Sydney Park Cycling Centre + Cycling Courses

This cycle centre has been closed down – and a skate park built – shame!! Find information on the new skate park here.

I am leaving this here for posterity… well, for a little while… I can’t believe the council did this. Can you tell we are not a skateboadring family??

The Old Sydney Park Cycle Tracks

Find info about City of Sydney Cycling Courses here.

This cycle track was one of the best places in central Sydney!!

Balance bikes, trikes, scooters and bikes with stabilisers, if your child is learning to use a junior wheeled vehicle and you live anywhere near the centre of Sydney, you need to know about Sydney Park Cycling Centre.

Image credit: City Of Sydney

This deluxe bike track for kids is set out just like a roadway in one section. In the other it’s more freewheeling, with interesting tunnels to ride around.

And there’s more, if you need a bit of help to feel confident about riding with your kids in the city, or anywhere in Sydney, you’ll find great cycling courses here.


This must be the best kids bike track in Sydney, it has real working traffic lights!

And it’s beside a terrific and very large kids playground, which has a café right there- win and win.

It’s only drawback is that it’s very busy. We arrived at 9.30am on a Sunday and it wasn’t too bad but by 10.30am -11am it was TEEMING.



Sydney Park Cycling Centre

410-416 Sydney Park Road, Alexandria

The car park entry is at the junction of Mitchell Road. No right hand turn from Sydney Park road is allowed into the car park.

There are picnic areas and BBQs alongside the bike track.

Toilet: You need to walk the few minutes over to the toilets at the playground.

Café: Yes, alongside the playground, a few minutes walk away

Sydney Park Map

Why Bike With Your Kids?

Did you cycle as a child? Feel the wind in your face as you whizzed along?

I rode a bike for miles in the Scottish countryside when I was little, and all over the Borders when youth hostelling.

My children do ride, mainly at Jervis Bay where there are great shared paths. There’s nothing like whizzing along on a sunny day beside the ocean, blue and sparkling, heading for Huskisson and a cool ice cream.

But we haven’t cycled in Sydney much at all – time to change all that!

Adults and Kids Courses at Sydney Park Cycling Centre

Bikewise is the company which provides cycling skills training on behalf of the City of Sydney. Several courses are run at Sydney Park Cycling Centre.

  • Kids Balance Bikes for children aged three – eight years every Saturday from 11am – 3pm, no need to book, just turn up and register
  • Cycling In The City $20 4 hours
  • Cycling In The City Rusty Riders $20 4 hours
  • Cycling In The City Women Only $20 4 hours
  • Bike Care and Maintainence $20 3 hours
  • Bike Care and Maintainence Intermediate $20 3 hours

Cycling In The City Course

Myself and Mr10 did this course. I have never ever been cycling around the streets of Sydney or our suburb with the kids, too scared of traffic (and big hills.)

Rob and George were our instructors and we started with a classroom lesson.

Rob taught us how the roads work and how we need to use the roads; in brief, how to ride safely.

‘Why bike? It’s quick easy and fun,’ says Rob, who has never driven a car.


The four golden rules:

  1. See and be seen
  2. Be predictable
  3. Communicate using eye contact and arm signals, bell, and your body language
  4. Cycle graciously

We also learned that:

Children aged 12 and under can cycle on pavements and adults can accompany them.

The leading cause for hospitalisation of cyclists is the opening car door.

We went out to the bike track area and did some basic stopping and starting, learned to always keep a couple of fingers on the brakes and practiced checking behind and signalling.


Then it was time to hit the road. Or in this case, the shared bike path.

Rob and George then took us from Sydney Park to Prince Alfred park along quiet, pretty streets, separated cycleways and shared paths.


We avoided the busy streets and did drills to practice dealing with common road situations.


Cue a sudden burst of confidence!

Like anything, you learn so fast when an expert shows the way.

If your family is like ours and needs help to be confident on Sydney roads, book into a Cycling In The City course.

You need to bring a bike and a helmet, and it’s a bargain $20 a person. Sorted.

We got totally stuck in traffic in Alexandria as we drove home. I was VERY envious of the cyclists, I can tell you.

Read more about cycling with your children in the city here.

Extra: If you fancy a nice lunch, breakfast or dinner with the kids before or after a cycle at Sydney park, have a look at this post about the lovely Bitton Gourmet Alexandria which is just a short drive away.


Next read this post about where to cycle with children in Sydney. Once your children are cycling happily there are so many great rides to take them on.

Do you cycle in Sydney?

Can you share a great ride or some advice for other families?

Happy exploring, 

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