Should I Have A Third Child? 10 Pros and 10 Cons Of Having That Third Baby

The Pros and Cons of Having a Third Baby!

Have you been thinking about having a third child? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of parents are asking themselves whether or not to add another member to their family, and it’s a question that can be hard to answer. With the average cost of raising a child reaching over $300,000 by age 18, it’s no wonder that so many parents are asking themselves, “Should I have a third child?”

So many things to think about: How old are my kids? Is there enough space in my house? Will we be able to afford another baby?

The decision can seem straightforward when considering having a third child. You either want to have another baby, or you don’t. But in reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that. There are pros and cons to deciding whether or not you should have a third child, and many more variables to consider than just your personal opinion on whether or not children are “fun.”

The fact is, having a third child can have a profound impact on your life. It’s not just your opinion that matters-your partner also has to be on board with the decision. Plus, there are many other factors to consider when deciding whether or not you should have another baby.

In this guide, we’ll break down both sides of this debate so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not having one more child would suit your family!

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The Pros of Having a Third Baby

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1. Your first two kids will have someone to play with them.

If you have two children who are still young, chances are you will want another one. Why? Because your kids will get lonely! When it’s just the three of you, there’s very little for them to do-and no one else to talk with unless you’re chatting with other parents at the playground or in mommy groups. Having a third child means that your first two won’t be bored all day while they wait for their siblings to come home from school or daycare!

2. You’ll get to show off that you can afford another kid.

If you and your partner are worried about how having a third child will affect your finances and lifestyle, don’t be. You’ll probably feel like people look down on you for being so “lazy” that you can afford another kid when so many families out there can’t afford any. But by waiting until you have enough money to support three children, you’ll show off just how financially stable you are!

3. You’ll be able to teach your older kids how to raise a younger sibling.

Having a third child around is an excellent way for your older kids to learn how to be good parents. When you have three kids, they may feel left out-or they’re getting too much attention from their parents. By allowing them to look after someone younger than themselves, you’ll help them develop patience, compassion and empathy.

4. Having a new baby means more love in your life!

It’s hard to deny that a newborn baby is one of the most adorable things in the world. And while having three kids may mean that you’re rarely able to get any time alone with each other, it also means that your hearts will overflow with love for your little ones.

5. Having a third child can be less stressful since you’ve already been through it.

Having a new baby can be highly stressful and challenging, especially if you’re a first-time parent. But when you’ve already had two children, you’ll know what to expect and how to handle it. You’ll also have more confidence in your parenting skills than someone with only one child. Plus, you’ll experience the joy of having a baby again, but maybe with fewer sleepless nights.

6. Having three kids lets you divide and conquer! You can run errands with one kid, play with another, and do laundry with the third.

Having three kids can be more fun than having two if you’re the type of parent who enjoys spending time with each child individually. You will have the chance to learn about your kids and what makes each unique.

7. You can keep your older kids from fighting over who gets the most toys and attention.

Having two kids often means the older one gets more toys and attention than the younger one. If you have three kids, you can split the toys between two, making it less likely that your older child will feel left out.

8. It’s an excuse to buy more stuff!

Having three kids means buying more clothes, toys, books and other items for your kids. If you’re the type of parent who enjoys spoiling your children with new things, having a third child gives you an excuse to do so!

9. You won’t feel as much pressure to have all-equal parenting styles.

Having two kids often means that people expect you to treat them the same way. It cannot be accessible when one child is older than the other or has different interests from his sister or brother. Having a third child means having different parenting styles and being considered fair.

10. Your family will be complete-and that’s a fantastic feeling!

Having three kids means that your family is complete. It’s a feeling of satisfaction and contentment knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure that the children in your life are happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

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Who can resist thejoy of a newborn baby?

The Cons of Having a Third Baby

1. You’ll probably have to get a bigger car.

Having a third child means that you’ll probably have to get a bigger car. It can be expensive, depending on the age and condition of your current vehicle. You may also have to buy some new baby gear if your car is too small for three car seats or if there’s not enough room in it for your stroller.

2. Your older kids might be jealous of the new baby.

Your older children may be jealous of the new baby. While you can expect jealousy, it doesn’t make it easier for you to cope with that feeling. Sometimes, parents can help their older kids cope with jealousy by giving them more attention or doing something fun together as a family.

3. Money will be tighter than ever.

Having a third child can cost you more money than having two children. Your older children will need new clothes and supplies, and you’ll probably have to buy another car seat or stroller. You might also have to pay for daycare if both parents work outside the home.

4. Your partner may not be thrilled about having another child.

Your partner may be less excited about having another child than you are. Some parents may worry that the new baby will take away from their love for their older children or worry about how it will affect their careers. However, if you both want to have a third child, this shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

5. You might have trouble getting pregnant again.

When you get older, it may be harder to get pregnant. As fertility declines, you will take longer to conceive each month. If you want another child but don’t think you’ll be able to create one naturally, talk with your doctor about your options for fertility treatments.

6. There’s no more room in your house.

You may have thought that having a third child would give you more space to grow, but it could be the opposite. If you’re already cramped in your home, having another child might feel like adding one more person can of paint to a whole bucket of water.

7. You’re going to be up all night again.

Having a third child means you’ll be up all night again, which many parents do not want. If you plan on having another baby shortly, it might be better to wait until your youngest child sleeps through the night before adding another one.

8. You’ll have to work harder to keep everything organized and tidy.

Having a third child means you’ll have to work harder to keep everything organized and tidy. You may feel like there are more toys on the floor, clothing strewn all over the place, and dishes in the sink. It can be easy to let things get messy again after you’ve made an effort to clean them up, but it’s important not to give up.

9. Your relationship with your partner may suffer as you could struggle to handle the added responsibility.

Having a third child can strain your relationship with your partner. You may argue about who’s responsible for cleaning up after dinner or taking care of the kids on weekends. If you find yourselves fighting more than usual, it may be time to take a step back and consider whether having another child was what you wanted in the first place.

10. You’ll have to watch them while they’re little, and then you’ll have to watch them while they’re big.

When your children are young, you’ll need to be there for them every day. You won’t be able to go out and play with friends or take a vacation without worrying about what’s happening at home. As your kids get older, they’ll have more responsibilities and will start spending more time away from home-and you’ll miss them dearly when they’re gone.

Birth Order: What It Means for Your Child

The firstborn child is often the most responsible and well-behaved. They tend to have high expectations of themselves and others, so they usually take on a leadership role in the family. They can also be prone to being over-achievers, which makes them appear older than their actual age.

Middle children are typically more laid back and easygoing than their older siblings. They’re often good at negotiating between both sides of the family, which makes them great mediators!

Youngest children tend to be more fun-loving than their older siblings because they haven’t learned how to hold back or restrain themselves. The youngest children in the family can get into trouble, but their older siblings usually forgive them quickly because they know how difficult it is to be the youngest.

However, it all depends on the family dynamic and the parenting style each child gets from their parents.

Quiz Section: Is Having a Third Baby Right for You?

Are you ready for another baby? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Do you have any kids under the age of 2? Yes / No

2. Are your kids going to be in daycare or preschool soon? Yes / No

3. Are your kids fighting over toys/food/TV time? Yes / No

4. Is getting through the day as it is with two kids a struggle for everyone involved? Yes / No

5. Does your spouse want another baby? Yes / No

6. Do your friends and family want another baby so badly that it feels like peer pressure? Yes / No

7. Are you ready for all the chaos of having a third kid? Yes / No

8. Do you have an extra room in your house for another child? Yes / No

9. Are you financially able to support another child? Yes / No

10. Do you feel like it’s time for another baby? Yes / No


If you are thinking about having a third child, take your time and think seriously about all the pros and cons. On the one hand, you might be worried about the financial impact of another child on your family. On the other hand, you may feel like you have space for one more in your home or that it would be nice to have an older sibling for your existing children. The decision is up to you. You can consider all the facts and then make a decision that feels comfortable for you.

Whatever your situation, it’s essential to consider your options before making this decision. After all, having a third child can change everything about your family dynamics-and that’s not something anyone should take lightly!

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