both children and adults. Families can enjoy a nutritious treat straight from the tree by picking and eating fresh cherries, promoting a love for fresh, wholesome foods.

Ripe N Ready Cherry Picking Melbourne

Credit: Ripe N’ Ready

Quality Family Time

Cherry picking Melbourne creates a memorable bonding experience for families. It allows everyone to work together, supporting and encouraging each other to find the best cherries. It’s a chance to escape screens and distractions, engaging in conversations, laughter, and shared accomplishments. These cherished moments strengthen family bonds and create lifelong memories.

Before planning your cherry-picking excursion, it’s essential to check the farm’s website or contact them directly to confirm their opening hours, availability, and any specific guidelines or requirements. It’s also worth considering the weather conditions, as cherry season typically runs from late spring to early summer.

So, gather your family, put on your sun hats, and head to one of these fantastic farms near Melbourne for a day of cherry picking and farm adventure. Whether you choose CherryHaven Orchards, Red Hill Cherry Farm, or Rayner’s Orchard, you’re bound to create lasting memories as you pluck the juiciest cherries and indulge in the flavors of nature’s sweetest treasures. Get ready for an unforgettable day of fruit-filled fun!

How to Prepare Before Going on a Cherry Picking Melbourne Trip

Before heading on your cherry picking Melbourne adventure, making a few preparations is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Several pieces of advice to have in mind before your visit are as follows:

Dress Appropriately

It’s recommended to wear casual attire, something you don’t mind getting dirty when visiting a cherry farm. Choose weather-appropriate clothing that is light and breathable, such as shorts or baggy pants and a T-shirt. Wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers to protect your feet while walking through the orchards.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Melbourne’s sun can be quite strong, especially during the cherry season. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen generously to exposed skin before heading out to the farm. Carry sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s beams.

Bring Containers or Bags

Most farms provide containers or bags for collecting cherries, but it’s always handy to bring extra containers or bags. This allows you to separate different cherry varieties or store your cherries safely. Additionally, bringing a cooler bag or insulated container can help keep your freshly picked cherries fresh and prevent them from getting squished during transportation.

Take a break from the bustling city life and indulge in the art of cherry picking, savoring the sweet moments during the holiday breaks,

Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart

Cherry picking Melbourne can be an energetic activity, so staying hydrated is important. Carry a reusable water bottle for each family member, and remember to drink plenty of water throughout your trip. Packing light snacks, such as granola bars or fruit, is also a great idea to keep everyone fueled and energized during the adventure.

Learn How to Pick Cherries Correctly

Make the most of your cherry picking Melbourne experience with every technique. You can gently hold the cherry by the stem and gently twist it, and it should come off easily. Avoid pulling or tugging on the cherries, as this can damage the tree or the fruit. Be selective and choose ripe cherries during your cherry picking Melbourne activity. Make sure you pick the ones that are plump, firm, and have vibrant colors.

Now that you’re well-prepared and knowledgeable about cherry picking Melbourne family activity, it’s time to embark on your cherry-picking adventure in Melbourne. Get ready to enjoy a day in nature, surrounded by cherry trees, and savor the sweetness of freshly picked cherries. It’s a delightful experience that the whole family will cherish for years to come!

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