Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai Family Review – The Views!

20131218 Jumeirah Beach Hotel Burj Al Arab

You’re going to have to forgive me and bear with me on this one.  I have developed a complete obsession with the resort hotel we stayed in during our first stopover in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and with the magnificent hotel it overlooks, the Burj Al Arab.

I took SO many photos, and sifting through them now, I realise that I can’t possibly just do one post on the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.  So here’s the first, concentrating on the amazing vistas that hit us right between the eyes as soon as we walked into our two adjoining rooms.

The two teens and twin terrors were rendered speechless and so was I – a first, we reckon!

20131218 JumeirahBeach Hotel
The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, shaped like a huge wave. Each room in the hotel faces the sea and the wonderful views.
20131216 Jumeirah-107-2-blog
Rusty Rocket with the hotel pool and marina behind him
20131216 Jumeirah-012-blog
The sun sets and Rusty Rocket is in silhouette with the Burj Al Arab behind.
20131216 Jumeirah-048-blog
View of the pool and marina using zoom lens on my camera – we felt we could just fly down there and splash in.
20131218 Jumeirah-072-blog
Jet lag meant we were often up early to enjoy the views from the floor to ceiling windows.
20131216 Jumeirah-061-blog
Photo taken from ground level, near the beach in front of the hotel.
20131216 Jumeirah-twins in lift
The twins loved taking the glass exterior elevator as it gave them such great views!
20131218 Jumeirah-032-blog
Too pretty… The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7 star hotel. You can land your helicopter up there on the rook… no, I didn’t take the kids for a visit…..
20131218 Jumeirah hotel-002-blog
My fave view… sunset behind the Burj Al Arab. Take me back!!

Oh dear, I am becoming the modern day blogging equivalent of the person who makes you sit down through a LOOOONG evening of home slides and movies after their holidays – sorry!

But you have to admit, the views from this resort hotel are pretty fantastic.

Next post tells more…

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Have you stopped over in Dubai?

What’s your favourite hotel with a view?


Disclaimer: We were given a reduced media room rate for our four night stay at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel – many thanks.

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  1. says: Corinne

    I drive past this hotel four times a day on the school run, it’s an amazing building especially when the morning sun catches it.
    Glad you enjoyed your time there!
    I’m lucky enough to see the Burj Al Arab from my home every day.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      LOL, we never had a room service brekkie as the buffet breakfast was just too appealling… there was camel milk AND a chocolate fountain which of course no mother would ever condone as a breakfast dish… but secretly I was as thrilled as the kids to see it.

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