Elouera Reserve, a great open space with a fab playground beside Macquarie Centre

Positioned in the busy Macquarie Park precinct, Elouera Reserve and its playground make a little oasis for its residents and visitors who are looking for something a bit more exciting than the local playground.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie centre

The modern and quite amazing playground is right across the road from the Macquarie Centre, so a terrific pre- or post- shopping play opportunity.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie park

Elouera Reserve

84 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park 2113

by Mireia Garriga Seguranyes 

We went to Elouera Reserve in a cold windy day. My husband was in night shift, which it meant that I couldn’t keep our boisterous kids at home.

I had to do some errands, but my daughters seemed to be misbehaving that day. It usually happens when it is rainy or windy…I am sure that you know what I am talking about!

Despite lots of shopping centres having excellent play areas, it is not the same as going to the park.

My daughters always seem more relaxed, after playing in an open space. Luckily, I remembered that Elouera Reserve was upgraded at the beginning of 2018.

We visited it after doing some shopping at Macquarie Centre and rewarding my daughters with a hot chocolate. The plan worked very well for us!

So, I hope that it also works for you, if you ever have one of those days that parenting feels like an insurmountable challenge.

The playground

The playground at Elouera Reserve is colourful and it has a good variety of interesting play equipment.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie park
The flying fox is always popular. This one is the perfect height for my daughters to jump solo without my help

My daughters and I were amazed. The playground has:

  • 6 swings
  • 2 flower shaped cubbies (that lights up at night) with a very step slide
  • 2 embankment long slides
  • Flying fox
  • Spinner
  • 2 built-in trampolines
  • Several wood planks across the garden beds
  • Hammock
Elouera reserve playground macquarie park

The park also offers barbecues, plenty of seating, picnic facilities with built in umbrellas, water bottle refill station and an a grassy area that it is big enough to be able to play some ball games.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie park

Elouera Reserve could have been the perfect playground; but, sadly and despite the heavy traffic of Waterloo Rd, it is not fenced. Also, Elouera Reserve doesn’t have any public toilets. Macquarie Centre is around the corner.

For these reasons, I only recommend that you visit this playground if you have older kids. In fact, the equipment is more suitable for primary school-aged kids than pre-schoolers.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie park
The flower shaped cubbies at the top of the structure that has the nearly vertical slide is a real hit. I should have joined my kids. They had lots of fun.

By contrast, Elouera Reserve has lots of positive points: it is well connected by train and bus, making it very accessible for parents that rely on public transport. And, it is very convenient because of its proximity of the shopping centre.

Finally, don’t forget your hats and sunscreen. Mature trees are not abundant, although the area of the embankment and the big structure were quite shady. This is why I would suggest visiting this park during the cooler months instead of summer.

Overall, if you have adventurous kids, it is worth to visit Elouera Reserve. The play equipment is very impressive, taking into account that it is only a district size park.


The details

Toilets: no, only at Macquarie Centre.

Nearest takeaway coffee: yes, plenty of options at Macquarie Centre.

Enclosed: no

Shade: some areas of the park can be very exposed, especially during the spring and summer months.

Mum’s report: Elouera Reserve is a fantastic piece of open space, set on Waterloo Road opposite to Macquarie Centre. The playground has a good variety of equipment for primary school aged kids.

There isn’t any cafe adjacent to it, but it is easy to grab one before or after, if you plan to go shopping. Also, if you have young children, keep in mind that the playground is not fenced and that it doesn’t have public toilets. In spite of these handicaps, I highly recommend to visit Elouera, specially if you have older kids.

Extra: Inside the Macquarie Centre, you can find the Macquarie Ice-Rink, read more here.  (Best Parking is via the Silver Level Car Park accessed via Herring Road and the Blue Level Car Park, which can be accessed via Talavera Road.)

Also, the family friendly café of Eden Gardens (Dragonfly Café) is not too far away. It would take you only 10 minutes by car. Read all the info here. 

Nearest station: Macquarie University Station

Bus stop nearby: lots of options.

All buses that go to Macquarie Centre are very close to Elouera Reserve. It is only a 5 minutes walk from the shopping centre. Also, Macquarie University Bus Interchange (on Herring Rd) is around the corner and services several station link buses.

And, if you live in Mona Vale – Terrey Hills – St Ives or Gordon, the bus number 197 stops at Waterloo Rd, only a few metres away from the main entrance of Elouera Reserve.

Parking: limited street parking on Lachlan Avenue, where there is another entrance. If you are planning to do some shopping, the easiest thing is to park inside of Macquarie Centre.

Elouera reserve playground macquarie centre

Visiting Elouera Reserve was a great choice. My three daughters burnt lots of energy, and I still managed to do some errands. That was a big win!

Do you have any other ideas? I should write a list of resources for families that have a parent doing shift work.



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