Newnes Campgound in Wolgan Valley, Blue Moutains

Have you visited the very spectacular Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains?

We did last year to stay at the super opulent One and Only Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort.

But I was thrilled to hear more recently of Newnes Campground, which offers all the scenery but at the cost of precisely nothing.

Newnes Campground_3
Newnes Campground_4

Newnes Campground is a National Parks and Wildlife site which offers free camping, meaning that you can’t book and there’s no cost.

Newnes Campground

The historic Newnes Hotel (now known as Newnes Kiosk) is a short walk from the campground, there’s a museum there plus food for sale. There are cabins and a private campsite too.

Newnes Campground_1

Many thanks to blog reader Mat for sending through his beaut photos. 

I’m looking forward very much to getting there one day in person, and will update this post when I do.

Thanks Mat for letting us know about this wee slice of paradise.

Newnes Campground_2

The NPWS page on Newnes campgound is here.

Read more about the Gardens of Stone National Park here.

A great place to visit from here is the Glow Worms Tunnel at Wollemi National Park.

Do you know a hidden gem?

Can you share it with us here?

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  1. says: Joni

    We have camped here and it’s a lovely place and well worth doing. We arrived a bit late one time and had trouble seeing to set up our camp so make sure you leave early enough!

  2. says: Bonny

    Hi Seana, I loved this post. Newnes is one of my favourite camping spots I’ve been to in NSW! I also love Treachery Beach and the Bluegum campsite in the Barrington Tops NP. The Basin in Kuringai is a fun place to go with a group of friends that’s very easy to get to from Sydney.

  3. says: Erika

    Can you please write an article about low impact camping? I have been going to newnes for over 20 years and the decline of its natural beauty has been terrible lately. Toilet paper everywhere, wipes, dirty nappies, dogs!!!!, cloudy water – please don’t use shampoo and soap on the river bank or chuck your dirty water into the river embankments – people chopping down trees or cutting off bark for fires. And don’t touch the glow worm walls! Seriously, it’s terrible. If you can’t live without comforts the wilderness is not a place for you. A caravan park is.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Oh dear Erika, I am so sad to read this. You are quite right. I will have a think about what to add to this post and to others.

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