Mango And Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks: Easy in Thermomix

Ah, how I love these stainless steel ice block holders. Gorgeous! They are ideal for making this mango and banan smoothie ice block recipe.

It is worth pulling them out to make ice blocks even on a sunny winter’s day in Sydney. We can buy frozen mango in bags from a fruit shop nearby, but we can also use tinned mango.

home made ice blocks in moulds

These homemade ice blocks are a huge hit with my kids, and with me because it fills them up effortlessly with fruit and yoghurt whilst making them think Mum’s given them a huge treat.

As with most of my cooking, I make a huge quantity and freeze extras.  If you have fewer kids or iceblock moulds, just make half the quantity.

Mango And Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks on summer day
Kids, pool and ice block – what a combination
mango and ripe banana
Ripe, raw ingredients

Mango and Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks


  • 2 large or three medium very ripe bananas (about 250gm)
  • Two huge or three smaller mangos (about 800gm)
  • 250ml thick Greek youghurt
  • 30gm raw sugar
  • little squeeze of lemon


  • 1. Peel bananas, peel and dice flesh of mangos.
  • 2. Put bananas and mango flesh into blender together with yoghurt, sugar and lemon.
  • 3. Whizz it all up.  Makes around 1.3 litres of fruity goodness.  This makes about 15 iceblocks in the sizes I have.
  • 4. Freeze for a few hours.
  • 5. Feed to children when they are all hot and bothered. These ice blocks guarantee an instant cool down and cheer up.
making Mango And Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks in thermomix
Mango and banana ice blocks ready to be blended in my Thermomix

blended Mango And Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks in thermomix
The blended smoothie – ready to freeze
Mango And Banana Smoothie Ice Blocks in moulds
Ready for the freezer
ice block moulds made of stainless steel
Such attractive stainless steel moulds!
tupperware ice block moulds
These Tupperware moulds have lost their tops but they still work ok.

 Summer or winter, Sydney or Surrey, north, south, east or west, here’s to fruit and yoghurt and sunshine and fun.

Happy ice block making!


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  1. says: Lisa Wood

    Our boys love “Smoothies” – I never thought to make up any to freeze into Ice-Pops….I am so going to try this Mango and Banana Smoothie Recipe!!! It looks {and sounds} so good.

  2. says: Seana

    I don’t normally make ice blocks in the winter, which is daft because some days here really are nice and warm. The kids do enjoy them even on rainy or wet days anyway.

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