Kyeemagh Beach, Baths and Playground at Brighton-Le-Sands

My kids loved Kyeemagh beach and ocean baths for the great airport views. They could watch planes taking off and landing for hours. But there are lots more fun things for the family to do at Kyeemach. There is a good playground and a bike track and a cafe as well, all very family-friendly. 

Here is all the information you need to plan a family day out to Kyeemagh.

Kyeemagh beach view along beach
The lovely long sweep of beach at Kyeemagh, with the netted baths.
I bet this this little person loves coming here.

Kyeemagh Beach, Baths + Playground

General Holmes Drive, Brighton-Le-Sands 2216

Kyeemagh beach is the very north end of the long sweep of beach which runs along the western side of Botany Bay, all the way down to Dolls Point.

The beach is not very wide, but it slopes gently and is great for kids. The waters of Botany Bay are sheltered so the sea is calm with no surf to knock children over. Do be aware that the water can be polluted after heavy rain so avoid it for a few days after storms.

The added advantage at this end of the beach is the wide expanse of the reserve, known as Cook Park, and, of course the wonderful views of the planes as they take off and land at Sydney airport.

The fenced playground here is handy too, especially if you have little kids with you. Cafes are close by and there are picnic tables and barbecues so BYO BBQ or picnic or just buy some grub and stay all day!

Kyeemagh Baths were built in the early 1930s and used mainly for playing water polo.

The only downside to this lovely area is that there is no shade on the beach or at the baths, but there is plenty on the reserve.

Kyeemach Beach, Baths + Playground Map

If you would like to swim laps at Kyeemagh Baths you need to be there when the tide is high.

Cafe: Yes, the C-Side seafood cafe on the reserve does all sorts of food, the fish and chips are ideal post-beach sustenance

Toilets: Shower, toilet and change block in the reserve

Shade: Not on the beach, some on the reserve

Playground: Yes, big fenced one

Shark net: Yes

Mum’s report: The parts of Cook Park which are near the road have secure fencing so the park is safe. We bring the bikes to ride along the seafront on the bike track that runs all the way south alongside Botany Bay. With the baths and the playgrounds, we can make a day of it.

Extra: Cycle path all the way along Botany Bay

Parking: Car park on General Holmes Drive close to playground and beach

Bus stop nearby: Yes 

Kyeemagh beach playground wide shot
The fenced playground at Cook Park
Kyeemagh beach playground
More play equipment at Cook Park
Play equipment for young children
C-side at Cook Park Kyeemagh
A picnic table with a view, ideal
bike track at Brighton le sands
Here’s the cycle path that goes for miles along the foreshore of Botany Bay

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Are you going anywhere lovely this weekend?

Have you been to Botany Bay?

Can you recommend any other great family-friendly place there?

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