Sydney Coastal Walks With Kids – Dee Why To Curl, Curl

Here’s a walk that’s gorgeous on a sunny Sydney day and fine for kids, so long as they are old enough to walk carefully.

If yours are still bolters or a bit wild, do not do this walk as it runs alongside cliffs.

Dee Why Walk-3crop
Dee Why Coastal Walk Sydney
You can start this walk from anywhere in Dee Why. Get to the rock pool and head up these stairs.
Coastal Walk Sydney Dee Why-1
Or park above the pool in the continuation of Oaks Avenue, that’s what I did this time.
Dee Why Walk-2

This isn’t a long walk, about 3-4km depending on where you start from in Dee Why.  But it feels like an adventure, and the views north to Long Reef and beyond will send even the saggiest spirits flying free.

The track is pretty rough and rocky, with lots of steps cut into the sandstone. It’s a narrow track too and all higglety pigglety. It feels a million miles away from city living. Perfect.

Dee Why Walk-3
Wonderful views to the south too, and pretty vegetation alongside the track.
Coastal Walk Sydney Dee Why Walk-4
The view back past Dee Why to Long Reef.
Coastal Walks Sydney Dee Why Walk-5
Searing sunshone on war, that’s what I needed to chase away gloomy, circling and self-destructive thoughts.

Now then, this is not a walk for strollers, and certainly not one for very young children.

It’s very beautiful and thrilling for kids who are safe near cliffs and good walkers.

Dee Why Walk-6

Dee Why Walk-7
I was running up the stone steps and hopping fast from rock to rock.
Sydney Coastal Walks Dee Why Walk-8
Something I love about this walk is being able to snoop into the gardens of the gorgeous coast-clinging homes along part of the walk.
Dee Why Walk-9

Coastal Walks Sydney Dee Why Walk-10
I stopped here at Molong Street, at the end of Dee Why Head.

You can see Curl Curl beach down there. If you walked all the way to the end you could have a coffee or lunch at the great cafe at South Curly.

Dee Why Walk-11

Dee Why Walk-12

On the way back I stopped to look down at the water. My stomach always lurches, just like it does at Scenic World, a feeling I find oddly pleasant.

We turn around and walk back to beautiful Dee Why.

Dee Why Walk-13

Sydney Coastal Walk
I didn’t track the walk this time, but here’s one from last year. So it was 4km from the carpark at the north end of Dee Why Beach. I think it’s be around 3km from parking in Oaks Avenue where I left from.

What’s your favourite Sydney coastal walk?

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  1. What a gorgeous walk! The coastline is just so beautiful!
    It must be so hard having your husband away, mine means the world to me and I hate him even being late home from work! :0!
    I am going to pin that day bed, how gorgeous! I want it!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello, Yes, I am not doing well with the husband away situation at the moment. He’s been doing this 28:28 rotation for just over 18 months now, it does have its good points but I can’t remember any of them at the moment! We’ve had a trickier time this year as well as we’ve both had to go to Scotland to see sick relatives, which is so sad bit it’s also meant that I’ve only seen him for about…. *gets out calendar… just less than four weeks in the past four months. No wonder I am losing the plot. He’s back in 8 days…. we hope!

  2. It looks stunning and I must try it soon with the family. Good for you for getting out doors when you are feeling low. It makes so much of a difference when the weather is good and you are in stunning surrounds.

  3. says: Maxabella

    I’ve never done this one! It looks like a good one to do with the kids now Lottie’s legs can go a little further than Manly to Shelly Beach! Thanks for linking up, Seana. x

  4. says: Mez

    Oh what a gorgeous walk and excellent idea. The fresh air and view of water is so good for the soul! Cheers, Mez ps visiting via mazabella’s weekend rewind

  5. says: Hotly Spiced

    Great post, Seana. I’m sure I’d be teary and weepy and full of self-pity if my husband was away as often as yours! You do an awesome job of holding it all together and I know it’s not easy when you have lots of kids with lots of issues and they spread across many ages. I also find doing something physical improves my mood xx

  6. says: Mel

    Oh Seana, I have one day left of School Holidays and I SO need a little treat for me when they all go back on Tuesday! The last couple of days, regardless of how long the holidays are, are always tough aren’t they?, and can’t imagine it without my Husband around. I hope yours is getting home soon? As for lifting ones mood, nothing much better than getting out and about – your photos are gorgeous. Such a pretty part of the world. Mel x

  7. says: Rebecca Sue Walker

    By the way it is approximately 2km along the coastal walk, i know this as i live on the walk and walk it most days so yer

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