Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Teenage Boys

Read on to learn more about the wardrobe staples any teenage boy should have, to discover and perfect their own personal style.

Fashionable Clothing Ideas for Teenage Boys

Regardless of who you are, trying to find a clothing style that makes you feel confident and comfortable can be a challenging task. With a fashion world that is constantly evolving, finding a place to start is difficult for anyone, including teenage boys. These days, teens have more clothes and styles to choose from than ever before, giving them the freedom to find their ultimate wardrobe staples. 

Whether he hopes to embrace his skater side with pieces from Globe skating clothing or wants to experiment with clothing options from across the fashion world, encouraging your teenager to find and express his individual style will help him feel confident and self-assured.  

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Things to Consider

Like with any at that age, a teenage boy’s appearance is important to him. If he dresses well, he is well-received by his peers, boosting his own confidence and encouraging him to explore and embrace his own personal style. But everyone is wonderfully unique, and attempting to follow the latest trends possesses a handful of issues and important points to consider. 

With their rapidly growing bodies and ever-evolving fashion styles and influence, many teenage boys are unsure about which trend to follow and what will suit them best. With an almost endless array of options from which to choose, it can be a daunting task to undertake. A common occurrence is seeing another boy of similar age wearing a style of clothing they enjoy and immediately attempting to recreate it, regardless of whether it suits him. This can often lead to frustration if their desired outcome is unachievable. 

To give your son the support he needs while exploring his personal tastes and preferences when it comes to clothes, it is best to help him explore his options and offer encouragement and support in the way he needs it. Giving him the freedom to experiment with different styles will allow him to make a well-informed decision. 


The epitome of simple and casual, no guy can go wrong with a collection of quality t-shirts. Whether you want to hang out with friends over the weekend or need the perfect layer under your winter hoodie or flannel, there are plenty of reasons to be well-stocked with tees. 

The most crucial tip to wearing them right is nailing the perfect fit. The chest and arms should have a snug fit that is not tight, restrictive or uncomfortable, while the torso area has plenty of air circulation without being too loose. The good news is that t-shirts can be styled with nearly everything in your wardrobe, meaning you will never be short of easy options for those days you are running out the door. For someone still trying to establish their style, they are effortless, easy and always on trend. 


You will have to look far and wide for a clothing item more versatile than a pair of jeans. They can be worn all year round and matched with a wide array of t-shirts, flannels, hoodies and footwear. Black and blue are the most versatile colours, with dark and light washes available to increase variety

Encourage your teenage son to try out a variety of different fits and styles to gain a better understanding of what he likes best. From slim-fit jeans with a relaxed calf area to baggy and comfortable jeans, they are an excellent investment to wear to school and hang out with friends over the weekend.

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Many people don’t realise the impact that shoes can have on your outfit. They can be the difference between smart and casual and elevate your look when done right. When it comes to the fundamentals, every teenage boy should own a casual pair of sneakers, boots of some description, dress shoes and low-profile dressy sneakers

While this rule is not set in stone, it will offer your teenage son the most extensive range of options and usage, providing a realistic footwear option for any occasion. The biggest difficulty when buying shoes for teenagers is choosing the correct size. Because they are still growing and could grow out of their shoes quicker than normal, invest in good quality but reasonably priced shoes. Avoid anything overly expensive until he has maintained a steady shoe size for a decent period of time. 


Whether you are going on your first date, want a slightly dressier option for a night out with friends or need to dress up for a family birthday, you can never go wrong with a classic and stylish button-down shirt. The options are endless, with various colours, patterns and materials from which to choose. 

Wear an unbuttoned shirt over a plain t-shirt or complementing graphic tee. Alternatively, wear it fully buttoned with a stylish tie or under a jacket or coat. The button-down shirt is ideal all year round and the perfect go-to option for those days you lack ideas or inspiration.

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Shorts are vital for keeping cool and stylish during the warmer summer and spring months. They come in a variety of different materials and lengths, allowing you plenty of opportunities to experiment for the perfect fit. 

A pair of ill-fitting shorts are uncomfortable and can cause you to feel self-conscious and unconfident. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure each pair you buy stops right at the kneecap or just above. It will allow you to look casual but not sloppy. In spring and summer, try bright and bold prints and colours to match the warmer weather, perfect for days spent outside playing with friends or afternoons at the beach. 

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